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    African Diaspora: Reflections On African Liberation Day
    Posted on Thursday, May 26 @ 12:06:13 UTC by Rasta

    Dread By Ras Jahaziel

    Liberation from the long-term consequences of Plantation Slavery

    In the formative years of The White World Order, much thought was given on how best to capture and harness Black labor and Black minds so that they could be diverted to the task of building white wealth. With that goal in mind, major institutions were set up specifically to facilitate the exploitation of Black labor, and chief among these were the legal institution, the religious institution, and its twin, the educational institution.

    RELIGIOUS TEACHING and slave education on the plantation were therefore designed primarily to make WILLING SLAVES and save the plantation from slave rebellion, but definitely not to save the slave from slave-master dominion. It would be ridiculous to think that a sensible slave-master would give his slave the kind of education that would help him to free himself. Being "educated" in the plantation system has more often than not meant that the brain has been locked between the "A" and "Z" that have been written down on your slate by The White House. The brainwashing is so severe that it is very hard to get out of the white box.

    Just a little look back at the words of the famed British explorer Stanley will shed some light on the economic motive behind the slaver's religious and educational systems. Here is what he is reported to have said "There are 50 million people beyond the gateway to the Congo, and the spinners of Manchester today are waiting to clothe them. Birmingham foundries are glowing with red metals that will presently be made into iron works for them, and the trinkets that shall adorn those dusty bosoms, and the ministers of Christ are zealous to bring the poor benighted heathens into the Christian fold." What the first explorers saw on visiting Africa was not only a cheap source of labor and raw materials, but also very importantly, a potential market for U-ropean products....if the African could be re-arranged culturally.

    If the African were allowed to maintain his cultural integrity, he would be more likely to find contentment with the gifts that had been bestowed on him by his creator and less likely to become a thirsty consumer of the trinkets from U-rope. This would always be a problem for the would-be colonizer, and that is the reason why colonialism is always preceded and assisted by a propaganda campaign designed to discredit and assassinate indigenous culture. This propaganda war makes way for the creation of different tastes, different wants, different appetites, and different values.

    It is therefore not an accident that Blacks today do not feel that they look "proper" unless they are collared and tied and clothed like the U-ropean. This is the result of a long psychological campaign that still continues to convey to African people the idea that "PROPER" means "like the European." After being made to abandon his own clothes, his own idea of beauty, and his own idea of God, the African therefore became a totally dependent consumer of the U-ropean product. Henceforth, his labor would always be directed towards the development of U-rope, and this is part of the reason why the world is today divided into White heaven and Black hell. Black ignorance kills Black business, and Black self-rejection begets white prosperity.

    Such religious and educational campaigns have continued to reap huge economic benefit for The White World Order by creating that kind of mental framework that makes the Black world a willing and unconscious ally in the process of Black exploitation. Cultural re-arrangement of the Black world was therefore a vital necessity for generating U-ropean prosperity. When a race of people forsake their own idea of beauty and bow down to another people's image, the inferior mode of thinking becomes a norm. Plagued by such thinking, all of their newly adopted habits, tastes, and values will cause them to fill the pockets of the people they worship, and in the process they naturally become subservient to that same people.

    Propaganda campaigns started at a very early stage in the colonial process when it was determined that the goal of European enrichment could not be achieved without a strong tool, so therefore the African had to be turned fool. The victims of this brainwashing process were given "teachings" that made them so ashamed of themselves that they would ultimately be disembodied of their own humanity. The U-ropean slave-master spread out before the African's eyes a racist slave-master's view of heaven, and in it, everybody was white. Jeezus was white, Peter was white, John and all the other apostles were white, Mary was white, and even the very angels were white. Then he proceeded to spread out an opposite picture to portray hell. In this portrayal of Hell, African hair was deficient in quality; African skin was deficient in beauty, African clothes deficient in taste, and African customs deficient in Godliness. The subliminal idea that was therefore imparted to the African was that African humanity was pitifully stunted, shamefully primitive, and abhorrently evil. Being confronted daily with these two contrasting pictures of heaven and hell, the African was psychologically outwitted into a sense of total shame and rejection for his own image and his own origins. Just as it was planned, te African began to see his abuser and his tormentor as his savior.

    All of this was necessary to create a mentally weak race that would be incapable of visualizing any other option but to worship the white man and do his work. So it is not an accident that so long after so-called emancipation, the slave-descendant still has to get up every morning and go to the Big House for orders. That is the way the slave-master planned it. That is the way the teachers spoon-fed it, and that is how slavery was able to continue living in the present while seeming to be a thing of the past. It was all designed in such a way that even if the African should decide to rebel, he would find it very difficult, because every item necessary for his human survival had already been confiscated by The Slaver.

    This therefore, is the deep hole, the wicked and unjust arrangement that today gives such urgency to the struggle for Black Reformation and Black Reparations. What makes this struggle even more crucial is that failure to win will mean that the train of protracted genocide will not be halted. The train of genocide is even now accelerating, because the slaver has revived his SHARE-CROPPING laws so that the African is now being choked to death by DEBT. The ignorant Black man who does not want reparations is only making a laughing stock of himself in the eyes of the world, because while he does not want reparations, the man who has been robbing him for centuries is now today demanding reparations from the victims of the robbery in the form of NATIONAL DEBT. To pay the robber this debt, millions of African children are being denied the right to a normal human existence. In so many ways, historical robbery and PRESENT-DAY EXTORTION are hastening the African into extinction.

    It is within the context of this larger crime of ECONOMIC AND PSYCHOLOGICAL VIOLENCE that one must understand the high prevalence of Black on Black crime in every Black community across the globe. If you control a people's total intellectual and physical environment, you can control and program the behavior of that people, and as it has already been shown, there have always existed powerful economic reasons to manipulate the behavior of the African. After all, the Black people of the world are the richest beneficiaries of Nature's bounty. Africans have always had what everybody wants, and this fact alone has caused so much envy that the drama of continued violence against Black humanity is manifesting itself today unabated. From Sierra Leone to the Congo, the battle over Black mineral wealth continues to make the attainment of peace appear almost hopeless. It is an unfortunate fact of history that Africa's abundant blessings have been made to become the source of poverty and the cause of persistent conflict and seemingly endless strife.

    Just to satisfy a vampire's desire, turmoil, instability, and ignorance have to be constantly generated, so that the Black male would be impotent while his woman is being raped, while his mother is being raped, and while the wealth of his land is being raped and converted to the benefit of others.

    By creating an artificial scarcity of vital resources so that food, clothing, and shelter do not increase as fast as population growth, "The Invaders" have been able to create a "crabs in a barrel scenario." As a direct result of this artificially created condition, an atmosphere of DESPERATE COMPETITION FOR SURVIVAL has been created, so that one's ability to get the dollar becomes a matter of life or death. When Ritalin, crack cocaine, sophisticated weaponry, and white mass media that stunts Black self-esteem are thrown in the mix, what you end up with is COLLABORATIVE GENOCIDE. In this manner, the man who put the crabs in the barrel escapes blame, and the simpleminded Negro will boast "WE ARE NO LONGER VICTIMS, we are doing these things to ourselves."

    The greatest tragedy is that on top of this vicious dog-eat-dog, crabs in a barrel competition sits the APPOINTED, TRAINED NEGRO who has already been conditioned to negate all the African-ness that stubbornly tries to creep from under the wig and drip from under the make-up. This explains the spiteful attitude towards Rasta that is often exhibited by those Negroes who have been put in charge of the exploitative process by the white man. They see in the Rasta, an affirmation of everything that they themselves have been conditioned to negate and scorn about themselves in their pursuit of "progress."

    If this whole bag of iniquity could be summed up in one term, it might be fittingly called HELL PLANTATION, but even on this there is some disagreement, because some of the victims are saying that Hell is much better than this.

    In this plantation situation where the slave-descendant is just a tool with no form of ownership whatsoever, he is basically a concrete nomad living from rent to rent. In the Caribbean, the African does not own the land, he does not own the food, he does not own the clothes, and he does not own the businesses. In the U.S it is the same thing, in the U.K the same thing, and even in South Africa it is the same thing. Come to think of it, where is it not the same thing? Wherever the African was scattered and enslaved, it is the same thing.... Black mouths and black bellies are still totally dependent on a white life-line. Despite a lot of name-changing, the slave plantation has managed to stay alive in the present while seeming to have died in the past.

    Even though slaves now drive cars and wear collars and ties, they are still tied by the master-deceiver. The slave-descendant is so deceived, that even though he is paying a rent to remain on a temporary spot, he will proudly sing patriotic national anthems with stupid affirmations like "these fields and hills beyond recall are now our very own." History shows plainly that the owner of the land has always been the owner of the slaves, and those who only own labor are always controlled by those who own the land. It is a truth that emancipation without land was always bound to be a condemnation to SERVERY or perpetual servitude.

    It is not an accident that the slave-master placed so much importance on arranging sports and friendly competition between his many plantations. After the slaves were given different uniforms and different identities, they were made to feel proud of "their side." They were eventually turned so foolish by this destruction of their real identity that they actually believed that they and the slave-master were on the same side, and their own family was on another side. This love for "one's side" would continue to be constantly encouraged and cultivated over the centuries, until slaves would even go out on the real battlefield and kill their own family who they now saw as members of another side. It is logical that confusion would develop in the slave's mind from the day he started to feel PATRIOTIC TO THE LANDLORD.

    From the very outset then, plantation-religion and U-rocentrick education have always guaranteed that the slave's brain would think in harmony with the slave-master's. The slave would therefore find himself fervently worshiping a god that showers blessings upon slave-owners (Thanksgiving day), and a Jeezus that counsels "Forgive and forget the crime of slavery that totally obliterated the lives of millions of Africans. Be meek and mild and forget your ancestors. Speak not of Reparations because those ancestors were not really members of humanity. Do not connect your condition today with the robbery that happened yesterday, because your present empty-pocket condition is a result of your own laziness and inferiority, and it has nothing at all to do with the history of robbery."

    Today's typical slave-descendant is therefore born into a landless and psychologically confused community that is soaked in self-hate and bleached white of all racial pride. All of the history that the child is taught conveys the message that BLACK LIFE IS NOT WORTH TWO CENTS. By not elevating the issue of Black reparations to one of primary importance, both the church and the school system teach that black life is not worth two cents. If you are the offspring of a people who were not considered part of humanity, then what does that make you?

    Two threads of endless historical continuity have therefore meshed together today to lend urgency to the call for Black reparations. On one hand, the results of the historical robbery have left today's slave-descendant in that state of economic insecurity and perilous vulnerability that derives from long landless-ness, pitiful powerless-ness, and abject dependency. On the other hand, the religious and educational mind-games that accompanied slavery and colonialism have created a self-destructive conflict within the slave-descendant's psyche that seeks to verify the claim that he is condemned to inferiority.

    These two demonic threads of protracted and subliminal genocide are the unjust inheritance of today's Black child for whom the only sure and reliable home is THE WAITING AND PREPARED PENITENTIARY. All other resting-places are temporary and conditional upon his parent's ability to pay the RENT. Even though his fore-parents tore down the trees, dug the canals, ploughed the land, and perished in the process from over-work and malnutrition, the Black child today is still without a place where he can rest with a true sense of belonging and without the possibility of eviction. From the perspective of those who perished on the slave-ship and those who perished on the plantation, these children are the victims of a long ongoing crime, and they are being made to pay for their condition by the slave society that created their condition. In keeping with the hypocrisy of Christian slave-owners, the sins of slavery that have been heaped upon the shoulders of the victim are now today being met with ZERO TOLERANCE.

    Persistent LANDLESS-NESS and temporary-ness over a long period of time eventually create a subconscious feeling of PERMANENT INSECURITY which forms the first plateau of stress and pressure in the slave-descendant's mind. Even though he has gotten used to it, there still exists in the deep-down layers of his subconscious mind, this feeling of PERMANENT STRESS. This stress that comes from permanent insecurity does not always remain in the bottom layers of the subconscious mind, for it is sure to bubble to the top when the Land-lord's rent-day starts to come around. After more than four hundred years of hard labor to build the palace, the slave-descendant still finds himself in a constant battle to avoid eviction. If he fails to meet the rent, the truth will surely come home that "AFTER MORE THAN FOUR HUNDRED YEARS OF HARD LABOR, YOUR PILLOW IS STILL SCOTCHING ON A TEMPORARY REST."

    Living with a "cost of living" that is controlled by another, amounts to living with an invisible chain around your neck. So when you go out into the street and see all those grim screw-faces, you have to realize that their grimness is merely a response to the tug of the chain that is constantly tightening around their necks. In such a situation where everybody is desperate for the dollar, it is little wonder that love, caring, and community, seem like things of the past. The Black youth is therefore nurtured on an environment that leaves him only two options: adapt yourself to bowing your head and wagging your tail like a poodle to receive white favors, or rebel and end up in the real hell of the penitentiary.

    So really, what is the point? The point is that there is an invisible crime called ECONOMIC VIOLENCE that sets up a macro-situation that puts pressure on its victims to resort to petty crime. From way back on the plantation, the man who dug the fields and planted the potatoes was forced by hunger to steal from the man who said he owned all the land and the fruits thereof. By depriving a people of their land, and by seizing control over their basic needs, THE REAL ROBBER places them in a desperate situation where they are always like mice before a mouse trap. When you really think of it, in the mousetrap that is called "the ghetto," the people that are imprisoned there are always being bombarded with enticements.

    Even up to this day, the slave-descendant still labors from dawn to dusk for The slave-master's descendants, and it is no longer considered to be slavery because lots of names have been changed, and the plantation now has a lot more entertainment. The hereditary "Owners" still have at their beck and call a labor force that cannot escape, and this control is accomplished with the help of a religion that ties the slave-descendant's hands to slave-work while chaining their brains to an acceptance of "long-suffering."

    Even when the slave decides to call God by a new name, the mental framework very often remains the same, because great grandparents were fed with THE MANTRAS OF SLAVE DOMESTICATION:

    "Trust and obey for there is no other way but to trust and obey."

    "Slaves obey your masters because the Lord (the land-lord) has put them over you"

    "Some sweet day I will fly away and all my troubles will be over."

    All of these mantras were specifically designed to keep slaves PASSIVE, manageable, and controllable. They were repeated over and over to the children so that even if they should grow up and abhor using the name "Jeezus" they would still exhibit the same "some sweet day, when I get to Zion, when I get to heaven" mind-set. When chained by this mind-set, slaves would never stand up for their rights. They would take pride in being "long-suffering", and prefer to look for happiness in far-off places some sweet day.

    Even while the ship is sinking, even while they are being herded into concentration camps and prison cells, even while they are being lynched by the economic rope, even while genocide is hastening, ... about religion they would still continue to be arguing.

    For a great many Africans, plantation-religion became much more important than African liberation, and for those who are not overtly chained by religion, they still find it hard to escape from the subconscious lingering of the Sunday-school teachings of their youth. Had this not been so, AFRICAN LIBERATION DAY would be commemorated by Africans everywhere as the most important day of the year, for under normal circumstances, nothing can be more important to a captive than the day of his liberation.


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