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Rastafari Speaks

Freedom, Redemption ,Repatriation and Reparation

Blessed love Royal children: brothers and sister,everyone,
The Ethiopia Africa Black International Congress,the Church of Salvation stands Churchically, Sabbathically, Statically, Governmentally and Parlimentally with our worthy founder, leader, president God and King: King Emmanuel The Seven, Adoni I God , Jah Rastafari. The EABIC stands for freedom, Redemption and International repatiation to land everyone under his or her own vine and fig tree to bright forth international peace and security fot all without regards to race color or creed. It is right for us the Ethiopians/Africans to love our selves first, since we have been left out in the cold for centuries now and InI are just escaping out of the cesspool of slavery,and raceism that forced us to reject the right and accept the wrong. We will never give away our continent for the islands of the caribbean and the other countries that the evil world have scattered us to, so that they could break our resolve, the right to our birth right Ethiopia/Africa the land where all gods and goddesses love to be: I and I, Selassie I, Jah Rastafari.
Give thanks for God in three persons: our prophet, priest and King.
The great prophet, The Most Right Honorable Marcus Garvey the fore runner of Jes-us Christ the Blac King of the Jews, first annointed teacher. This great Prophet Hon. Marcus Garvey taught us that Ethiopia/Africa is for the Ethiopians /Africans at home and us abroad. He called for seven miles of Black Star Liner High Water Ships to repatriate us home to our mother land.We love HIM because HIM first loved us,without this prophet we the Ethiopians/Africans in the diaspora would have no vision.I and I can see the teachings of our mighty Prophet fulfilling universally , internationally, considering the most recent development in the United states where the people finally came to the conclusion that the only one that can bring forward unity to the world would be the Black President. We praise The Honorable Prophet for the confidence and self-reliance He taught us; with confidence you have won even before you have started. As Ethiopians/Africans the evil world claimed that we were only three fifth a human being with respect to the white man. We have come along way and nothing can stop our march for victory under the banners of the red, gold and green, the red black and green, the black five point star, the R and the lion symbol with the crown head. "up you mighty race you can accomplish what you will."
Power, dominion, honour and glory to our Black Christ, Jes-us the Black King of Isreal, King of the universe. The Black Christ taught us that in time to come the world will again be ruled by Black Supremacy. It is out of the Black nation comes all other nations,so only the black man can bring a black son or daughter.It is perfectly correct for America and The rest of the European world to choose the black man to lead them when ever the appropriate ones offer themselves for leadership. It is true that guns and bullets cannot stop the progress of the people for if this was possible then Britain would still rule the sea lanes and it would not give up its colonies moreso in Ethiopia/Africa. Look at Britain today it can barley defend itself. This is to prove that with righteousness of salvation (Black Supremacy) the teaching of the Black Christ is greater than sin ( white supremacy) the teachings of satan. The Whole universal earth (world) is apart of Ethiopia/Africa and righteousness of salvation is no respector of race color or creed, so let rigtheousness of salvation come and cover the earth again like how water cover the sea and the evil world (satan and his followers will be no more.
King Emmanuel Charles Edwards the only Black Christ in Jamaica send and come so that InI could be redeemed. Redemption God, Jah Rastafari Selah, Selassie I, Jah Rastafari.Without the Priest there would be no ceremonial order. Remember the sabbath day to keep it holy. ex chap. 20,31. There are laws and commandments etc. that we must adhere to or else I and I have no hope for salvation. The Black nation received no justice from the evil world because the evil world's heart is filled of wood and stone, silver and gold. We are asking the Law giver to take away the evil world's heart of evil principalities and power and give them a hert of flesh and blood, a heart of righteousness of salvation.
Holy I, Blessed I, Selassie I, Jah Rastafari was crowned on the second of November 1930. Five years later the evil world rose up against HIM.
His imperial Majesty did not hide Himself from the facsists of Rome and the vatican who planned and implemented this evil act. Instead His Majesty went to England the heart of spiritual wickedness in high and low places to continue the just spiritual war against the evil world. History showed us that the evil men and women of europe disrupt every effort that HIM made to bring peace and security to the defenceless people of the Horn of Ethiopia/Africa. However evil principalities and power could not stop the time and it could not overcome good. The King was victotious and althought the scar of these evil men and women are still visible every where in the horn of Ethiopia/Africa they were beten and sent back to Europe to be judged by the same people who initially may have supported the evil plan to satanised the Holy land. Give thanks for our King of kings who without HIM the black nation would perish under the pressure of evil principalities and power directed at us from the seat of darkness in Rome.If is was not for the King the people would have perished under the principles and practises of the evil world.

On the seventh of February The EABIC will celebrate our new year. The Calander year for the EABIC consists of thirteen months. The thirteenth month of the year is called Pluto. It carries twenty Eight days normally like the other twelve months, however just like Februay on the western calander which carries twenty nine days in a leap year, it is the same way on the EABIC calander with Pluto,which carries twenty nine days in a leap year. Hence there are thirteen months in one year, each month has twenty eight days with the exception of pluto the last month of the year which carriesn a leap year twenty nine days.
I and I can feel the wind of change occuring all over the world. This year 2010 EABIC calander, 2009 Western world calander we are hoping that the world of isms will stop and take note of there actions that are stumbling blocks in the black man's way and remove them for the sake of international peace and security.

The EABIC wish you all a happy and prosperous new year and we hope that the next one will meet us on the shores of Ethiopia/Africa.
We are again calling upon the United Nations, The European Union, The African Union, The Arab League, Russia, Her Majesty Queen Elizebeth the second and the President of the United States of American to remove the red takes out of The Royal Ethiopian/African refugees in exile through slavery and the slave trade way and fulfill the charter of the univeral declaration of Human Right articles one to thirty five, but moreso article one to fifteen. If the world wants real postive righteous change then it must fulfill its obligation by giving us our freedom, redemption and international repariation.
The change at the highest level in America is positive and good; but this must not prevent us the Ethiopians/Africans living in the diaspora from demanding our basic human rigts; the right to a nationality and the right to change our nationality if I and I desire to do so.
We cannot give up a minitue of our time to any other agenda. The agenda for repariation and reparation are of paramount importance to us the Royal Ethiopian/African Refugees in Exile through slavery. We cannot wait any longer, this is long over due. This should have been accomplished from slavery was abolished, since it was the major focus of the slave children then. It is not different now. I and I need freedom, redemption and international repatriation and compensation now.
If the Rastaman and woman are not focusing on this then your work will go to zero in the long run. From the time our foreparents entered the slave ships and they knew that they were taken away by forced their hearts and soul longed for their home land. It is the same way we feel now, Ethiopia/Africa for the Ethiopians/Africans at home and abroad. It is not right for the other nations moreso Britain and the Arabs to scatter us, and carry away our natual resources, used us and abused us and then refused us.Many of us in the diaspora in the western world mourn day and night for our homeland. Unlike many others who are confortable in the western world and are willing to participate in all manner of activities; I and I the saints and prophets, priests and princes, empresses and princesses still have that void in our hearts that cannot be filled or satisfied outside of our homeland.
Christ is our leader and we will do his good will and we will never stop fighting until we defeat evil principalities and power in high and low places. Today we are one day closer home than yesterday. All of the signs of the time point to a brighter future for us the children who remained faithful and true. The evil world cannot weaken our spirits, we will behold with our own eyes the destruction of the evil world and the establishment of Jes-us Christ world of peace and international security. On Christ the solid rock I and I stand the evil world is sinking sand we dear not trust it. Holy Emmanuel I, Selassie I, Jah rastafari. Blessed prosperrous happy new year to one and all.
Jah is love, let us all love. We are not divided, we all one goodie, one in hope and doctrine, one in charity. We are going to Ethiopia/African where righteousness of salvation is our song.
Priest Bailey
Bull Bay Sainty Andrew, Jamaica.

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