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Re: the ONE divine CREED (SelassieI)
In Response To: Re: the ONE divine CREED ()

Aye! SelasseiILive bless up bro!

Allow me to input please:


These are all different perspectives/viewpoints of the ONE."

Is it different view-points of the one or different CULTURES? we didnt talk about the viewpoints of each of what you named. We would have to analyze what they say about the Great God and see if its different. And for me, Islam-ism in the FIRST 'religious' creed, and other culture might call nit another name.If u want me to break it down i will:)

"The problem is that ones think that because they look at the ONE from a different direction/angle/ perspective, they have the absolute correct view."

I admit that i do have the ABSOLUTE-CORRECT view, and u know what that view is Ras? That all things come from one thing, is that not true? Is that not AB-solute? Peace & Love

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Re: the ONE divine CREED
thanks *NM*
Re: the ONE divine CREED (SelassieI)

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