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Since 3,000 B C : Following a war which started as a Spartacus - like rebellion from 1090 b.c to 700 b. c LADO people entered into the War to free themselves and to become Independent from Egypt .

From 700 B.C : Lado people struggled for their Independence from Egyptian Pharaonic Reign over them in the period of the last fall of Pharao ' s intensified by the Power struggle between the Egyptian High Priests and the Pharao couple Tut - Ank - Amon and Queen Neferite .

Around 749 b.c : The Sudanics left Egypt - as their predecessors the Jews had done under Moses around 11 - 1200 BC , Led by their war hero , General Laro , the Sudanics moved Southwards and finaly decided to settle around the foot of the Mountain which they named "

LADO " 687 b.c : The Lado people spreaded and covered the geographical areas lying in the Sudan Central Africa within the Basin of the water Shade regions of Nile Congo Rivers with the southern tip end territory extending up to Lake Ombizako , a name in Lugbari language of Lado , today called by the British / Uganda as ( Lake Albert ) in Central Africa .

640 a.d - 1270 : Ethiopia was under Rule of Lado for 7 centuries . One of such Great Ruler of Ethiopia was Ancestor ( Negus ) of Ethiopia , Sambala Naiga , who later moved away after the Political upheavels in Ethiopia . At Lake Tana was his home place at that of his Reign . He moved to settle at the foot hill of Mt. Luku in Lado where he died as a Lado Hero .

847 a.d : A modern Nation State - Kingdom of Lado was established in and to replace the then Ancient Lado which was founded already in 700 b.c .

13th and 14th Centuaries : was the period of Re - organisation of the Region ( Central Africa ) based on the Tribal Philosophy in order to ensure a proper Protection care and a better Social Services to the People under the Great Agofe / King Likiji . The 29 Tribes of Lado was Re - organised and existing till todate with their Affiliation / Association / Federation to the State Kingdom of Lado .

1452 : In the period of Papacy , Pope Pius II , aimed to create a Vicariate in the Sudan Central Africa .

1711 : The direct contact between Lado and with the Western European World started when Catholic Mission was founded in Ladoland ( Sudan Central Africa LADO ) by the Franciscan Fathers , from Austria , during the Papacy of Pope Clement XI ( cf : by Pope Pius II , 1452 )

9th May 1772 : The Lado Constitution was passed on 9 May 1772 , after the 60-year War (and specifically with Arabs of the Slave Traders ) and gave Executive Powers to the Agofe / King , which is the Institution of the Government . Lado was Assisted by the Jesuits who travelled from their Valleta house in Malta .

1821 : The begining of the Turco / Egyptian occupation , as it was later called , was to plunder of the black lands South Sahara deserts ( Sudan ) and Lado later was occupied in 1871 .

13th February 1841- 1st April 1864 : Turco - Egyptian Firman of 13 February 1841 , and the Turco - Egyptian Firman of 1st April 1869 for the occupation of Lado took place on 26th May 1871 to Convert Lado in a Western so called Modern State in Central Africa . The Sudanic population of Lado was located in this region year 700 b.c from that date up to the Half of the 19th centuary ( 1850 ) , especially from 1870 onwards , the Sudanic population had to face foreign interferences and invasions from the Arab and European Colonialists , thus leading Sudanic Ladoans to fight unending wars against these foreign invaders . And the wars against Colonialists are still being fought till todate , this text about Lado is being writen .

The Half of 19th centuary ( 1850 ) : is mainly about the The History of Lado which took place among its ethnic groups for the Political re - organisation levels on the philosophical Tribal basis for the Protection of the LAND , the PEOPLE and the INTEREST of the 29 Tribes of the founded Nation Kingdom State of Lado in Africa .

26 January 1846 : His Holiness , Pope Gregory XVI signed a Document making the Upper Nile Valley , Lado , ' The Vicariate of Central Africa '.

1867 : The Jesuits remained in Lado until 1867 by which time they were replaced by the still present Verona Fathers from Italy .

26 May 1871 : Ottoman - Empire ( todays reduced to Turkey ) extended control of Lado under the Nominated a British National who was serving in the Ottoman Military Service by name Sir Samuel White Baker . He became the First Governor General to Lado to serve the Ottoman Interests - ( Lado Occupied ) . 3rd August 1875 : Can be remembered as the beginning date , as the European States divided the African Continent amongst them , ( the Paris Resolution ) and again on 26 February 1885 (the Berlin Treaty) where they took African Freedom and Liberty and imposed their Religion and their Values on the African Peoples .

1876 -1878 : United States of America - USA undertook to occupy Lado : Colonel Henry .G . Prost and Colonel Alexandra . A Manson 1876 - 1878 actively participated in the administration of Lado and all failed to control Equatoria - Lado Nation occupied for USA .

1879 : Belgium and Lado entered into War . From 1879 to 1889 , Lado was held out in a ten years of war against Belgium to defend its Sovereignty . The war ended with peace treaty of Wadelai ( Lado ) of 28th September1892 between Lado and Belgium . Lado never recognised the Belgium Crown over her ( Lado ) Sovereignty .

1881 : Arabised Blacks who wanted to seperate from the Ottoman Dominium and to remain Black ( Sudan ) Africans decided creating a Fighting Force a long side with the forces of Lado to fight the Turco Anglo / Egptian forces and in the end defeated the Anglo Egyptian forces thus creating the Mahdi States from 1881 1899 . As advantage to Lado , this revolt and the defeat of the Ottoman / Egyptian forces made loose to Egypt the control of Lado . The Sudan became renamed and reformed as the State of Mahdi and the Old State of Lado as the two seperate States in the Upper Nile Valley .

25th February 1885 : The events and implications of Berlin Conferene for the Partition of Africa let Lado fall a Victim of Colonial pretext ( c.f : Article 6 in the Berlin Treaty ) .

7th March 1887 : The Royal - Agofe / King of Lado AYINGANI , was assassinated during the War with the Belgium troops .

1887, 29 April : Paris treaty betwwen France and Belgium was concluded about the frontiers between the Congo Leopoldville , Lado and the French Equatoria Africa , Congo Brazzaville , Central African Republic and Chad .

1889 : The War ended up between Belgium and Lado which lasted for the 10 ( Ten ) years .

1890 : On 24 May a Treaty ( sometimes refered to as Macknnon treaty ) was signed betwwen Britain and Belgium recognising the frontier betwwen Lado and British Spheres of influence to the east of the River Nile . 17th September 1891 , Kavalli Agreement : A British Imperial Army ( King's African Rifles ) was established in 1891 under the Kavalli Agreement of 17 September 1891. The Agreement was signed by the English Captain Frederick D. Lugard who later became the Governor - General of Nigeria and , a Citizen of Lado Major Selim Matera signed for Lado , It was him Governor - General , Lugard who developed the British Colonial Doctrine called The Dual Mandate ( Indirect Rule ) , which is still in force through the Commonwealth Pyramid Divide - and - Rule System with the Queen / King on top , and under the Sovereign Head are the British .

28th September 1892 : Peace Agreement was reached between Lado and Belgium . Leuftnant Milz took over from his Commadant Van Kerckhoven who died before arrival to Wadelai , Signed it for Belgium . On the part of Lado , this Agreement was Signed by Commandant Fadh El Mula Aga ( A Lugbari tribe of Lado ) . This Convention Treaty came to be known Belgium and Lugbari Agreement for Cooperation Between Lado and Belgium . Belgium Recognised the Crown Sovereignty of Lado .

29th September 1892 : Finally Lado allowed Belgium Flag to be hoisted at Wadelai , which was the Capital of Lado by then .

12 of May and 14 of August of 1894 : An Agreement was signed between Britain and Belgium recognizing the temporary possession to King Lepeoldo Lado territory called formally Side Enclave , which was separated from the Province of Bahr el Ghazal of Sudan State .

1894 May : The Brussels treaty of 12 May 1894 was signed and for the first time , the term Lado Enclave figured out . Lado enclave was to be for linking all the possessions of the British Crown from Cape Town in South Africa to Cairo in Egypt .

1894 June : The Brussels treaty of 12 May 1894 was denounced by the Belgium British declaration of 22 June in favour of Germany .

1894 August : The Brussels treaty of 12 May was again denounced by the treaty of Paris of 14 , 1894 between France and Belgium .

1899 : France disengaged herself from the problems of Lado thruogh the Cairo treaty of 21 March 1899 , between Britain and France which was concurrently signed in Cairo ( Egypt ) and in London ( Britain ) by the French Ambassador Paul Gabon and the British Lord Salsbury . This treaty sanctioned the French to withdraw from the Nile Valley Conflict .

1904 : The treaty of the 8th April 1904 between France and Britain whereby France undertook a commitment before Britain to adopt a neutral attitude over the question of Lado , meaning that when Britain is in war with Lado , France was not to help her against Britain in return for the British withdrawl from Moroco in favour of France .

1906 : Britain concluded another treaty , Treaty of London with Belgium on 9th May 1906 to obtain Belgium cooperation as a fellow Europeans to colonise Lado . In December 1906 a similar agrement was reached with Italy and succesfully with Portugal , Spain and Germany all in all forcing these countries not to come into military help , assistance and not to trade with Lado .

1907 : In the same manner , in 1907 , Britain reached another agreement with Russia to obtain the Russian abstaintion from assisting Lado when at war with Britain in exchange for Iran which was important to Russia ( cf : Arua Treaty between Lugbari and Russia for mutual cooperation ) .

1920 : From 19141919 , War broke up between Britain and Lado which in history is know as Lugbari British war . It was fought for 5 years and ended in 1920 with the peace treaty signed at Odupi in Lado . There has been no treaty signed by Lado for recognition of the British Crown till todate .

1936 : From then 1926 there has been always tension between British occupant and Lado and again war broke out into the Kakua kajo keji war of between 1931 1936 . The war did not end until the United States ( U . S . A ) intervention by President Franklin D . Rooesvert in 1936 .

1940 : King / Agofe Lemiro was Assassinated .

1947 : The question of the colonisation of Lado was raised in the United Nations Organisation ( UNO ) Trusteeship Council which the British wished to discuss with Uganda by the USSR . The citizens of Lado asked for freedom .

1948 : On the April of 1948 , the Keego / Prime Minister of Lado was assassinated by the British Colonial Authorities when he was to travel to UN for talks on Lado . From that time up to now , Britain does every thing to keep Lado as her Possession ( Occupied Territory ) . Punishes any body who dares to use the name Lado .


1951 : The assassination death of the Prime Minister of Lado re opened the war again with Britain , the 3 years war , ( 1948 1951 ) . The British conservative Government under the wise old man Prime Minister Winston .S .Churchhill in 1951 stopped the war and favoured a thoughtful approach to Independence for Lado . The Governor for Lado affairs by then was Major General Sir John Hall .

1952 : Lado Envoy Extraordinary Atamva John Bart Agami who today is the present AGOFE / KING of Lado was sent with assistance of President Colonel Abdel Nasser of Egypt to USSR to meet the Secretary General Marshal Joseph Stalin as Lado situation was precipitating following the British attitude towards Lado . This time the USSR took a side for Lado .

1953 : Another yet , Keego / Prime Minister of Lado was assassinated by the British to change the political cause of Lado . In this particular moment , Lado had rejected the British intention of creating an East African Federation as Lado a part of it .

1953 : Once again , this time , the Lado Envoy Extraordinary Atamva John Bart Agami was sent with the assistance of Ethiopia Emperor Haile Selassie Tafari Makonnen to meet Prime Minister , Wiston . S . Church hill , in Malta .

1954 : Nile Bridge talks between Lado Envoy Extraordinary Atamva John Bart Agami and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II took place in Uganda . It was agreed that Lado would be independent in 1960 / 1961 .

1956 : A conference was held in Arua which included , Congo's first Prime Minister , Mr Patrick Lumumba on the question of Lado and its Peoples Rights to Self determination and on the question of the Nile waters . ( cf : Nile Waters Agreement of 1929 and Nile Waters Utilization Agreement of 8th November 1959 ) .

1957 : The Representative of Lado Atamva ( Mr ) , Ringe afterwards was assassinated . Atamva Ringe is an Alur of Luo tribe in Lado .

1958 : General Elections of March 1958 were held to determine the independence of Lado and the future Prime Minister after Decolonisation . Atamva ( MR.) Gaspero Oda ( a Lugbari tribe ) won the elections amongst all the candidates of the 29 tribes of Lado .

1960 : The Agofe of Lado in the untimely natural death KARANGA " HIGHEST MILITARY TITLE : GENERAL or MARSHAL" , ANACIA BOROA , O M died of whose death the British properly took advantage for the independence of Lado as promised by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II .

1962 : In 1962 , Uganda received her independence from Britain but on the Political grounds , the Lado leader the CULU John Bart Agami was arrested and sentenced to imprisonment by the British Authority in Uganda . He was and is the living physical person today of the Agofe of Lado who fortunately was released by his military personel of which he was the commandant of the army in Uganda under the Supreme Command of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II .

1962 : Uganda got its independence but remains till todate under the Supreme Authority of the Crown of Britain ( cf : Implications of the British commomwealth ) , Uganda offers a suitable base for attacks on Lado .

1967 : A new political constitution after being draughted in 1966 was passed in Uganda Parliament , without allowing a debate on it in 1967. ( intention was to hide the knowledge that Lado is a seperate State from Uganda since 1892 . ) .

1971 : Uganda ' s plot for the extermination came into picture in 1971 of the 1967 master plan to finalise but failed in carrying it out in January
1971 . The result came out of the over throw of the President of Uganda Mr Apollo Milton Obote ( a Luo tribe of Uganda State ) . And by the Military hierachy Major General Idi Amin ( a Sudanic Kakua / Kuku by tribe from Lado ) took over the State Affairs of Uganda on 25th January 1971 ) . In the re orgainsation of the State of Uganda General Idi Amin thought it wise to take back the Sovereignty of Uganda to view the Uganda Lado relations . This became a big blow defeat for the British . The Sudanic people in Uganda and Lado finally had to be wiped off completly in a war to be declared over Lado and her people .

1975 : London Agreement of 1975 was reached . It was worked out in Lusaka in Zambia between Uganda and Britain , inclulding other commonwealth countries to fight the Sudanic tribes of the State of Lado .

1979 : In March 1979 , the Uganda Ethnic groups ( Bantu , Nilotics / Luo and Nilo hamatics and of Tanzania and other Africans held " Moshi Confrence " in Tanzania , finally to impliment the London Agreement of 1975 .

1978/9 : War was declared on Lado and its people ( predominately Sudanic race ) from 6th October 1978 to April 1979 , whereby 250,000 soldiers were assembled from all over the world especially from the British Commonwealth Countries and from the Political allies of Britain . In the diplomatic channel it was Denmark , a strong British ally who undertook running the diplomatic machinary to impliment the war and was the one who raised the issue in the United Nations under the cover that the war in Uganda was necessary to over throw the World ' s worst dictator ever known , General Idi Amin . General Idi Amin is a Kakua / Kuku Sudanic tribe in Lado . After the over throw of Idi Amin , the coming true President of Uganda Mr, Yusuf Lule said " the Nile is betwwen us " , confirming the existence of the two States : i.e , Lado ( since 1892 ) and Uganda ( since 1894 ) by International Treaty Conventions .

1980/1 : From 1979 to 1981 massive massacres of the Sudanics in the Southern Lado , in Uganda and in other East African Countries inclulding total destruction of Properties in this part of Lado ( both Private and Public properties ) was carried out in order to occupy Lado land ( cf ; Uganda plans of 1967 and Uganda decree of 12 May 1980 , Art. 5 and Art. 10 ) , This was done with full cooperation of Tanzania .


1 January 2002 : Lado through the Act by the present Agofe sent a Petition to the UN Security Council and requested the UN Secretary General to act under Article 99 , and whereby the UN Secretary General " needs to do is to express his concern " for the Lado People and say that there is a Situation which is bad and Dangerous in Sudan Centra Africa - Lado and what is better , is to go about to implement the UN General Assembly Resolutions 43 / 47 of 22 November 1988 , UN General Assembly Resolution 1514 (XV) of 14 December 1960 and Article 1 and Article 73 of the UN Charter of 26 June 1945. In any case of legal complications and Difficulties on the question ( Decolonisation ) of LADO, the UN General Assembly can refer the matter of LADO to the International Court of Justice for the Advisory Opinions . This will eventually result in the Formal Recognition of the State of LADO as an Independent, Sovereign Nation State (LADO) in Central Africa which will restore LADO to its former Historical Status as a Sovereign Nation State ( LADO ) .

Year 2005 : A different picture appeared on world political affairs ; ' Nairobi Agreement held in Kenya ' of 9 January 2005 which was to bring Peace between the Rebel Forces SPLM ( Sudan People's Liberation Movement ) and the Sudan Government in Khartoum was reached . There is / was no doubt that , behind the move was the long - term Objective to Destroy Lado , the Lado State in Central Africa situated in the Great Lakes Region and in the Nile-Congo Watershed Region , which is falsely shown on the map as Southern Sudan and DR Congo . But it is the Northern Territory of Lado ( " Equatoria and Ituri Province of Lado " since 1871 ) .


Lado Wiped off the World Map by Britain

Lado was wiped off the World Maps in 1947 after 34 years of unsuccessful Occupation by the British from 1913 . Before 1913 Lado was an Independent and Sovereign Country , the size of the British Isles , with its Constitution drawn from 1772 , and is situated at the Upper Nile Valley in the Nile-Congo Watershed Region , and since 1871 called Equatoria as a part of the Ottoman Empire's Divide and Rule Policy . Lado was Administered through Egypt by Britain

The British Influence started when they signed the Constantinople Agreement in May 22, 1887 , when they administered Lado through Egypt , which incidentally was then a possession of the Ottoman Empire . The first two Governor's of Lado, Col. Sir Samuel White Baker (1871-1873) and Col. Charles George Gordon (1874-1876) were appointed through the British , but their salaries were paid by the Ottoman Empire . British Pretended not to be a Part .

Note : Colonel Charles George Gordon the Appointed Governor of Lado after Sir Samuel White Baker abandoned Lado , he never set foot to live in Lado but gave the resposibility of Lado to an Italian Soldier , Captain Romolo Gessi to maintain Relations with Lado for him .

From 1876 - 1878 two American Colonels were Governors of Lado , namely : Colonel , Henry G. Prout and Colonel , Alexander A. Mason and neither the British nor the American Governors lasted very long as formal Occupiers of Lado . Officially , the British pretended that they did not have a part in it with United states ( USA ) Colonels being American Governors in Lado . This is perhaps and because of the Sovereignty of Lado was still under the Ottoman / Turkish Control . The other reason was that France was fighting Britain over Egypt which would later and secretly become under Military Occupation by Britain in 1882 .

1879 - 1889 Another , German Prussian Edward Karl Schnitzer tried with a bit of more luck from 1879 to 1889 . Gov. Schnitzer in more or less pretended and became a Moslem and took the name " Emin Pasha " gaining the Trust of the LUU and LUI moslem faith believers ( Ladoans ) to side with him as a preferable Governor then under the Ottoman ( present Turkey ) Authority .

British Knack / Capacity for Secrecy

The British have always had a knack for Secrecy and have made their Fame from the ' hiding behind the bush ' Game and Method , and that is especially obvious in the case of Lado in Central Africa. The British logo has been and is always that of the Three Monkeys , who don't Hear , don't See and don't Talk , and even in the extraordinary case that they should see, they certainly don't talk. Another term for that kind of Policy, is very much practised in the EU ( European Union ), in the WTO ( World Trade Organisation ) and in other such Clubs , is the Closed Doors Policy .


The Question of Lado was raised for the first time in the United Nations at a UN Conference lasting from 28 April to 15 May 1947 by the then Soviet Permanent Representative to the U.N., Andrei A. Gromyko , who later became the Foreign Minister of the USSR. On this Conference , which incidentally was called by Britain , three Key Issues were discussed , i.e. the Palestine Question , the creation of the new State of Israel , and the Independence of Lado .

Lado was Cheated

The decision at the U.N. was to grant all three parties Independence , but as everyone knows , only one of these decisions was implemented with the realisation of the State of Israel in 1948 . A lot of bloodshed , anger , pain and millions of displaced and stateless persons have up to now been the result of the lack of implementation of the Palestine and Lado Questions. By the way , now , there remains to be granted Independence to eighteen countries in the World , of which the five are the Palestine , East Timor , Western Sahara , Lado and St. Helena.

Lado not in the Public Eye

The first three countries , the Palestine , East Timor and Western Sahara , are on the verge of Independence because they have for a long time been burning issues and in the Focus of the Public Eye making their Suffering and Quest for Freedom a Matter of Conscience for the People of the World . However , the Plight of Lado and St. Helena , both African Nations and both under foreign occupation ( Lado under Britain / Belgium , St. Helena under Britain ) , has been that of oblivion , covert oppression and shadow boxing on behalf of the two countries .

Lado and St. Helena in the Same Boat.

Lado is in exactly the same boat as St. Helena as their issues have never been allowed to be discussed in the open and as all topics concerning them have been swept under the carpet . Yet , it is known , the question of National Identity is one of crucial importance to any Man , and the Right of all People on the Planet Earth. Although it is even one of the foremost Principles of the United Nations Charter , the Lado Peole and the St. Helena People have been denied the Right to even exist , let alone their Independence . The very name Lado especially is the Forbidden Word in the World of Politics and Diplomacy , and not least on the African Continent where there is severe Penalty , even Death , for expressing a single syllable about Lado and its existence as a Nation State or a People . Lado is never called by its True Name but heard of always through the , referred to , as either the unruly North-Western Region or West Nile of Uganda , the North-Eastern Region of Congo , or even Equatoria Region of Sudan or now as Southern or South Sudan Independent Region , but never by its true and genuine name Lado .

In fact the mere mention of the name Lado triggers a jittery shock in Diplomatic circles , as it is becoming an increasingly embarassing issue for the former Colonial Powers spearheaded by Britain, its Commonwealth Countries and Institutions enforced by their musclemen their American cousins - United States of America , USA ( meaning through the powers of the old Virginia Company ).

The Hidden Agenda

But then it is no wonder that , the Lado Question has become such a Hot Potato to the Ruling Powers of the World when you consider that the Hidden Agenda of the Anglo/American Conglomeration is to create a new state on Lado Land ( Territory ) by the name of Southern or South Sudan . The idea is to hand over Lado Land to Black Americans , as it was done in Liberia , which will help " White America " to get rid of some of its Black Citizens that constantly remind them of their infamous and shameful Slave Past . So , Annihilation of Lado People is best for them to do on the African soil still .

Annihilation of Lado People

Invariably this scheme will involve the Annihilation of the Rightful Owners of Lado Land , the Indigenous People of the Luu , Lui , Luo and Lue origins . These are the National Identities of Lado , and this explains why the name Lado is not even whispered in the Corridors of Power . Note : Lado has been is still occupied , but never colonised , since 26 May 1871 by an International Force led by the US military based in Egypt .

The Covert / Secreet Operations

The Force, which operated under the pretext of fighting the Slave Trade, was the " NATO " of that day (1871), and as history goes yet , another American President, General Ulysses Simpson Grant had been manipulated (or forced) by the British Crown to do the dirty work under the auspices of an under-cover Agreement of the Ottoman Empire Sovereignty of which Egypt was a Possession at the time.

Now the implementation of the Creation of this new " Slave State ", and part of the Secret Anglo - American Colonisation Program of Africa , was preceded by a recent Fact - Finding Mission to Lado carried out by the Congressmen : Donald M. Payne (a Black American) and Tom Tancredo , and Senator Sam Brownback . US Congress Passed Resolution to Invade only . Coinciding with the Mission of these three Gentlemen , a Resolution was passed in the US Congress in June 1999 that the US is to supply Arms and Finances to the South Sudan Liberation Army and the South Sudan Peoples Liberation Movement under the pretext of fighting the Arabs in North Sudan . Part of the Scheme , and the Reason for the Passing of the Resolution in Congress , was to conjure a deliberate Misinformation on the whole situation in the Region which was / is to hide the Real Reason , namely to destroy Lado as a Country and its People , exactly the same way that North Atlantic Treaty Organisation ( NATO ) was trying to destroy Serbia and its People .

NATO Operation in Africa

One only sees it as the pre-parations for a new NATO Operation which will use Uganda and Kenya as their Bases and Buffer Zones . The Lado People will be the Targets at the receiving end , and Lado Land will be used as the new Testing Ground for their impressive and High-Tech Bombing / Weapons sprees. Who says World Peace ? The Bluff they are calling is to make the World believe that the South Sudan People are in Dire Circumstances and desperately in need of Help to liberate themselves.


However , the fact is that , the so called South Sudan is part of the North Lado Territory occupied ( divided into two Regions of East and West Equatoria which have been placed forming the Southern Region Areas of the Unified Republic of Sudan State : North and South Sudan United in 1899 and even after independence in 1956 ) . The Regions of East and West Equatoria are inhabited by Luu , Lui , and Lue People . The Rebel War of the Sudan Peoples Liberation Movement ( SPLM ) was fought , not in South Sudan as such , but in Lado ( called Equatoria from 20 May 1871 ) , as the real South Sudan People and the border line with Lado is situated six degrees north of the Lado Border These South Sudan People , living inside the Republic of Sudan , are Dinka , Nuer , Anuak and Shilluk , Jo Luo Native Black People Africans and many Arab Native descendents who have no connection and Politically so , whatsoever to Lado and Lado People . Consequently , the Phony War in Sudan was being fought and will be ever fought in the Wrong Place and by the Wrong People and for the Wrong Reasons under the pretext of the Christian Victims versus the Cruel Arab Muslims in North Sudan . But the whole issue is different . The Black South Sudan people of Sudan are only the claimed Christian inventions as an issue to use by the Anglo / Americans fighting to preserve the South Sudanese people in Sudan in their Covert Campaign of the War against Lado and the hated Lado people yet in the series of Wars which are going on over the Occupation of Lado as cited already in the writinfs here .

US Mission Misinformed

The US Fact-Finding Mission was based in the town Yei , which is in the Heart of Lado, and very far away from South Sudan , and yet the Honourable Senator and the Congressmen failed to see that they were physically been enjoying the Hospitality and received the Protection of the People of Lado , and not the People of South Sudan . Instead they manufactured a totally false Report which fatally resulted in the disastrous Resolution passed by the US Congress in June 1999 , a Resolution which invariably resulted in the Commitment of the US Government and the Deployment of US Troops , Arms and Finance to fight inside Lado with the British Crown which remained and still remains in Charge now carrying out the Overall and Tactical Activities ( the Brain and the Muscle ) : The game is played through all the institutions of the British Crown , and some of the most useful on-the-spot players are Uganda , Kenya and South Africa to which country all destructive weapons were / being and will always be shipped and distributed . For this reasons Peace or War rests with Britain over Lado .

The whole Issue of Peace or War , since the Queen's Promise in 1954 , rests still with Labour Government , the same Party which was in power under Prime Minister , Clement Richard Attlee in 1947 when the Issue of Lado's Independence was discussed in the United Nations . The only difference now is that the new coming parties , Party such as the "New Labour Party and others onto come, can be seen whether the new on coming of their Prime Ministers , will have the courage to honour Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's Word of 1954 , tenths , of years ago till todate .

Lado Independence

But we all know Lado will still go ahead and declare the Independence of Lado as a Sovereign Nation State in the Heart of Mother Africa and therefore to relieve its restless mind . So what it is really all about is touching the Soul of the Individual Ladoan is , by Releasing , Educating and Training his Mind like Cultivating a Rare Fruit , making People aware of the Fact that he or she no longer lives in the Middle Ages or in the Age of Bondage and Slavery in Africa (1440-1840) by the same people , Euro / Arabs , and that is , it is OK for him /her to be Free and to Think freely for himself /herself .

This is a Brand New Millenium (21 centuary a.d.) , and a time in the Human History when people are Liberating themselves from the Common Consciousness and to be Individuals who are Responsible for their own Actions , and even more importantly , Responsible for their Failure to Act . Truely , The Blame cannot be Pushed. That is why like all Africans or the blacks as a whole can , no longer push the Blame for Injustice and Atrocities on to different people alone , whether they be National or Worldwide on a Globalised Planet . People in all have a Task to do for Justice and Peace , and people are no longer Blind - Minded . Whether the Individual be African , Asian or European , American , the Issue is the same : There is no 'cop-out ', no Escape from taking a Stand and Act or Speak up against Injustice or Oppression in the face of all , once one knows the Truth and the Facts in this Age of Information and Communications . Perhaps as is often quoted in the Christianity saying of Jesus , who said : When two People Act in the name of God , then God Listens and Blesses . So an Individual should not be afraid to do something which he or she knows in his or her Heart is Right , Justice he / she does and will Benefit the Others too .

No Escape , as in Africa the Colonial Way of thinking is still prevailing , and so far it has been a Heavy Task to Liberate the African Minds . So many People in Africa have grown accustomed to Identify themselves with the Culture and Language of the European Colonisers that they find it extremely hard and difficult to break out of their Mental Prisons . Surely , and after four hundred years of Slavery and two hundred years of Foreign Occupation and Colonisation , this African State of Mind is Understandable - but it is no longer any Excuse which can be used as a Sleeping Pill or a Drug to quell the over-whelming Fear .

Decolonisation Mind Process is Vital

Unless the Decolonisation Process is carried out - i.e. the Mind is Liberated to assume full Responsibility for its own Situation - the Situation in Africa will never change , and in the End really we might even lose or are loosing our own Land Continent to Foreigners now and once for all : the Native Black Race in his / her Mother Continent is wiped off .

It is as well worthy to note and to remember that : all it takes is Two People , Two Minds and know what Sovereignty means to the Africans and what to do holding that Spirit up , of the Organisation of African Unit from its very Start on the conference day of 1945 at Manchester and start reviewing where the wrong steps were taken or are taking place while implementing the still OAU Charter till todate . And the Africans must also know and be aware of the High Price to Pay as the Price for Freedom and Independence as always any where on the world , is incredibly high , there is no way back for the Africans still and in Particular for the Lado people not to think of taking the National Responsibilities , to take the Matters of Independences and full Sovereignty issues within the Continent of Africa and be into their own Hands as Africans .

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