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4.1 : This Communication on the Question of Lado is to present to the People of Uganda ( Africa ) and as Britain is using Uganda as a Major Stepping foot Stone to destroy Lado and those friends of Uganda in a Summarised Form , so that , it is easy to digest it by anyone who cares to read it . The People of Lado ( Africa ) want Peace and Security . They want Freedom and Liberty .

4.2 : The Demand for the Independence of Lado and the Sovereignty of Lado , since 1947 , is a Right of the People of Lado as a Political Entity since 847 a.d through 1507 todate 3000 a.d. and is in accordance to the International Law , International Politics , International Diplomacy , and to International Relations , International Customs , including the General Principles , and Internation Practises , the People of Lado want to determine their own Life and Destiny here on Earth .

4.3 : The Basis for the Independence of Lado and the Sovereignty of Lado are plain , and indeed , very clear for any People , and / or Country to understand , who believes in the Maintainance of International Peace and Security and Justice . This Demand for Independence of Lado is also , in accordance to Articles 1 and 73 of the UN Charter of 26 June 1945 . And also Articles 6 and 15 of the Berlin Treaty of February 1885 . The People of Lado Love Peace , and they need Peace , Security , and Justice , and Stability : But Let No one have an illusion or think that , those wonderful Human Concept of Society apply only to Countries that are under the British Sovereignty . They apply to all Countries of the World , and All Peoples of the World . That is what All Leaders of the World should Strive to Maintain , internally and externally : Peace , Security and Justice .

4.4 : The Desire of the People of Lado is to bring about the Independence of Lado and Sovereignty of Lado , through , or by , Peaceful Means according to UN Resolutions ; and the Organisation of African Unity / OAU Charter of 25 May 1963 ; the Berlin Treaty of 26 February 1885 ; and the African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights of 21 June 1981 .

4.5 : The Lado Authorities ( The Agofe of Lado and the Government of Lado and Laodan Elites in General ) know that for the UN to do anything , in any Country , the Process is very Slow . And at times , the Issue and / or the Process is deliberatley strangled by the some World / UN Powers . Especially , if the Issue , or the Conflict , has to do with some Black African Countries and Peoples . And of course , for Lado, it is worst as the State of Lado is Hated by Britain . Britain seems to loath the People of Lado and the Fact that Lado can exist as a Sovereign , in the Middle / Heart of the Continent of Africa without Britain , or British Commonwealth / Empire . That is unfortunate Political View which Britain holds on Lado since her ( UK ) Colonial Days . But Lado continues to struggle for her Independence and Sovereignty as a Nation State , and to build on Lado Peoples Values and Systems within the International System . The People of Lado do not want the Colonialism over Lado , directly or indirectly . No and No . The People of Lado want the Independence of Lado and Sovereignty of Lado .

4.6 : Futhermore , the Demand of Lado People for the Independence of Lado and the Sovereignty of Lado is not a Joke . Neither is it a Fun or for Fun . It is not a Threat to Uganda , or to any of the Countries neighbouring to the State of Lado, as far as the State of Lado is concerned . All Lado needs from her Neighbours : Uganda , Congo / Zaire , Sudan or North / South Sudan States , Kenya , Ethiopia , and etc -- etc -- is Good Relations , which is a Moral and Political Support for Lado . And the best would be for All to come to a Conference on Lado . A Conference on Lado Peace Process to find Lasting Solutions to Lado 's Problems and Conflicts according to Lado 's Vital Interests . Not according to what the British Government would wish , inorder to Protect her Interests . At least , for once , Let Africans find Solutions , and / or reach Agreements that are not Recommended from outside of our Countries and Peoples and Continent of Africa . The People ( Ladoans ) need their Dignity and Respect as the People of Lado and as a Political Entity of Lado . Lado People do not want to be Slaves of Other Peoples on Earth , or anywhere else . The African People have been enslaved from 1440 to 1840 A.D already . And no more .

4.7 : The Position of LADO is that , Lado has to be an Independent and Sovereign State ( KAARI ) of Lado as soon as possible in this World Community Countries . Any other Issues , Problems , Conflicts which might be arising in course of time , must be sloved through Peaceful Negotations . Any Issue regarding Borders should be done by an International Boundary Commission / IBC . There is no need to fight over the Border Issues / or Matter .


5.1 : The Political Leaders of Lado are aware that , UN Records of solving serious African Conflicts originating ( Mainly ) from European Colonial Connections have been minimal and indeed very poor , unless it is in the the Interest and advantage of one of the UN Permanent Members of the Security Council . However , the State of Lado still has hope in the United Nations / UN to do something for the Lado People to bring about the Decolonisation Process of Lado through Peaceful Negotiations , Mediation , Arbitration , Conciliation , and Adjucation . There is no other Institution yet to replace the UN . So the UN is better than nothing . The State of Lado believes in the Fact that , Peace never comes out of Military Power / Conquest alone . Military Force / Power creat Fear , Distrust , Future Wars . Above all , Military Power serves as a Colonial Instrument and / of Destruction , and for control of others . So there is no Economic Development , or Social Progress , when involved in Military Wars .

5.2 : The State of Lado does not want War with any Country , or anybody , because Wars are very Destructive Instruments to a Society . And Wars bring about so many Negative Elements into a Country that does promote any Well being of the Society . Lado People try their best to avoid Wars . That is why the Ladoans ( Lado People ) are asking the People of Uganda and other African People and elsewhere to know that . It is not that the People of Lado Fear Death . Not at all . Lado needs Peace and Security . Lado wants the Independence and Sovereignty of Lado .

5.3 : It is Britain and Belgium , who are Responsible for the Occupation of Lado . The African Countries and their Armies , who are used to Kill the People of Lado and thereby to Occupy the Land of Lado for Britain and her Allies , have no Right and no Responsiblity over the Question of the Independence of Lado . This is because Britain has the Sovereignty Right over them ( Commonwealth Countries ) : that is to say , Uganda and Kenya , or any other British Commonwealth Country . Whom should Lado fight ? Her African Neighbours ? Or Britain ? Or Belgium ? The Lado People do not want to fight any Country . They need only the Independence and Sovereignty of Lado . That is all and Clear . They do not want War but the Independence , Intergrity , and Sovereignty ( Nduvunduvu ) of Lado .

5.4 : Lado also wants the International Community to do Justice to the People of Lado . The UN , or the International Community , owes Lado Justice . Even if the People of the State of Lado are Black Africans , whom most European Countries and Governments and their People do not like on this Earth , except as Slaves on this Earth , in Africa , the Lado People Deserve International Protection and Justice to be done to them . The People of Lado are Human Beings like the British People are ( same Human Values ) and the People of Lado are as well like the other Africans or People in Africa ( be White , Black , Red , Brown , Orange or of any other Colour to say least in the Continent of Africa ) , who are under British Empire / or Commonwealth . The People of Lado should not be denied their Political Rights . The People of Lado have the same Values and Dignity like any other other Human Beings . Therefore, they need their Right to Independence of Lado and Sovereignty of Lado as a Political Entity . They shall still remain Africans , and Friends . The People of Lado shall mantain , a Policy of Neutrality , Unity , Integrity , Independence , and Sovereignty of Lado .

5.5 : The People of the State of Lado , under the Political Authority of Lado , long to live in Stabilty , Peace , and Security . They want to enjoy Political Stability , which is the Key to Economic Civic Developement and Social Progress , as a People and as a Political Entity ( Nation State / Country ) . This is why the People of Lado Demand the Independence and Sovereignty of Lado . The People of Lado insist that , the Independence of Lado and Sovereignty of Lado , should be done by Peaceful Means or Negotiations . This is ( Ladoans ) Desire . This is what they want : Freedom / Driwala .

5.6 : The Lado Political Authority recognise the Need to mantain Peaceful Relations with other Nation States . This is the Basis for International Peace , Security , and Justice . This is why the Lado Foreign Policy is Unique . The Ladoans prefer to strive to use Peaceful Negotiations to solve Conflicts between Lado and other Countries . The Lado People believe in Peaceful Negotiated Agreements to reach Lasting Political Solutions . And they believe , lasting Political Solutions can be produced through Diplomatic Negotiations , not by Military Might or Killings alone . The Diplomatic Relation is needed .

5.7 : The Lado Political Authority know , and indeed , are convinced that , the Use of Military Force / Power to reach a Political Solution , only postpones the Conflicts . Such make Wars are Recurring events , thus blocking any Economic Development and Social Progress . Lado still continues to beg her Neighbours for a Negotiated Political Solutions and Agreements rather than the Use of Military Force , and Manipulated Colonial Policy driven or directed Solutions by Remote Control . Lado wants Peace , Security , Justice which means Stability and Prosperity in Lado .

5.8 : The Lado Political Authority is Unhappy , or disheartened , for Africa as long as African Leaders see the Use of Force as the Easy Option in both Internal and External Politics . Then Africa is Doomed . The Africans must all work to change that , of their belligerent Attitudes . The African Leaders , have to develope Diplomatic Skills based on Knoweldge and Wisdom to achieve Peace and Protection of their Vital Interests . Peace is made and Mantained by Genuine and Negotiated Agreements ( Treaties between Nations / Countries , or the People Concerned / Concerned People ) . Let Africans begin to practise this : Justice and Law . Therefore it is on behalf of the Green Bureau of Lado / GRB , and on behalf of the Government of Lado ( The Provisional Government of Lado / LPG ) and on behalf of the People of the State of Lado ( Lado Population of about 10 million ) , Lado appeals to the People of Uganda and the Government of Uganda to build Good Relations with People of the State of Lado , and the Government of Lado , and Sovereign of Lado . The Choice is that of the Government of Uganda and the People of Uganda . Lado People demand the Independence , Territorial Integrity of Lado .

5.9 : The Diplomacy , or Peaceful Negotiations , is the best way out . The Lado Political Authorities are ready to meet the Uganda Political Authorities to negotiate on any Issues / Problems that will arise during the Decolonisation Process , ( this same Request applies / or is extended also to all the Neighbouring State Countries to Lado ) . Good Relations are very important to build and mantain Confidence betwwen Lado and Uganda . Indeed , Lado and Uganda have a lot of Issues that require Serious Talking / Talks in order to build Good ( Future ) Relations betwwen the two Nations . The State ( Kingdom of Lado and the Republic of Uganda will always be Neighbours , sharing Common Borders / Frontiers . Wars are never good for Peaceful Co Existence between or among Nations and Nation States . Lado needs Peace and Security . That is , there is Need for Good Relations between Lado and Uganda , Sudan : both North and South Sudan States of today , Congo / former Zaire , Kenya , Ethiopia Central African Republic / CAR etc -- etc --

5.10 : While the State of Lado does not believe in Wars as Means of reaching Political Solutions , the People of Lado will not sit by , or down and only mourn , when Peoples of other Countries are Killing the People of Lado with Impunity , so often , with the blessing of the International Community , meaning Anglo /Saxons and Anglo /American Authorities seeing Foreigners dancing on the Dead Bodies of Lado People , and burning the Deads of Lado , just hurts .


The View that the Berlin Treaty is now a History , no longer applicable is not true . Let the African Leaders and Academicians and Intellectuals wake up and see the Woods for the Trees in the Internationl Politics , International Relations , International Law , International Diplomacy and the International Customs , and International Principles and International Practises . The People of Lado are prepared to negotiate with their Neighbours , with their Opponents , with their Enemies , whether they wish Lado Well or Bad . Lado has the Responsibility and Duty to Protect her People of Lado ( Africa ) . The People of Lado consists of Four Ethnic Linguistic Communities and are as follows : The LUU People , The LUI People , The LUO People , and The LUE People . They make a Population to about 10 Million souls ( 7 Million in Lado and 3 Million in Exile ) at this very time of writing here now in the year 2013 . They form the State of ( Central Africa ) with its present Capital at ARUA ARU . Modern Lado Kingdom was founded in 847 a.d , although Lado People have been established in the Nile Valley Basin since 3000 b.c . However , the Struggle for Independence from Egypt started in 1090 b.c to 700 b.c . The War of Lado Independence took place between 749 b.c. to 700 b.c .

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