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Thanks to General Idi Amin and May his Soul be in Peace !Hereby is to remember You ( General Idi Amin ) of your Positive Achievements under your Administrations by your Participations / involvements in Serving and Saving Uganda in Mother Africa .

It is Recorded that


The Supreme Council / SMC was / is what is commonly refered to as the Defence Council in Uganda . Its Chairman , since 1971 was the Head of Military Government : Major General Idi Amin - and its own Secretary was Captain Emilio Mondo . While every Senior Military Officer and all Battalion Commanders and other Heads of Military Units and Security Units inclulding the Police Force / Prisons Force were / are Members of the Council . ( N.B : Titles and Ranks are all those of the time of Appointment of the Individual Person in 1971 ) .


The Council of State was / is also known as the Supreme Council of State / SCS . It was composed of five Members and with a Secretary :

1 ) Major General Idi Amin Dada , Kakua Tribe / Sudanic Ladoan , Chairman

2 ) Colonel John Bart Agami , Lugbari Tribe / Sudanic Ladoan , Secretary

3 ) Lieutenant Colonel Earnst Obitre Gama , Lugbari Tribe / Sudanic Ladoan

4 ) Major Charles Arube , Kakua Tribe / Sudanic Ladoan

5 ) Lieutanant Ali Moses , Ma 'di Tribe / Sudanic Ladoan

These five physical persons were to be the Joint Chief of State for Uganda to replace the Queen of England who was the Chief Head of State of Uganda since 1962 . UGANDA BECAME THEREFORE A SOVEREIGN STATE in Mother Continent Africa .


Uganda was and is still a rich Country . The land is fertile , the climate excellent with regular and sufficient rains falling . The British Vested and are still vesting Economic interests there in the main British Economic interests which are the raw materials which are of two types :

a ) Agricultural Products : Coffee , Cotton , Tobacco , Tea , Sugar , etc

b ) Mineral Resources : Copper , Tin , Gold , Petroleum , Cement , Asbestors etc -----

The avalaibility in Uganda and of rich Land , plenty of water , energy resources such as waterfalls for hydro- electricity , petroleum , solar energy and bio - gas energy , and forests resources for both energy and constructions of different types inclulding buildings make it impossible for the British to leave the peoples of Uganda and on their own . Therefore the Key to the British Economic interests in Uganda and was / is only to control Uganda Monetary and Fiscal Affairs , or Monetary System , so that the Foreign Trade of Uganda and was / is controlled by Britain . Meaning that the Independence of Uganda and in International Trade is controlled by Britain . By controlling the Monetary and Fiscal Affairs of Uganda , Britain succeedes to control the free develoment of the National Reserve Fund Buildings , on the one hand , and the Foreign Trade Expansion of Uganda on the other hand . The British Economic Interests in Uganda are protected in this way . Hence forcing Uganda and their peoples to produce what Britain decides to be produced and how much of it to be produced . Through Uganda Membership to the British Commonwealth Organisation , Britain was / is assured of all the agricultural and mineral resources of Uganda for her own , British National industries in the United Kingdoms of Britain and Northern Ireland - (UK) and in other Countries friendly to UK . Truely there is a cheap Labour force avalaible in Uganda to use to produce the agricultural and mineral raw materials
needed for transfer to Britain . In otherwards in the Minds of the British , there was / is avalaible in Uganda a multitude of Respectable Slaves to be Exploited for the profit of the British people . But it is to be noted that the Slave workers were being tapped and still considered to be tapped from Lado ( known West Nile in Uganda ) which was and is still under Occupation of the Kingdoms of Great Britain and Belgium but being ruled for them under their Satelite African Countries : Uganda , D R Congo , Sudan ( both North and South Sudan ) local Adminstrations in Africa . Consequently , agricultural resources , mineral resources , Labour resources , waters , trees , and mountains are to be surrendered to the British people . On top of this , the same British turn around to insult the Blacks on this planet that they call the Earth ." They say the blacks there do not know anything in that the part of Africa '' . In the end , the only advantage from the Memmership to be part of Commonwealth Organisation is the Broad Day - Light Robbery of Natural and Human Resources for the British people to enjoy , while Black people are left to die every day of Hunger , Poverty , Diseases . Inthis way , African people are being converted into a Community of Assisted men only .

Commercial :

Britain did / does everything to control Uganda to protect the MARKETS for the British products and for the empolyment of the British people . Uganda is a favourable market for the British manufactured goods . Technically speaking or writing here , this is known as a GOODS MARKET . With its excellent climate , Ugandans are converted by the British people as a Land to live in . Thus Uganda is a favourable Labour Market for the empolyment of the British people to work in . Uganda in addition is offering a favourable Service Market for the Services rendered by the British professionals of all grounds and walks of life : - Lawyers , Bankers , Traders , Importers and most of these were found to be the Asian - British Citizens working in Uganda for the British Interests only .

What would have a True African son done for Africans to know that , there were only being exploited as Human beings . Genral Idi Amin Chased away these foreigners and Asked Ugandans to take and work for their own Interests . No other Leader in Uganda thought of that , But hey ! Idi Amin from Lado did it for Uganda and for the entire Black African Peoples to know . Bravo Idi Amin !

Another Issue busy to tackle was the Long Issue of the Kingdom State of Lado in Africa which Idi Amin did / was to open for the Africans to know which the British had always made sure The LADO STATE ISSUE ought to have not been re opened on International POLITICAL Arena . This is when the British decided in 1975 ( 1975 London Agreement with the Ugandan Exiles and Chased away Indian Asians from Uganda who were controlling the Economic Affairs of Uganda for Britain ) to overthrow General Idi Amin from being President of Uganda anymore . The truth is coming up now of the Major Reason of the Overthrow of Idi Amin to have continued to be President of Uganda .

What else did Idi Amin do for the Ugandans -( Masses ) at least to give him a Credit in Uganda ?

Uganda after Independence 1962 , there was no Educational aims for Uganda as a Nation but Uganda to be mantained as a dependedent and to rely on the European Advisors . One can put it crudely that , the Education system was more or else a domenstication system to domensticate the Ugandans as the Blacks of / in Africa as such in the General Blue Prints of the education systems which were introduced to educate the Africans in the Mother Continent Africa . Amin broke that system off .

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