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Trayvon Martin Was Gunned Down By Racism

So you shot my brother and kill him dead
Because racism was growinmg in your head
You gunned down my beloved brother
Leavinmg our families in grief and sorrow

Inside your mind you cultivated grudge
Because your father is a judge
And you do not have to feel ashamed
Because Zimmerman is your racist name

They had no plans to put you in jail
Because their legal system failed
And when you finally appeared in court
You were allowed to shut your big old moutht

They just did not allow you to testify
Because that would reveal your vicious lies
The situation became so dishonest and filthy
That you were allowed to be found not guilty

Trayvon was just eating his little food
When you decided with cruelty to intrude
Then killing Trayvon Martin became your agenda
And claimed that you stood your ground as a defender.

But instead you stood your ground as a racis aggressor
And also as one of them wicked down pressers
One who have murdered an innocent man
Since that was a part of your racist plan

By killing a person who have done you no harm
You have started a big racial and social storm
You did not help to make this earth a better place to live
Because your mental faculty is leaking like a sieve

The whole world know that what you did was wrong
So the song writers are now writing it in their songs
Since you really think that Tryvon's was cheap
That which you planted is just what you reap

You may think that you own Jah Jah's community
But all that you own is cruelty and insanity
So many others your people have murdered
Claimimg that they have violated yourborders

Your out of order ways shall be the shackles in your mind
For treating Trayvon Martin so very much unkind.
You have helped to m,ake this world a more miserable place
So your nasty attitudes will just fly back into your face

The world winds for Justice will be blowing your way
You will be punished for your crime comewhat may
There is no place upon this earth where you can hide
Because the hands of Father Time are very deep and wide

You are indeed a young slave master
Who's intention is to cause disaster
And is your lyching imagination
Your plan is to practice segregation

So you used your dirty guns to kiil
Just like you all did to Emmett Till
Like you did to Martin Luther King
Who have never done you a damn blasted thing

But with courage and self determination
We all will acquire our Liberation
And we will stand United as a Nation
To witness your miserable desolation.

Take the best care of yourselves and our people
Again I send many oceans of blessings and self determination to African people everywhere.
Baba Ras Marcus.

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