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YEAR 2012 The EU Chairmanship : A Case of Embarassment for the Danish Prime Minister - Blacklisting of Danish Journalists for Articles about Lado...

The present Chairman of the EU, Danish Prime Minister, Mrs. Helle Thorning-Schmidt, has blacklisted two Danish journalists and refuses state subsidies for their local radio stations after twenty years in the air - however the real objective is to block for the recognition in the United Nations of the State of Lado in Central Africa .

Danish PM, Mrs. Helle Thorning-Schmidt / Stephen Kinnock, Husband of Danish PM

In all secrecy Danish Prime Minister, Mrs. Helle Thorning-Schmidt, who also happens to be Minister for the Press, has taken overthe explosive case involving two local talk radio stations, Frederiksberg Night Radio and Radio Ellekaer, which she has indirectly been instrumental in closing to shut up critical and investigative journalists.

This particularly applies to journalist and editor Britt Bartenbach who through the past eighteen years has published a numberof articles covering the Central African State of Lado who is struggling to get back its independence and sovereignty.

This struggle has been ongoing through forty-five years of oppression by the two EU countries England and Belgium who since 1947 have shared an illegal occupation of Lado which is located in in the very heart of Africa in the Nile-Congo Watershed by the Upper Nile Valley and in the Great Lakes District.

Danish Prime Minister is Chairman of EU but Refuses to Respect International Law :

As Chairman of the EU, a role which Denmark holds up till July 2012, the country is obliged to adhere to International Rules, and according to these rules Denmark must present all official Petitions to EU to the Governments of all the other EU countries. However, Danish Prime Minister Mrs. Helle Thorning-Schmidt has done nothing to stick to these rules ( Rule of Precedence under International Law ), but seems instead to be going by her own set of rules .

The King of Lado's request was submitted to the Danish PM Mrs. Helle Thorning-Schmidt already in January 2012 when Denmark commenced her EU chairmanship, and nothing has been done, except that the King has received a letter from the PM’s office confirming receipt of the King’s letter.

Apart from this, the King has been met by a Wall of Silence - and the Danish PM has made no attempt to stick to the rules that apply to International Law .

Massive Pressure from Grass Roots and Articles on Lado are Not Popular with Power Elite

The issue concerning the recognition of Lado as a sovereign and independent national state has for more than fifty years been locked away in the United Nations’ Security Council where Great Britain and the USA have blocked for the issue to be released for voting in the UN General Assembly.

However, following massive pressure from grassroots inside Lado and other countries, as well as a series of articles in the ‘Lado News’ Newsletters describing the massacres and the oppression of the Lado People, the issue was finally, in 2004, passed on to the United Nations’ Presidium who is to prepare the issue for presentation in the UN General Assembly.

With the usual resistance from Great Britain and the USA, this process of preparation has now been delayed for eight years - a situation which has been greatly assisted by the Scandinavian Countries who also have vital monetary interests in the fertile and mineral rich Lado - and once again the issue is being blocked from entering the UN General Assembly.

This illustrates the doggy lobby work taking place behind the scenes in order to block the issue from reaching the UN General Assembly for the final voting, and at the same time it explains why the Danish PM and present Chairman of the EU, RH Mrs. Helle Thorning-Schmidt, has no urge to comply with International Rule, at least when it relates to the Lado Issue.

PM Treading Water by her Silence with British Husband at the Side

This is why the Danish PM has been treading water and the reason why she, by her silence, has failed to fulfil her obligation to present the Lado Issue to the other EU countries.

The same thing happened in 2006 when Sweden was in charge of the EU chairmanship. The Swedish representative in the United Nations totally ignored the official petition from the Lado Provisional Government - which is little wonder when you consider the ‘muscle power’ being wielded from the Big Brothers USA and Great Britain whom the Scandinavian Governments dare not spite.

To complete the picture it is worth noting that the husband of RH Mrs. Helle Thorning-Schmidt is the British subject Stephen Kinnock who has strong roots in the British Labour Party, and via his position as Director of the lobby organis-tion World Economic Forum with head office in Geneva, Switzerland, he is in close contact with the financially strong members of the organisation, who list the Wall Street aristocracy, oil, chemical and mining corporations, government leaders, etc., etc.World Economic Foruman Elite Organisation with Threads to Bilderberg Group Several of the members of World Economic Forum, who are usually having their annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, are also regular participants in meetings in G7, G8, the World Bank, the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and the affiliated bodies of United Nations - not least in the the top secret meetings of the Bilderberg Group known as the ‘Club of the Mighty’ or the ‘Shadow Government of the World’ whose members count the world’s absolute elite.

It is no secret that the main objective of this elite is a ‘One World Government’, preceded by the break-down of national frontiers and governments. This is summed up in ‘Globalisation’ in the most sinister sense of the word because it would mean that these ‘Mighty Players’ will be in charge of the world agenda and will be able to control and enslave all countries of the world, their people and their natural resources.

And the members of these organisations are making massive investments in the Developing Countries, particularly in Africa, and one of the countries with the most natural resources on the African Continent is Lado - the ‘Pearl in the Crown’ as Lado is called in these circles in Great Britain.

Scandinavian Countries have Invested Billions of Dollars in Projects in Lado

It is easy to get the full picture when you realise that the Scandinavian countries have invested billions of Dollars in the Northern part of Lado which borders the brand new state South Sudan. This means that they are counting on South Sudan to annex Lado Northern Territory, with the usual military and financial support from USA and Great Britain, and to chase the not-so-willing Lado People away with bombs and artillery in order to take over their land in what is termed as ‘Land Grabbing’.

Danish companies, and even Danes in ministerial posts - in the present ‘Pink’ (Social Democratic-Socialist) Government as well as the former ‘Blue’ (Liberal Conservative) Government - are visualising great opportunities of cashing in billion- dollar profits from investments in Lado, among others from food production and extensive pig farming, and these interests are not happy to have their dream projects spoiled by the People of Lado who refuse to leave their ancestral land and bow to the ‘New Masters’.

Danish Prime Minister has Seen her Chance to Obstruct Journalists :

According to a reliable source close to the Danish Prime Minister, Mrs. Helle Thorning-Schmidt has seen the chance to muzzle inquisitive journalists, and this is especially the case with Britt Bartenbach, who - apart from covering the Lado Issue - is also a well-known radio host together with the author of this article, and we are both considered rather ‘con- troversial’ by the ‘governing bodies’ to put it mildly.

In 2007 we revealed a sensitive case of international espionage during World War 2 and the Cold War in two non-fiction books ‘The Final Operation’ part I and II - and on our website we have uncovered the illegal and clan- destine CIA rendition landings, carrying among others Al-Qaeda prisoners, in Greenland and in Danish airports which have taken place since 1976 with the unofficial consent of the Danish authorities.

Have Uncovered Sensitive Irregularities about Politicians in Thorning-Schmidt’s Government :

Mrs. Helle Thorning-Schmidt has probably also been following-up on our articles on the present Minister for Trade and Growth, Mr. Ole Sohn, uncovering his activities during his period as Chairman of the Danish C mmunist Party and his handling of millions of undeclared funds from KGB and the Politbureau in Moscow.

Another article on our website dealt with the Prime Minister’s right hand and ‘Party Whip’ Mr. Henrik Sass Larsen’s controversy with the Danish Security Police, who had labelled him a ‘security risk’ due to his contacts to circles sus- pected of organised crime. This had ‘dethroned’ him from political influence and sent him behind the political stage for a while, and most importantly it had made it impossible for the PM to appoint him to a ministerial post.

This is just one of the reasons why the Danish Prime Minister wanted to personally be in control of the complaint about the missing state subsidies for the two local radio stations, Frederiksberg Night Radio and Radio Ellekaer, which for both stations amount to approx. DKK 250,000 - and the missing subsidies have stopped the transmissions from the two radio stations who like all other non-commercial and non-profit local radio stations in Denmark are legally entitled to such subsidies.

Through this subjection of Britt Bartenbach, who is the leader of the two radio stations - and by shelving the replies from Minister for Culture Uffe Elbaek - the Prime Minister has put a stop to two investigative journalists during Denmark’s chairmanship of the EU - with means that in other countries would be described as unlawful censorship and ‘berufsverbot’, and under normal circumstances that would entail an impeachment against her on account of abuse of power.

Denmark Should Think Twice Before Blaming Hungary and the Ukraine for State Interference in Affairs of the Press :

In this respect Denmark should think twice before throwing stones at the EU country Hungary or the host of the European Football Championships the Ukraine because the only difference between these countries and Denmark is that in the ‘democratic’ Denmark these things are done in the quiet - everything happens behind closed doors while the facade is kept shining neat and clean.

In the case of the two radio stations the Minister for Culture has been pushed aside and has not been allowed to respond to our complaints, and instead he has left it to his civil servants to piece together answers that are blowing in the wind - and the rigidity and the arrogance of these civil servants bear resemblance to the procedures in One- Party states and in former totalitarian regimes in Eastern Europe.

The Administrative Body for the Ministry of Culture Used Phoney Email Address :

Overall it leaves the impression that the new administrative body for Culture, which is a merger between the bodies for Libraries and Media, has had a hidden agenda from the outset, i.e. not to inform our two radio stations about the deadline for application of state subsidies. The feeble excuse from the civil servants is that they have used an invalid or non-existing email address, and with this they think they can cover-up their wrong-doing.

Instead of taking responsibility for their mistakes, they put the blame on our radio stations, which means that we must pay the price for the civil servants’ blunder and their messing up of email addresses - and all along they have only needed to check their own files for our correct email address which is supplied to them each year.

Political and Monetary Interests Part of the Game to get us out of the Air :

Our local radio stations, and our listeners as well, are being punished because the ‘officialdom’ will not budge and admit their bungling.

But the overriding reason behind all this red tape - combined with the hacking of our computers, identity thefts, telephone and internet disturbances or shut downs, break-ins, mysterious bills, etc. - is that there are heavy political and monetary interests on the line, and
therefore it’s been imperative to shut out our voices from the air and to put us in an economic squeeze since we have tried to run the radio stations without subsidies and with our own very limited means. That should be seen in the light of a government-friendly regional radio station, broadcasting 24-7, which has been granted the handsome sum of 15 million US Dollars annually by the Ministry for Culture - so there goes the 'fair deal' guarantee to the 'Free Press' from the Danish Government.

One might also guess that the Danish Prime Minister and her Government are under certain pressure from the two ‘Big Brothers’ USA and Great Britain - which may indirectly also be the case for the EU.

These sides will not spare any means to block for the Lado Issue to ever reach the UN General Assembly and the voting which will determine that Lado is to be recognised as one of the world's independent and sovereign nation states - and according to reliable sources, intense pressure is being wielded on the countries that are represented in the United Nations, either with threats or with promises of ‘financial backing’.

A Wall of Silence from the Ombudsman :

In spite of all this, we are not that easy to get rid of, Mrs. Prime Minister, and we are not in the habit of giving up that easy - though we do wonder why even the new Ombudsman remains silent and has not responded to any of our four letters asking for his intervention.

Oh well, in Denmark all such manoeuvres are carried out behind closed doors and covered up - but it may be well to remember that there is still time to correct the wrongs and respect International Rules before the Danish EU Chairmanship ends ...

Lado desk news Reports

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