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Supreme Cleric...Supreme Court...difference?

*****Khamenei accused foreign media and Western countries of trying to create a political rift and stir up chaos in Iran. *****

That is true. Ironically, the western media sparked the same rift and chaos 20 years ago in China's Tienanmen Square rally.

My point is that Iran is portrayed as an oppressed society similar to the portrayal of Iraq here they needed an "Operation Iraqi Freedom" invasion to be 'liberated'.

By the protests alone I can see that the masses have a say in its country's affairs and are willing to act. The point is not if the election was rigged or not. The point is that the masses took to the streets and acted in such a 'repressed' country.

How hypocritical does the US come across with their audacious questioning of another country's alleged "vote-rigging" when it, being the supposed "home of freedom", is still flailing in the wake of the 2000 election? As if the world forgot...or did they with a dose of obamic amnesia.

The western rabble-rousing actually is backfiring.

What was supposed to undermine the credibility of Iran's democratic process actually exposed the US's charade of an electoral process. People took to the streets and folk came up dead in Iran. Folks in the US for the most part belly-ached, took pot-shots at Jeb Bush and then forgot about it altogether when they performed the 9-11 show.

OK, so the Supreme Cleric declared the victor in Iran...what's the problem? Sounds like the same thing the US Supreme Court did, to me. But the Khamenei edict is portrayed as a Stalin/Hitler type anti-democratic ruling. And there is no substantiation of voting irregularities. Contrast this to the mess in Florida in 2000.

US, the home of freedom and democracy, right?

Iran seems just as 'democratic' if not more so than the mystery because the US is one of the most oppressed countries in the world right now with the placation/complicity of the ego as the slavemaster.

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