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then don't worry about it

yes I have sinned against the gods and have called the police...and they prevented me from going to jail for murdering another black man.

AND I have had my rights violated by police

AND I have been illegally searched by police

AND I have been interrogated by police with the ol' good cop - bad cop routine.

AND I have seen the police force remove a crackheaded menace from a neighborhood that he did nothing but terrorize...folks' plants were dug out of the ground...gutter stolen off the houses...childrens' bikes missing...dogs and cats missing (bones found where he barbecued them for food)

I have also seen a police officer save the life of a child that a deranged man was about to molest.

AND I have seen the police falsify evidence to convict someone.

I have even went as far as calling the fire department for a misfortunate thing called a fire.

I also feel that the medical industry is corrupt and babylonic BUT I have been serviced by a doctor.

I feel that capitalism is a tool that protectionizes white/male supremacy and oppresses our people throughout the globe BUT I own and operate a business.

I hate western society but I nevertheless have people that depend on me so I function within western society. Not love it but function within in. Xtians say "be in the world but not of the world".

The key word is FUNCTIONAL. I know many "on mom's sofa" rebels who do not 'slave for no white man' and 'ain't saying yes sir and no sir to no white man' but have to jump when welfare tells them to jump...and gotta do those chores mama tell you to do after SHE said yes sir and no sir to the white man all day so that you have a big TV to play Xbox on and watch Lebron James and Kobe.

To be a grown-up, I have learned to utilize measures to prevent myself from being entangled in babylonic laws.

I'll call the police in a heartbeat if it saves the life of a fellow human and/or it prevents me from having to work for free in prison while my dependents starve or become welfare slaves.

So I'll just be a jig/sellout.

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aw c'mon gman, why not just "reason" with the man?
Don't particularly care what u'd like to hear.
then don't worry about it
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