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Rastafari Speaks

Don't particularly care what u'd like to hear.

What are your insights? other than relying on the police, that is (whilst talking about being 'god' and not believing in 'hierarchy'). Have you ever actually called the police, by the way? If so, did they come in time? Were they helpful in any way? Got a story bout what happened to my grandmother's friend when she called the police, but don't have time right now.
State your insights and then I can state mine without waiting for rasi to apologise (which he never will), it'll just be a reasoning between me and you then.
Am off the internet for the day now, so go 'head and state yuour insights and I'll state mine later.

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Correct link (I hope) *NM* *LINK*
One kiddy-fiddler, seventeen bullets *NM* *LINK*
Re: One kiddy-fiddler, seventeen bullets
One LIAR, one apology
aw c'mon gman, why not just "reason" with the man?
Don't particularly care what u'd like to hear.
then don't worry about it
Will be back to respond *NM*
Mau Mau veterans sue re concentration camp torture *NM* *LINK*
thx for this gman, bless *NM*
Yes, thanks! *NM*

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