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Re: One kiddy-fiddler, seventeen bullets

"One kiddy-fiddler, seventeen bullets"
If we are to assume that the "17 bullets" are targeted for these criminals, who do you suggest carry out the sentence?

Since these pedophiles were found guilty by the courts i.e. Scottish Judicial System, are you legitimizing this system by agreeing with the system in the judgement of guilt? If so, where is the line drawn as it relates to "agreeing" with the "system".

Since the police, who you have stated you oppose vehemently: "The police uncovered the paedophile ring...," were instrumental in uncovering this tragedy, do you support their efforts in bringing these criminals to justice?

Can you oppose the police 100% of the time, yet support their efforts to put some criminals in jail?

Can you oppose the government 100% of the time yet support their efforts when they place legal judgement on the most reprehensible of criminals?

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Re: One kiddy-fiddler, seventeen bullets
One LIAR, one apology
aw c'mon gman, why not just "reason" with the man?
Don't particularly care what u'd like to hear.
then don't worry about it
Will be back to respond *NM*
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thx for this gman, bless *NM*
Yes, thanks! *NM*

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