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Lado Kingdom only needs the International Recognition as the Sovereign Kingdom State

Since Lado Kingdom was never Colonised, it has never handed over the Nation's Sovereignty to any Foreign Power. However, as an ' Occupied Territory ' Lado Kingdom is denied the Right to a Seat and to a Voice in the United Nations General Assembly and must Struggle in Silence while the Lado People are being Butchered within their own Borders. In any case , Lado people are Defending their Borders, their Land, their Natural Resources and their People as best they can, which is their Right under the UN Charter of 26 June 1945, Article 1, Article 51 and Article 73, including all the relevant instruments of United Nations and International Law. But since there is a Lack of International Recognition of the State of Lado as an Independent Sovereign State ( Lado ), and because of the Negligence of the International Community, and of the UN, anyone feels free to Loot and Kill in Lado ( Africa ) . The British, who have been sharing the Occupation of Lado with Belgium since 1947, are doing everything in their Power, and are using their Position in International Affairs and in the UN Security Council, to kill the State of Lado, and they are using their former African Colonies, their African Protectorates and their African Territories . Just to do that , Monkey Tricks ( Diplomacy ) are costantly being invented using a skilled language pattern to confuse some African leaders and not knowing that they are being simply manupilated in carrying out what was already set up by their present still Colonial Masters . Such is in example , the failure to see and realise that -- The Europeans have in short , created African Union ( AU ) and is imposed on African Countries as Europeans imposed Artificial Borders on the Continent of Africa by the Berlin Treaty ( General Acts ) of 26 February 1885 The present British Government through its controlled African countries has created the ' Africa Commission ' and so set in motion with the main objective to finish off and Annihilate the State of Lado and to erase all trace of the Lado People from World Records . Some definate Africa countries been chosen to spearhead this initiative, and in this capacity , have been appointed Britain's African Commissioners for NEPAD. By doing so, ' This British Conspiracy ' under the Cloak of African Affairs, and pretending that the Slaughter of a Nation and an Entire People - the Nation State - Kingdom of Lado and the People of Lado - are merely an ' African Affair ' to be dealt with solely by the African Union ( AU ) . This Foreign Created Institution, the AU, is nothing but a copy of the EU, and Lado does not want to be a part of that AU The EU and the European Countries, who Colonised and Raped the Ancient African Kingdoms and operated their profitable Slave Trade, are Responsible for the present Chaos and Conflict raging on the African Continent because the Colonialisation of Africa has never ended till today. Old Crimes never Die, and Yesterday's Hero is Today's War Criminal . Lado Petition to UN : No Peace without Justce

The World cries out for Justice like never before in the History of Man, and the Masses are pressing on for their Leaders to correct the Wrongdoings committed by States, Regimes, and Satanic Leaders of the Past and Present . In fact many are those who, had they been alive today, would be facing charges for Crimes against Humanity, Genocide, and Ethnic Cleansing. Every Country and each Continent have their War Criminals ( W.C.'s ) . Some come from within the ranks of their own Countrymen, others can be found within the Foreign Occupation Forces . Just so with Africa, the Continent that probably would come in on the first place as concerns Suffering in the W.C. ( War Criminal ) Competition As if this is not only enough to look at , The British have made / are making a sharp to shrill tone over the Petition for Independence since the Agofe / King and the Lado Provisional Government sent their Petition for Independence to the UN Security Council's Permanent Members on 1 January 2002 . This direct Approach has so Angered the British and their Allies, who are Opposing any Attempts to Pass the Question of Lado for Voting in the UN General Assembly where there would most certainly be a Majority Vote in Favour of Independence as there would be if there was a Vote for an Independent Palestinean State. But why is Lado Kingdom of so much Importance to the British ?

Well, apart from being Rich on Natural Resources and Fertile Agricultural Soil, Lado is so Strategically placed on the African Continent, that the Former British saying about Poland in the Heart of Europe: " Who now holds the Leash on Poland " may be very appropriate on Lado . Lado serves as Ecleon to control Africa and beyond . Therefore the African Politicians keep their Sponsors happy . " The Elected Politicians must make sure to keep their Sponsors happy so not to arouse the Discontent of the Powerful Oil and Mining Lobby and their Affiliated Companies in the Weaponry and Pharmaceutical Industry ". The Weapons Vendors have vested enormous Interests in establishing an African Echelon in Lado which is the Perfect Spot to place the Gigantic Mushrooms and Listening Devices of the Foreign Powers ( such in one is NSA, National Security Authority ). With such Installations in the mountainous Lado, the NSA, who Operate the '" Echelon System " in close Cooperation with the Countries in the Anglo - Saxon Axis of the British Commonwealth, will have the Optimal Opportunity to listen in on every Phone Conversation and to read each and every E-mail and Telefax being Communicated in the African Continent and Beyond. The New World's Obsession with Control of the African Resources have resulted in a new kind of War which is to Enforce all Nations to adopt the Anglo - American Prescription of Government: Democracy and Market Economy ( Market Reforms ) which usually means a US Puppet Government or a British Commonwealth Sattellite State which will be Favourable to the US and the British Business Corporations and not necessarily will Serve the Interests of the Nations' own Populations. It is well known that Wars are started and Regimes are Toppled where the Big Corporations and their Governments are Eying either Oil, Gas, Uranium, Gold, Diamond Supplies or Land. They have an Interest in using the Terrority as a Military Base, and as a Throughfare for Transportation and/or Oil and Gas Pipelines. The new ' War on Terror ' is an Ideal Cloak for such Enterprises and under these conditions Petitions for Sovereignty and Independence are not Welcome. The Independence of Lado is long overdue, and concerned People are wondering why the UN Resolutions 1514 (XV) of 14 December 1960, 43/47 and Article 1 and 73 of the UN Charter of 26 June 1945 have not already been Implemented so that the Lado People can have their Rightful Chance to run their own Affairs as a State - Kingdom . Today's Colonisers are getting their Objectives by creating Chaos, and Instability through Finansing and Training the various Government Troops and Rebel Groups who are used to make War against the People and on behalf of the Business Vendors to drive the Civilians away from their Homes to make way for the Bulldozers of the Developers, the Oil Rigs and the Gold Mines. Practically seen . The Rebel Forces and the Kenyan and Ugandan Troops operating in Lado carry out the same Massacres and Atrocities that the Colonial Troops of Governor - General Sir John Maffey did with success in Quelling the Resistance in North-West India ( today Pakistan ) for the British Empire Through the 'Divide and Rule Policy , Governor - General Sir Maffey had kept the fighting going between the Hindu and the Muslim Populations, which finally ended with the formation of the State of Pakistan in 1947, which was later split into two States with the Birth of Bangladesh in 1972. But in reality, the fighting never stopped since Kashmir had not been included in the Pakistan State in spite of the fact that the Overwhelming Majority of the Population was and still is Muslim ( 80% ) and belonging to the Pashtun Tribe. It was no Coincidence that Kashmir was left as an Indian Province with a certain amount of Autonomy under the Watchful Eye of the Indian Military presence. This presence had been built up massively since 1947 and so has been the Forced Transfer of hundreds of Hindu families who are now Settled in Kashmir and Jamu. This was all part of a British Plan to Utilise the vast Energy Resources ( Oil ) in the mountainous Kashmir which in future may even be laid out as the next Asian ' Echelon Centre ' - just as is the case with Lado on the Continent of Africa. Exactly The American ( Virginia Colony ) / Angolo - Saxon are rumming the same Blue - Print to creat their own STATE to exist on the LADO territory now to be called SOUTHERN SUDAN STATE for the South Sudan Christians to seperate from the Moslem / Islam of North Sudan people . But the whole world knows that such old monkey trick using Religion is a desperate last attempts these Super World powers are opting for to destroy THE STATE / kINGDOM OF LADO . Under all circumstances Kashmir - as is the case with Lado in Central Africa - is an ideal Strategic Location for the Control of Asia and the surrounding Countries. History and the Events in the World today show that the Decisions made one or even two Centuries ago have a Heavy Impact on the Policies and the Wars carried out in our Millennium today ( 2000 - 3000 A.D.). But the Difference on the World then and today is that there is a Growing Concern for the Sufferings and the Injustices that hit the Common People anywhere in the World - whether it be Men, Women or Children in the West, in the Balcans, in Russia or Chechnya, in the Americas, in Asia or in Africa including Lado. War Criminals must Face Justice : Political Leaders or Commanders, who have Committed or Ordered Crimes against Humanity, are rounded up and brought to Justice - that is if they are not Members of the G7 Club, the WTO, the EU, or the Bilderberg Group who hold the real Power of the World and so far have been Beyond Reproach. A New Age had / has Emerged with the Attempts to Prosecute Dictators and Leaders such as the former US backed General Pinochet of Chile and President Milosovic of Yugoslavia who had refused to Play Ball with the Rich and the Powerful of the West. However, such Offenders as from US and Britain plus others, may still be allowed to roam about until the Next Generation makes them face their Victims. Governor - General Sir John Maffey still today is a Bright Star within the Ranks of the Pro-Colonialists of the British Empire. But had he lived today, he would have been sitting in the Dock of a War Crimes Tribunal to face Charges for his Deeds in North-West India and in Lado where his Version of 'Maffey's Law' left a Generation of Innocent Killed and Maimed . Justice cannot only be reserved for the Rich and the Mighty. The Weak and the Poor must be given the Protection that only an International Court for Crimes against Humanity like the ICC can provide to All . The Role of such an ICC Tribunal is to act as a Bolster to prevent the Violations and the Killings by the most Powerful and best Armed . Unfortunately the World's most Powerful Country, the US, refuses to sign the ICC Treaty, and so far has been granted immunity, as they demand that their Soldiers, as the only ones, must be Excempt from Repercussion. This sends a Wrong Signal to the rest of the World and is probably the most striking example of the Double Standards and two - tongued talk of the Mighty who still adopt the Pre - historic Attitude of 'Might is Right . Who says of a Modern World !!!

Lado Kingdom Independence and Sovereignty will Prevent Atrocities :

There is only one way to End and Prevent Injustice and Atrocities like those still being Committed against the Lado People, and that is to end the Unlawful Occupation of Lado Kingdom and to Implement the UN Resolutions 1514, 43/47 and UN Charter Art. 1 and 73 that give Lado the Right to Sovereignty and Independence. Lado Kingdom must be an Independent and Sovereign Nation State in Africa and in the World.

The Question of Lado was raised for the first time in the United Nations at a UN Con-ference lasting from 28 April to 15 May 1947 by the then Soviet Permanent Representative to the U.N., Andrei A. Gromyko, who later became the Foreign Minister of the USSR. On this Conference, which incidentally was called by Britain, three Key Issues were discussed, i.e. the Palestine Question, the creation of the new State of Israel, and the Independence of Lado. Lado was Cheated : The decision at the U.N. was to grant all three parties Independence, but as everyone knows, only one of these decisions was implemented with the realisation of the State of Israel in 1948.

A lot of bloodshed, anger, pain and millions of displaced and stateless persons have up to now been the result of the lack of implementation of the Palestine and Lado Questions. By now there remains to be granted Independence to eighteen countries in the World, of which the five are the Palestine, East Timor, Western Sahara, Lado and St. Helena. Lado Understands , when the Young generations of today of the West European Citizens express their Views of not Knowing anything about the existence of Lado Kingdom and the Lado People on this Earth ---------

This presentation of the Lado tragedy is also given in press releases from the relief agencies and Church Missionary Societies / Groups who are even present in the area, and who, by the way, also get much of their benevolence from the Western countries who stand to gain from the control of Lado. No doubt these Agencies / Missionaries are under heavy pressure to keep the lid on the truth by government censorship for the situation is the exact opposite - as it is the Lado People who are being the victims of Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing by the hands of Angolo / American trained Rebel troops ( SPLM from Sudan , LRA from Uganda , Skilled Military well paid Soldier Mercenaries ) Ugandan troops and other contigent troops from Kenya Rwanda and South Africa and others are being sent across the border with the intent to create muddy waters and so much havoc and terror that Lado will not succeed in gaining the independence which has otherwise been in the process through the UN . The worst still , The relief Agencies are unable to get essential supplies through to Lado as they are being prevented from landing their planes in Bunia Airport by the Ugandan troops . The Hopes of Independence for Lado Lies in The Battle for the Mind It is just a matter of time before the name Lado will be on everybody's lips and in the Medias around the World, and the Politicians in Africa and in Europe will have to answer questions from the Public about their Secrecy and Pussyfooting Policies on the Issue of Lado. Lado has long been a Burning Issue on the International Arena, but the Name and the Issue has been largely unknown to the general public in the Countries of Europe ( the Western World ). Lado Kingdom was Hidden but not Forgotten :

To the average African the Existence of Lado is no Secret, though no African outside the Lado Territory in Central Africa and the Nile - Congo Watershed would dare mention the name Lado for fear of serious reprisals against himself and his family . However , This is a Brand New Millenium (3000 A.D.), and a Time in the Human History when we are Liberating Ourselves from the Common Consciousness and will be Individuals who are Responsible for our own Actions , and even more importantly, Responsible for our Failure to Act . The Blame cannot be Pushed :

That is why Lado people can no longer push the Blame for Injustice and Atrocities on to our Leaders alone, whether they be National or Worldwide on our Globalised Planet . Man has a Task to do for Justice and Man is no longer Blind-Minded . Whether the Individual be African, Asian or European , Black , Yellow or White , a Christian a Moslem or an Oriba the Issue is the same : There is no ' cop - out ', no Escape from taking a Stand and Act or Speak up against Injustice or Oppression once you know the Truth and the Facts in this Age of Information and Communication . As JESUS said : " When two People Act in the name of God, then God Listens and Blesses . " So the Individual should not be afraid . FREEDOM BE FOR LADO KINGDOM !!

Remnants of Colonialism in Africa today .The many Wars and Armed Conflicts raging on the African Continent, in Congo-Zaire, in Sierra Leone, Liberia and between Ethiopia and Eritrea are Remnants of the European Partitioning of the African Continent splitting Kingdoms, States and People regardless of their Cultural or Ancestral Background, The present National Entities and their Borderlines are not Natural but have instead resulted in a number of Artificially Created States inhabited by People of Different National and Cultural Heritage. Within these Nations, ( Modern Created States as such by the Western / Europeans in Africa ) , the African People have been forced to Subordinate to a Common and Artificial Nationality with no relation to their own Heritage. This is the real Tragedy of Africa and the Main Cause for the Endless Armed Conflicts, Rebel Movements, Genocides and Refugee Crisises. The History Books bring Numerous Accounts of War - lords and their Armies who have Robbed and Raped, taken the Spoils of a Conquered Country and Enslaved or Deported its Inhabitants. Africa remains a Living Example of Modern Day Imperialism and Slavery. The vast Majority of the Natural Resources and the good Farmland are in Foreign Hands in the former Colonial Possessions of Africa, owned by the Powerful Transnational Organisations who graciously let the Africans work as Unskilled Labourers for a Pittance since the Unemployment Figures in these Countries are Immense, there is no Choice but to take whatever Work is offered. Naturally, it is the Hardest, the Dirtiest and the most Unhealthy resulting in many Premature Deaths and Health Damages. In spite of such Conditions, there are no Standards, no Unions to speak for the Workers and no Government Bodies who care to or dare to Protect them. It is Impossible for the Ordinary African to buy Land to Farm profitably, to set up Businesses or Production Outlets or even to finance an Elementary Education. They don’t even have a Chance of geting a Loan from the Bank. Truely the British Commonwealth Reaps the Harvest This is a Sure Recipe for keeping People in Poverty, Fear and Ignorance and in Bondage to the Almighty Employers, to the Relief Agencies, the " Donor Countries " and not least the British Commonwealth . The Commonwealth and the British Crown keep their Realm in a Tight Grip. From their fifty four Members, plus their Old Colony the United States of America, whom they hold in the Family through the old British " The Virginia Company ", the British Crown Scores Neat Percentages of all Goods Sold through their Affiliated Companies and Institutions, the British Crown, which is at the Top of the Pyramid in the British Commonwealth, getting the Major Part of whatever is Exported to the Markets of the Rich World. ThIs is why the African Commonwealth Family Members are Cultivating Vast Farmlands to growing Luxury Goods, such as Tobacco, Coffee, Cocoa, Bananas, Cotton, etc., in order to Stock the Shelves of the Shops and the Supermarkets in the West. All the while the Africans and their Children are forced to work like Slaves with Hungry Bellies and no Rights. Not even the Rights to their own Land and its Resources. Those who have not been Fortunate enough to find Slave Labour are Lucky if they can Survive on Hand-outs donated by the Relief Agencies who are Competing to Provide for the Hungry and Needy Masses in the Third World, whose Children they can use as Guinea Pigs in their " Mass Innoculation Programs ". Africa is a Giant Laboratory for this purpose . Along with the findings of Minerals and Precious Stones, Cheap Labour is in high demand on the African Soil which is to be Mined and Cultivated for the growth of Luxury Commodities, Foodstuffs, Cash Crops and Plantations for European and American Consumption. The Aim of Colonialism was to create New Markets in Africa, taking the African Raw Materials ( Minerals and Agricultural Produce ) and shipping them to Western Europe and America for manufacture whereupon the Manufactured Goods were sold in the New Markets in Africa at an Overprice . This chain of events has chained the African Population in Perpetual Poverty, e.g. the Foreign Debt to African Independent Countries which is the modern and authorised form of Slavery. In one form the three Big C's were introduced into the African Nations : Civilisation, Christianity and Commerce. With this Hidden Agenda, which is still in force for Africa today, was covered by a Front " The British Anti-Slavery Society " which was ironically established in 1839 to campaign for an end to the Inhumane Slavery . Yet this was a supported Colonial Rules Enforced by Military Slavery transforming it into Colonialisation starting with the Dismantling of the existing African Kingdoms and Nations, drawing Colonial Borders and bringing in the Military to enforce the Colonial Rules over the African People, all of which was formalised in August 1875 at the Paris Conference . Ten years later, at the Berlin Conference, 15 November 1884 to 26 February 1885, the Slave Masters took the next step, splitting the Cake by partitioning Africa amongst themselves, and this time the Partners included the USA, the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) and Imperial Russia . The Today's so called Independent African Countries are Remnants of the " Split Cake " ( African Partition ), which are ruled by Kings, Presidents and Prime Ministers who are only loyal to their former Colonial Masters .

Disciples of the New World Order are waging Secret War for Return to Slavery...

As the World is holding its breath waiting for the next bugle call for War or the next bombing raid, the Disciples of the New World Order are exercising frantic activity to destroy the World with objective to total Control, i.e. Centralisation of Power which means that all the World’s natural resources, its technology, scientific research and knowledge will be gathered on all in a few hands. Most probably all this must happen before when UN Resolution 43/47 of 1988 steps into force, as the UN is obliged to grant all countries and peoples Freedom, Sovereinty and indepedence . That explains the hectic stepping up of military activity in those parts of the World where there is not concensus to submit into the New World Order (NWO) system . This is a Secret War for return to Slavery . And for the Ladoans ( Lado people ) it is a case of fight or die as all other options have been exhausted after decades of endless diplomatic talks, hundreds of letters to the UN and Government Leaders and fruitless attempts to interest the international media in the plight of Lado, the country which was supposed to be the '" Forgotten Kingdom of Africa "'. But the Heart of Africa is refusing to die and give in to the overmight , struggling all alone for her Independence and Sovereinty becomes a reality.

As the only country in Africa, Lado has never been colonised, and as such Lado’s role is symbolic for the hopes and Spirit of Freedom for the rest of the Continent , the Heart of Africa, or even the Heart of the Planet Earth with Lado’s central position at the Equator and with the life giving force of the Nile as its main Artery. Really it is important to understand that if you kill the Heart, you kill the Body, and this is what the NWO ( New World Conspirators ) Conspirators or Trustees are about to do when they are trying to get a stranglehold on Lado and annihilate Lado and all Lado People in secrecy while the World’s attention is diverted to an explosive situation elsewhere, in Kosovo in Yugoslavia , Checheny , Sierraleone , Liberia , Ethiopia - Eritrea , Uganda , D R Congo , State of Sudan , and Chad . But Lado is not alone anymore. Five other countries are fighting around us against the Anglo-American Trustees and their willing henchmen: Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda . Congo / Zaire, Sudan .

Zimbabwe, Angola and Namibia have joined the struggle to free Africa of the remnants of Colonisation and future Enslavement of the powerful Transnational Companies, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund ( IMF ). Lado wants a New World Order, but not the World Order dictated by the Disciples of the New World Order who among their numbers count the absolute Elite within Finance, Business and Politics and whose Religion is money and by the means of Money the total Control of all Countries, Leaders and Peoples . These ' Shadow Governments ' of the World, who have never been elected, know all too well that Lado is the key to the Liberation of Africa, and the rest of the Humanity, Spiritually, Morally and Physically. A genuine Liberation from Poverty and Slavery . However, as the quest for total Global Control and Centralisation of Power, Finances and Resources is intensifying, the situation of the Lado People is becoming absolutely desperate. Inside Lado itself there is intense fighting by every man, woman and child to defend their ancestral land, and to resist being dragged to camps in the so called ' Protected Villages ', which the Ugandan troops are operating all over Lado with the expertice of British and American Officers aided by an effective team of hardneck mercenaries. Throughout Uganda, the approx. 200,000 Ladoans, who live and work there, are rounded up, given in by neighbours who easily point out the tall, lanky and darkskinned Ladoans to the Ugandan Security Forces - Uganda National Liberation Army since from 1979 , earlier still to remember of . Sometimes these Innocent Ladoans were / are refered to as the Sudanese - Nubians whole families, are hurled off from their homes and taken to internment camps where they wait to be killed at a time. Recent incidences in year 2005 against Lendu people and Killings at Ariwara , Yei on Ladoland are of a few to mention . Their only Crime is being Ladoan and as such living proofs of the country which refuses to die and vanish into oblivion with its non - existence on the World Map. Part of the Anglo - American Plan is to eradicate the Leaders of Lado, and through the years there have been several assassinations just by the same Conspirators in April 1948 the King of Lado was gunned down infront of his house before he was going to address the UN General Assembly in New York on the issue of the Independence and Sovereignty for Lado Kingdom.

But it will not be long before the Living present King will finally be able to set foot on Lado ground and reclaim his rightful Kingdom, the Legal State of Lado which was recognised in 1871 by the former Oppressors the Ottoman Empire ( todays Turkey ) . Then the name Lado was changed into Equatoria When the British and Belgians later occupied Lado, the British attempted to divide the country into first two parts, one part, the western Ituri / Uele in the North east Zaire ( Congo ) controlled by the Belgians. The British controlled part of Lado was named Nile / Equatoria, the latter now appearing to be the North western part of Uganda ( West Nile District ) and the Southern part of Sudan State ( Equatoria ) . The British Divide and Rule Policy, which has worked so perfectly in other parts of the world, has always been a total failure in Lado due to the strong feeling of Independence and Sovereignty of the State of Lado ( Central Africa ) where the Colonial Powers have never managed to subdue the people of Lado. Of all these the old Colonial Masters are not going to give up easily, but at least the Belgians are sympathetic to the quest for Sovereignty of Lado . My people have suffered for three hundred years, first from the slave trade and then from the hands of the Colonial oppressors who attempted to divide Lado between Uganda, Zaire and Sudan, and today the enemies of Lado are the Multinationals who are ready to let thousands of people die just to get control over the vast natural resources in central Africa, and not least to keep up the holy consumerism in the European Union . The big game is money which is waiting in abundance in the African underground. Rebel leader Laurent Kabila immediately started to sell out of the concessions to Zaire’s diamond mines and when he gains full control of the rest of Zaire, the multinationals will have won the rights to excavate the diamond, copper and gold mines. In Lado the Ladoan people and the Lado Defence Forces are still holding a brave stance against massive Ugandan troops, and the SPLM Army ( Sudan People Liberal Movement Army ) of Col. John Garang, who have been in Lado for months in a vain attempt to quell resistance. Hundreds of Ladoans have died in the defence of their country and their freedom to choose the future for themselves and thousands more will perish if the foreign troops are not withdrawn May be it’s up to the Americans whether they care enough to save the thousands of Africans who become homeless and destitute because of the war of money that the Old Super powers are waging on African soil .The refugees are used as hostages like a human shield behind which massacres on civilians are performed, and They say " The district is sealed off because of military activities " . Mass graves and new stories are spoken out by refugees. The West looks on through their television screens content to know that the blood is not spilled in their own backyard and unaware that the African holocaust is on a scale as the World War two ( WW2 ) holocaust. But who cares, as long as the raw materials to secure the high standard of living in the West keeps on flowing ....... Lado has to struggle to exist and towards Liberty . ------- Africa come on to save Lado please !!





It was on Tuesday , December 27 , 1985 a Peace Pact Agreement which was reportedly aimed to put an end to the Internal confrontations in Uganda . and was said to have been signed in the Kenyan capital , Nairobi . The Agreement was reported to have been a Peace Agreement for Uganda . It was therefore to have been called the Uganda Peace Pact Package or the Uganda Peace Agreement of 1985 or simply the Nairobi Agreement of 1985 . The text meaning of the so called Uganda Peace Pact / Ageement already had indications available that could enble to formulate broad views on it .

Notable . The problem of Uganda is one of Identity crisis , Legitimacy crisis and the issue of Sovereignty , which is still held by the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Nothern Ireland .

In realiity , the so - called Uganda Peace Agreement of 1985 was an Agreement between the Luo / Nilotic people , on the one hand , and the Bantu people , on the other hand , both the Luo / Nilotic people and the Bantu people being from the East Nile / Uganda . Properly stating , the so - called Uganda Peace Agreement of 1985 was a Luo - Bantu Peace Agreement for the East Nile / Uganda .

The Luo interests were represented by Acholi people and the Bantu interests by Ankole people . Lieut - General Tito Okello , an Acholi heading the Luo interests and Mr Yoweri Kaguta Museveni , a Muhima from Ankole heading the Bantu interests . Both signed the Agreement .

In short , the so - called Uganda Peace Agreement of 1985 was a Re - Unification of the fighting forces of the Uganda National Liberation Army ( UNLA ) , which was the Military of the Uganda National Liberation Front ( UNLF ) , formed during the Moshi Agreement of March , 1979 , in Tanzania . To undrestand this , a brief background History of events are needed to clarify the present - day situation of clouds hanging out here over the so - called Uganda Peace Pact Agreements of Nairobi 1985 and the today 's transformed as another Peace Pact Agreement to be reached in the Juba Talks . ( Replication of the Nairobi Peace pacts going on in Juba on Ladoland now . ) The only difference being in the fact that the discussions today are being carried out on the the piece Land of Lado but not in Kenya or in the Sudan State .The world is being deceived that there is already an existing State in AFRICA - a so called - Southern Sudan State with a full recognised Governament in function .A fiction name to replace the Kingdom / State of Lado by the Occupants . It must be clear on the minds of the people of this World that the Government in Exile of the State / Kingdom of Lado has no role - play in these Peace Agreements of Uganda Orchestrated Peace pacts neither before in Narroibi nor in the present forms going on in Juba . The hopes of Lado People is to see that as a Neighbouring State , Uganda does accept to resettle the Acholi - Nilotic people in their rightful homeland in East Nile / Uganda and fully to participate in the politics of Uganda .

To begin with , the aims or objectives of the Moshi Conference, in Tanzania , attended by the 28 groups from the East Nile / Uganda during the period March 23 - 29 , 1979 , under the Chairmanship of Professor Tarsis B . Kabwegyere , a Muiru from Ankole , were .

a ) / - to remove the Idi Amin regime ;

b ) / - to establish democracy in Uganda without the West Nile / Lado ;

c ) / - to re - establish National Independence in East Nile / Uganda .

The implication of b ) above was that the West Nile / Lado was not needed in and was not to be considered as part of Uganda . And , the implication of c ) above was that Uganda was not Independent during the eight - year period Rule of 1971 - 1979 when it was ruled by the West Nile / Lado , with General Idi Amin Dada , a Kakua Tribe from Lado , as the President .

The outcome of the Moshi Conference of March 23 - 29 , 1979 . was the formation of the Uganda National Liberation Front ( UNLF ), which constited of an Executve Council , a Legislative Council known as the National Consultative Council ( NCC ) , and a Military Commission known as the Uganda National Liberation Army ( UNLA ) and sometimes refered to as the Military wing of the ( UNLF ) .

Togetherwith the Tanzanian Peoples Defence Forces ( TPDF ) and Forces from other countries in Africa and outside Africa , ( specifically from the Commonwealth Countries ) , the UNLA fought the Ugandan WAR of 1978 / 9 against the West Nile / Lado . The only point to mention in this regard ; there was a UNLA Section of a Luo people of Uganda on one hand , and another UNLA section of Bantu people of Uganda , on the other hand . The two Sections of the UNLA had only one and the same aim : to Liberate the East Nile / Uganda from being ruled by the Sudanic People of the West Nile / Lado , who were described and regarded as Foreigners in East Nile / Uganda .

The UNLA and their Tanzanian and other Allies succeeded in April 13 , 1979 , the UNLF Government was Sworn in , in Kampala , with Mr . Yusuf Lule ( to represent the largest tribe in Uganda - the Baganda interest in Uganda - ) as the President of the Liberated Uganda / East Nile . From that moment , President Lule declared that there was the Nile between " us " , meaning that the East Nile / Uganda and the West Nile / Lado . The people of West Nile / Lado were Deprived of their Ugandan Citizenship in the Broad Legal sense . This issue was confirmed by the Ugandan Minister of Information , Mr . Aterker Ejalu , during the International Conference on Refugeese in Africa at Arusha , in May , 1979 .

From May 12 , 1980 , some new events were in sight .

a / - Mr Apollo Milton Obote was received in Uganda like a Head of State on his return from Exile in Tanzania . Mr Yoweri Museveni did not break off from the UNLA or the UNLF as a sign of Protest against this ;

b / - One of the intrigues that was used was to impose Mr Obote as the President of Uganda , was for the massacres of the Sudanic People in the West Nile / Lado from October 1980 , and Mr Yoweri Museveni was the Vice - Chaiman of the Ruling Military Commission which Ordered the UNLA and the militia to carry out those massacres .

It follows that Mr . Museveni took part in imposing Mr . Obote as the President of Uganda in 1980 . But , once Mr Obote got to power in December , 1980 , he did not give Mr . Museveni any post at all .

Thereafter , Mr Museveni broke off from the UNLA and formed the Uganda National Resistance Army ( UNRA ) to fight Mr . Obote inorder to search for an Executve Position in the Government of Uganda . Being unable to defeat , militarily , the UNLA Section under the Luo People control , Mr . Museveni agrreed , following the over - throw of President Obote on July 27 , 1985 , to negotiate for the post of Vice -Chairman of the Ruling Military Council . which post was being held by Colonel Wilson Toko , a Lugbari Tribe from West Nile / Lado . And , the UNLA , controlled by the Acholi - Luo tribe , agreed to negotiate with him because they were unable to dislodge his UNRA forces .

This Background information has been summarised by two West European newspapers in the following terms :

1 . Le Monde - Dimanche 8 - Lunedi 9 september 1985 :

Translations : " Mr . Museveni would perhaps be tempted to want power for himself all alone . Few observers are prepared to understand to say that , once in , power , he would conduct himself as a true democrat " .

Quotations : " M. Museveni serait peut - ètre tentè de vouloir le pouvoir pour lui tout seul : peu d'observateurs sont prèts sois , à parier qu'une aux affaires il se comporterait come un vrai dèmocrate " .

2 The Guardian - Tuesday , December 17 , 1985

" The National Resistance Army Leader , Yoweri Museveni , said he had accepted the post of Vice - Chaiman of the Ruling Military Council , a position he has long sought ."

Hence , there can be no question that the so - called Uganda Peace Agreement of 1985 will solve the political problem and crisis in the East / Uganda, on the one hand , and the pollitical conflict betwwen East Nile / Uganda and the West Nile / Lado , on the other hand . That Agreement was only a military Convinience which helps to alleviate the thirst of ndividuals for power . This Same Peace pact as a replication is going on in Juba now - in the Year , 2006 . Mr Museveni is quite happy seeing that , this time , there are no Lado People Representations on their Peace Talks . But , He forgets one thing -------------


When Lado the leader Agofe Atabua reached the military rank of Colonel, serving in the Kings African Rifles ( KAR ) 4th Regiment which was British, with headquaters in Bombo, Uganda , He went to fight for the British in Burma in 2° World War ( WWII ) with the 4th Regiment of the Kings Africans Rifles, which later was stationed in Jinja, Uganda. The Lado leader resigned to carry out the Independence of Lado in 1947. He was replaced by a British Colonel called Alan Knight, As a man with humane feelings He was a sort of friendly to Africans : an Englishman, a rare case. The Lado leader was assassinated on 14th April 1948, because he asked USSR to raise the question of Lado at the UN in 1947, and the British found that was not the right thing to do. They said He was opening the eyes of many Africans and African countries. . This is because He became the chairman of African Chiefs in a conference which was held in Manchester in 1945, and Kwame Nkrumah ( whose first name was Francis ) became the secretary and Jomo Kenyatta ( whose real name was Johnston Kamau ) became assistant secretary. This Conference was also known as the Pan African Association ( PAA ) What happened to PAA ? This was a frightening issue for the Americans and the British. Therefore He the Lado leader ( Atobua ) was assassinated. There was a 4 Year Lado - British war following the assassination of Atobua from 1948 to 1952. This Lado-British war was stopped by Sir Winston Churchill when he became Prime minister in 1951. But during the time of the assassination of Atabua in 1948, a Labour Government was in Power, led by Rt Hon Clement Richard Attlee as Prime minister of Britain. Today we have a Labour Government again, led by Rt Hon Anthony Charles Blair who is believed to be doing all possible to save the Africans such as through formations of New Parties for African Development programmes . The British grabed the living today's Leader of Lado and was taken by force to Kings African Rifles in 1960 and commissioned as a Lieutenant in the third KAR, ( 3rd regiment ) which was Scottish commanded, East African command, in Nairobi, Kenya. In 1961, He was taken to Sandhurst, ( the Royal Military Academy in England ). He finished his studies there the same year, which was not an easy issue for the English, knowing it was his grandfather, who fought the British the most ( from 1914 -1919 and 1930-1937). He was taken back to the 3rd regiment in Nairobi, Kenya. In 1962, while a Captain He was then taken to go and fight in Western Uganda by the border with Ruanda. At a place called Kisoro. After this, He was taken back to Nairobi and appointed High Commissioner ( KAR ). Today when you talk of High Commissioner you are talking diplomacy but militarily we should say High Adjutant of King African Rifles ( KAR. ) . He represented the British Imperial Chief of Staff in Nairobi. On march 1st 1962, He was appointed a full Colonel without passing through the rank of Major first and sent to command 4th Regiment ( KAR ) to Uganda. He took the job, to organize within 6 – 9 months, the Uganda army for Independence which was due on 9th October 1962.. Uganda did not have an Army. They only had a regiment ( 4th Regiment of KAR ) . They did not have a Ministry of Defence. So He had to organize and Head the Ministry of Defence in Uganda himself. So He did all that, under British Colonial adminstration . Colonel William (Shane ) who had served with his father in WW II in Burma became his Military Advisor. Before his coming He was serving as Chief of Staff in the British Protectorate of Uganda ( 4th regiment KAR ) . There was no African He was dealing with. He was only dealing with Europeans. Everything was European in concept and so forth. That is why, He clashed with the British; and He was arrested on the 11th September 1962 judged at night and 12th September 1962 He was imprisoned for 7 years in Luzira maximum Prison ( next to the execution chamber Room 8 ). The reasons were all political in nature. The issue was: He was asked to sign that Lado should be passed into British Administration. He refused to sign it and for three weeks He was tortured in Luzira prison. In October, He organized with some of his soldiers ( 4th regiment KAR ) an Escape from the prison. That was in 1962. From then till now the present Leader of Lado is living in exile ( barring a brief period in 1971 from June to Nov and another period from January 1973 to April 1974 ). He is now in Exile for at least 40 years yet leading his people for the due independence for Lado .

by -

Ronald . Lulua ( lADO )

contact : ladostate@yahoo.com

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