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The ground we stand on

To escape the beast is impossible for as long as we are subject to the reality it has moulded. For example, for as long as we continued to look with hope at the gateway standing between this prison and (what seems to be) the freedom beyond this prison, then the gateway will always have the power to stop us from escaping.

Which is a way of saying that under certain conditions, the most effective of all the prison guards is what we believe to be the way out.

But it is not the gateway alone that holds back our liberty; should we be able to see the independence that lies beyond the gateway, to get out of the prison and get onto the free road beyond the prison, we will find ouselves still deep in the belly of the beast.

The digestive juices that will work on us may have a different texture, they may even have the capability of giving us pleasurable sensations while they reduce us, but, like all digestive juices, they do what they do ONLY so we can be broken into easily assimilated components.

Our only way out begins to open itself up after we realise that it is not the four walls of the prison that keep us in. We can only begin to FEEL what lies beyond the beast when we realise that the very ground we are currently standing on IS (and has always been) the Prison. The walls, the gate, the barred windows, the heavy doors, the flaunted keys, the gateway and the road beyond the gateway were/are all illusions.

The real Prison is the ground we stand on.

Then, we may see the final truth. Which comes first as a question : it asks if the ground can be real. Since it is created wherever we are, then it (the ground) cannot have an independent existence of it own. In other words, since this prison only exists where we exist, how can it have a reality beyond what we give it by our awareness?

It is only when ALL of our senses finally overstand the answers to these questions that we will be free.

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