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EVERYTHING must be examined!

Why not question everything?...Rastafari included!!!

Why, when we see that previous movements have been infiltrated and stopped, previous leaders have been double-crossed or killed, and previous gains have been lost, would we NOT look at every method, article of clothing, law, thought, belief, movement, idea, law and teaching as suspect or at minimum ineffective against Babylon until we can exonerate it from any complicity towards our current status?

In other words, NOTHING HAS WORKED to this point, so why not suspect that the reasons are because we hold on to what Babylon has spoon-fed and provided us. We are fleeing Sodom and Gomorrah but keep looking back thus turning into pillars of salt. (a pillar makes no Movement)

If we analyze any classification or categorization that we call ourselves a part of, we should sight that there are ones that are determined by Nature (pre-birth) and those that are determined by Choice (hands on instillation/indoctrination).

Gender, Race, Nationality and Religion for instance.

Gender (immutable)
determined naturally and can be identified by appearance.

Race (immutable)
determined by nature but classified by (white) man.

Religion and Nationality (mutable)
Both are constructs by man-made ideologies that cannot be identified by natural appearance

Since we are all Rastafari, which means that we seek/experience the full truth and grace of Nature AND we also unfortunately experience the consequences of man-made ideologies, it would seem that opposition to or at least questioning the man-made classifications of people should be FOREFRONT in our true challenge of Babylon. This challenge would, as I see it, encompass questioning and challenging any particular national or religious classification and would also encompass questioning and challenging the 2 natural classifications; race and gender and how they are used to implement the death and destruction that we see and experience.

It is ironic that Gender is actually the only “division” that in reality needs the other group in order for the species to survive. So even this Natural division is one in which the unity of this division is mandatory and mutually beneficial for current and on-going existence.

The other (man-made divisions) are unnecessary and only for man-made benefits, exploitations and control.

We cannot change our Race or Gender (Nature) but we CAN change our Religion and Nationality (Choice). Upon birth, one could identify a child’s race and gender, with the gender being the most definitive distinction. But does the child’s religion or nationality exist yet. No, they must be instilled throughout the child’s educational process at home, school and church. And even though our race or gender are already determined, it is instilled upon us what the ramifications of those two distinctions mean to society.

So the very same questions that Eja raised in his “Identity and Racism” thread can be applied to religion, race and gender in addition to nationality.

Since we know that the invaders/oppressors have left no stone unturned within his grasp, it would seem that we would anchor our sights and build our foundations upon the solid rock of untampered/unadulterated Nature. This makes sense to I, whether a “Rastafari Movement” existed or not. This would seem to be the only logical choice. For who can name ANYTHING that has NOT been affected by white/males. Only Nature remains the purest but that too is becoming desecrated and is being affected as well. But Nature is everywhere and so vast that even the changes that Babylon has caused is only to be met with counter-balancing.(see global warming, see hurricanes, floods, skin cancer). So with that premise, it would seem prudent for me to interrogate and carefully examine the source of EVERY un-natural, contrived, mechanism and strategy that controls and regulates our daily lives.

Gender distinction when used as a divisive tool is used to bring Wombmen DOWN
Race distinction when used as a divisive tool is used to bring Blacks DOWN
Religion distinction when used as a divisive tool is used to bring non-followers/non-believers DOWN
Nationality distinction when used as a divisive tool is used to bring other nations DOWN

So there should be no mystery that the persons who feels they are the highest beings on this planet are Male - White - Christian -Americans or the old school (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant). Now it is worth mentioning that some who fit in that category do not wholeheartedly believe in the superiority of that group but have and will continue to apply/forward the methods in place to ensure their positioning (survival). What that implies is an admission that the superiority methods of categorical distinctions (race/gender/religion/nationality) are contrived and systematically engineered in order to falsely raise a particular group while downpressing the others outside of that group. Even the white woman (white queen - as in chess) would be sacrificed in order to claim victory.


Since we cannot change our gender and our race, let us look at what we can change. Eja spoke on identity shaping through nationality. So let us look into religion. One thing that religion does is arrange/re-arrange our overstanding and acceptance of Higher Forces of cause. The difference between religion and spirituality is that religion establishes the mindset of separate EXTERNAL dwellings and sources of such Powers. Spirituality acknowledges omnipresent dwellings and sources (which INCLUDES self) of Higher Powers. Religions take advantage of our (Afrikan/Indigenous) natural spiritual sensitivities and calibrate the mind into seeking/grasping truths through their particular exclusive presentation/dogma (i.e. “the ONLY way”, “the CHOSEN people” , “the HOLY land”). And within that calibration is the demonization and inferiorization of anyone else ( i.e. DAMNATION, CURSED, HELL). Thoughts of those consequences are indeed disturbing and a prudent person would do anything to avoid those possibilities for themselves and their families. Very noble and understandable. This terrorism starts at a young impressionable age and we pass this psychological terror down generation after generation. So I cannot blame anyone for “believing” what they have been indoctrinated. BUT, when a person sights the destruction and genocide and decides to make a conscious change (Rastafari), WHY in the world would ones still voluntarily bring their mental shackles to a freedom based movement.

Perhaps, I am totally out of line, Rastafari might truly be just a “feel good”, “blacks only”,”non-conformist”, “anti-establishment”, “weed for all”, “one love” hippy, peacenik bandwagon. But if I am sighting Rastafari the right way, I sight that WE all have made at least one step towards consciousness, realizing and acknowledging that SOMETHING IS WRONG with EACH and EVERY notion, con-cept, belief, idea, invention, discovery and categorization that White-Males have applied to not only Afrikans/Indigenous/Non-whites, but every Natural cycle that they can get their hands on.

What is wrong with exposing stellar and solar (Natural) references to scripts, texts, and dogmas...have the sun/stars ever imposed this kind of oppression?
What is wrong with speaking highly of Feminine aspects/strengths within Self and Nature...have women ever done anything other than maintain absolute control over our development in their wombs?
What is wrong with speaking highly of Blackness aspects/strengths within Self and Nature...has blackness ever not encompassed everthing?

Well, plenty is wrong if you want to maintain and continue White-Male-Supremacy. (which is somehow still being maintained and continued)

In poker, if a person does not like the cards they are dealt, they fold (throw all the cards back). Can we not see that the dealer (babylon) deals us bad hands every time? After a while, it would seem that we stand up and exclaim that either the cards are rigged or the dealer is crooked. But one thing we would not do is sit there and continually be duped, bamboozled, and hoodwinked...or would we? Would we sit there praying and just waiting for God/Jah to come and give us a great hand? The WHOLE GAME is corrupt!!! Do we really think that Our Creator is going to “bless” us within filth. I don’t.

It is undeniable that ones who are intuned with Nature reap the best benefits from Nature. It is undeniable that Nature/Cosmos is the source of ALL religious and spiritual overstandings.

In the beginning was "the Word"
"Universe" means One Word

Hydrogen (H) (I - I)(I and I) is the element that is found in the Sun, every star, every Water molecule, AND our bodies (omnipresent). So Hydro-gen (hydro-water gen-forming)(“water-genesis”) explains why in the beginning there was primordial “waters”. This same element is responsible for the Water that nourishes our bodies and the Heat and Light that is released from the Sun. Ironically, Babylon’s mightiest manifestation is the destructive mimicry of the Sun’s power, atomic weapons. Even with the Sun/Hydrogen has Babylon copied and desecrated Natural Powers to the detriment of non-whites. (See Nagasaki/Hiroshima in the land of the “Rising Sun”)

This is not by coincidence.

Most may sight those as Scientific Truths, but who is to say that they are not Spiritual Truths as well.

At least Babylon did not instill the Hydrogen Atum upon us, so why resist the acknowledgment and the subsequent laddering of Truths that these facts may reveal?

We must eventually journey towards our communion with the Uni-verse/Absolute Truth/Hydrogen (ONE/each other/ALL) and overstand its unlimited Powers [NATURE].........or continue to PERISH!!! [CHOICE]

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EVERYTHING must be examined!
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Re: EVERYTHING must be examined!
Re: EVERYTHING must be examined!
Re: EVERYTHING must be examined!
Re: EVERYTHING must be examined!
Re: EVERYTHING must be examined!
Re: EVERYTHING must be examined!
Re: EVERYTHING must be examined!
Re: EVERYTHING must be examined!
Re: EVERYTHING must be examined!
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Re: EVERYTHING must be examined!
Re: EVERYTHING must be examined!
Re: EVERYTHING must be examined!
Re: EVERYTHING must be examined!
Re: EVERYTHING must be examined!
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