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The ANKH:The Afrikan Origins of Electromagnitism

~ From "The ANKH:The Afrikan Origins of Electromagnitism"

"Its influence (the Ankh) was felt in every dynastic period and
as an icon possessing mystical powers throughout the Coptic Christian

"One of the most famous of these shrines was the ARK (ANKH) of the
Covenant. Built by Moses the Egyptian, to protect the tablets of the
Commandments and to serve as a reminder of God. Once charged, this
portable shrine was potentially lethal if touched, as was evident in
Old TEstament account. A priesthood specially trained to handle the
shrine wore special clothing for protection and used a ROD to ground or
discharge the Ark. When the shrine was discharged by the priest it
be handled safely. (Exodus 25) (I Chronicles 13:9)"

"Shrines were usually placed on high mountains, natural or artificial,
to take advantage of this effect. Moses was no doubt an eye
witness account to the Ark in the King's Chamber of the Great Pyamid at
Giza. The sarcophagus contained the electrified mummy of the God-King
Khufu as part of a high-voltage circuit. With this tremendous power the
God-King could still communicate his will in this world from the ankhet

"Another device attributed to Moses is the Helicial antanna, made in
form of a copper serpent and suspended on a pole. It was
supposedly built in the wilderness (egypt), and as the golden calf,
represented the Goddess Hathor, the serpent was symbolic of the
Goddess Isis. The serpent built by Moses was destroyed by Hezekiah
during a period when Israel was under intense pressure from the
Assyrians to abandon their spiritual, cultural and military alliances
with Egypt. (2 Kings 18:4)"

"You may be asking yourself why the Europeans did not use the ANKH for
its intended purpose, or how could an object so popular in the Nile
Valleys of Africa be virtually ignored by Europe. This is because the
Euroepans lacked melanin, which is an organic semi-conductor, that acts
as a detector (sixth sense). Without an electic skin, an ankh is
practically useless. However the principles on which the ankh operated
would give birth to the many electronic gadgets in use today."

"Ankhians are not selfish, we share the gifts of healing and life with
all people who respect the primordial Afrikan source of all earth
life. The mitochrondrial Eve is a Nubian Khamit woman - Ta-Urt Sekemet
Mut Ast."

"Ankh may be worn by all who adore NTR the one life source as NTR Ankh
(Divine Supreme Womb/Seed Source of Life) the Mother/Father
Creator. An initiate wearer, carrier or user of the Ankh honors the
feminine (womb) principle as the first and eldest manifestation of
divine in Kosmos and on earth. She/he is cognizant of the need of Maat
in a patriarchial world. Ankh supporters
practice Matriarchy - Balanced Execution of power in felmale/male
relationships. Ankh demands focus and attention to spiritual and
material needs simulaneously."


It is interesting to note that it was when Napoleon sent around 100
european scientists to Khemet/Kush that they came back having all of a
sudden "discovered" electricity. Volta and the rest of them went to
AFRIKA to learn our High Sciences! and PLAGERIZED (though never
developed to the advanced degrees that our Ancestors did) our

And to go a bit DEEPAH INNA IT...here's a little more food for thought
Bill Donahue (SuperNova):


The Lion of Judah. What could that be.? The enlightenment entering from
the East or the right side. The enlightenment coming from the right
hemisphere of the brain. I think I can make that work because of the
book of Numbers in the Bible.

Numbers 2:3 And on the east side toward the rising of the sun shall
of the standard of the camp of Judah pitch throughout their armies:
Remember, when you look North, East is always on the right side. There
we have the Tribe of Judah at the East. The Sun being the domicile of
the Lion. The Lion of Judah. Enlightenment from the right hemisphere.

Oh by the way Numbers 2:9 in the Bible says that there were 186,400
people in the Camp of Judah. THE CONSTANT SPEED OF LIGHT!


Let me suggest to you that the Ark of the Covenant and is actually the
Arc of the Covenant and Noahs Ark is actually Noahs Arc. What is an
Arc ?. An Arc is defined as a continuous passage of an electric current
between two or more separated carbon or other electrodes. Nerve
impulses in the human body are triggered across synapse's. These are
electrical impulses. In the brain the impulse Arcs from one receptor to
the other.

As we are in meditation we are receiving light energy through the
Gland which then causes Arcs of electricity from receptor to receptor.
The covenant is the elctrical light message flowing to us from above
that keeps us forever in harmony with the universal power.

As we take ourselves within during deep struggles. The storms are
crashing about on every side. But the same electrical Arcs lift us ,
when the storm has finally stopped, we find we are standing on the
mountain top . We have taken our animal nature, both positive and
negative, (two of every kind) with us and weathered the storm. These
inner experiences of consciousness achieved through electrical Arcs, or
should I say Arks."

Oh, and by the way. If angles of light cause Arcs in the brain, could
be reasonable to suggest Archangels or should we say Arc-angles"

And a bit more from the "Black Dot" by King:

Please note that what I have put in parenthesis are my words:

"His theory (King's) fixes on the pineal gland which, though IGNORED by
WESTERN MEDICINE, was known to Ancient Africans as "the eye of Heru",
placed in the middle of the forehead, indicating the "substancia
or black substance of the middle brain. This, he says, they knew to be
the key to "inner vision", or the door to the collective unconscious,
perhaps closest to what we now call "intuition." According to King, a
process that takes place in the pineal gland in the brain releases
chemicals that allow himan being to learn from their ANCESTORS." The
pineal gland secretes melatonin, which activates the pituitary to
release M.S.H. (Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone). It is in the
melanocytes that melanin (greek "melas"=Black) is produced. Melanin is
somewhat analogous to chlorophyll in plants. While the growth of plants
is directed toward physical sunlight, King contends that the growth of
human beings is directed toward higher states of consciousness. This
would imply that somehow melanin is related
to highly developed states of consciousness, or "spiritual light." We
are familiar with melanin in relation to the pigmentation of the
skin. But we are NOT TAUGHT about the relationship between the skin and
the brain (perfectly created by the Most High). The outter layer of the
skin is where melanin is produced in the pre-fetus (in the beginning
DARKNESS, and then LIFE was brought forth).

In the core of the brain are found 12 BLACK nuclei, or melanated
(12 planets/tribes - as above so below, man in JAH's Image). The outer
layer of the skin in the developing fetus invaginates to form the
column (Kindalini, Chakras) the end of which balloons out, becoming the
brain. The twelfth of these "centers", and therefore the "highest," is
the Locus Coeruleus. King says that they are related to spirituality
conciousness and also allow human beings access to the world of dreams,
thereby learning from ancestral experiences. Melanin is released from
the pineal gland between 11pm and 7am. It unlocks the "door to the
unconscious. Melatonin is also related to fertility ("go forth and
multiply") "Blackness or carbon is LIFE and is therefore DIVINE. He
that Ancient Africans understood this, and called themselves by various
names meaning "black", such as "Kemites" (people of the black earth),
from which the Greeks developed the word "chemistry" (KHEM-MYSTERY) and
the Arabs "alchemy." Recognizing the special significance of their
scientists studied the working of their own minds (Know Thyself, for
Kingdom of Jah is WITHIN) which they understood as being identified

Inner vision, intuition, creative genius, and spiritual illumination
were all found to be dependent upon pineal gland blood
bourne chemical messengers that controlled skin color and opened the
HIDDEN DOOR to the darkeness of the COLLECTIVE unconscious mind,
allowing the ANCIENT PRIEST-SCIENTIST to visualize knowledge from the
TIMELESS collective unconscious memory banks of the mind. Indeed, the
Black Dot was found to be the hidden doorway to universal
knowledge of the PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE."

GENESIS 32:28-31

And he said, Thy name shall be called no more Jacob, but Israel: for
a prince hast thou power with God and with men, and hast revailed. And
Jacob asked him, and said, Tell me, I pray thee, thy name. And he said,
Wherefore is it that thou dost ask after my name?

And he blessed him there. And Jacob called the name of the place Peniel
(Pineal): for I have seen God face to face, and my life is
preserved. And as he passed over Peniel (Pineal) the sun rose upon him,
and halted upon his thigh."

"Melanin is a "Black" chemical. It is black because it can absorb
from all sources such as sunlight, heat, UV, radio waves,
electromagnetic energy, cosmic waves, etc... It accepts and absorbs
energy and doesn't reflect anything back, hence it being
"black". Melanin appears in virtually everything on this planet that
has color, Trees, Plants, Animals, Fish, Humans. As far as Humans go
Melanin reaches its' peak in the Nubian and allows us to stand under
sun (Ra), without fear of skin cancer or the Sun Burn that lighter
have to deal with. Which also explains why now you see the Europeans
make Suntan lotion are adding synthetic Melanin to protect the European
people from being destroyed by the Sun as we move into the Solar

"Melanin is a very old chemical and has been involved with the
of life for EONS. We know that Melanin has a "sweet" scent and that
outside of the body it can withstand temperatures in excess of 1200
degrees and still retain at least 50% of its' original
characteristics. As stated before melanin responds to absorbs energy
from sources such as light, heat, electricity, sound (music), etc...
it uses this energy in the body as food. This means that your Melanin
can be "charged" like a battery so to speak and depending on the type
energy you are around, that would make up the charge you get (+ or -)."

Therefore it should come to no surprise that it is ONLY Ethiopian
(Black/Melanated) High Priests which are entrusted to be the gardians

Other than it being because of Spiritual and Cultural reasons, it is
also SCIENTIFIC, as the Afrikan Mind does NOT seperate Science from
Spirituality. It is the HUE-MAN being which possesses high amounts of
melanin who will better ABSORB the Cosmic Elements (Creation). As RA
("SOL" in latin) is the Source of Life, then it should be of no
that those who absorb it to greater degrees would naturally be a more

The Almighty Creator is the GREATEST MASTER SCIENTIST, and we, the
Original Man and Woman of Creation/Civilization are His/Her PERFECT

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