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Why did we let Christopher Columbus

"discover"(the "New" world was only new to europeans)the poor part of the planet earth? because the original womb/man is god and owner of the earth, and knowing EVERY square inch of it, he has chosen for himself the best part.

Greetings one and all...
i was reasoning with a moor about our knowledge of the planet earth and what have you, and we just happened to come across the conversation of the one called Christopher Columbus in english, Cologne in spanish and Columbo in Italian(or i think Latin, but thats neither here nor there). most of us know about the fallacies of the common knowledge of his so called discoveries, this we know. but as we were reasoning, he told me that christopher columbus ALREADY had a map of South America,North Ameica and the West indies. because remember, it was only AFTER the moors were driven out of spain, that these europeans were able to have an idea of the "known" world and use the inventions of the moors that they had just learned from. Columbus also had a morrish man(forgot his name) on the ship with him, DIRECTING him(in most pictures u see a man of hue with a telescope in his hand), he was the one who knew the whereabouts. so, being that we know this now, and CONTRARY to popular "belief", Columbo knew FULLY WELL that he didnt want to go to the East Indian world, but the West Indian world he was seeking after. he KNEW that the people he was going to find in this area of the world were similar to the people in the Far East, particularly the Indian "sub"Continent, so therefore he named it "West" Indies. havin been called the masters of the "7" SEAS, our people knew fully well EVERY inch of the planet earth.

P.s-feel free to share yours thoughts if u would like, but i know i learned, so i hope u will too!

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Why did we let Christopher Columbus
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the thousand years were expired, satan freed.
Re: the thousand years were expired, satan freed.
Re: the thousand years were expired, satan freed.
Re: the thousand years were expired, satan freed.
Re: the thousand years were expired, satan freed.

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