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(Selassielive) Relative and Absolute Truth

greetings selassielive:

If we could please discuss RELATIVE TRUTHS:

I will try to state (without me having to run to Ayinde), from what I sight, RELATIVE TRUTHs are suspects for either ABSOLUTE TRUTHS or LIES.

Just as you said, You and your bredren SAW an Unidentified Flying Object (U.F.O.). I responded with the fact that a "UFO" is a term applied to ANY mysterious aircraft. So once the aircraft is identified, it is no longer called a UFO...Also, since the gocernment has classified aircraft, some "man-made" crafts are stilled called Unidentified.

Now, if you are referring to an extraterrestrial aircraft (spaceship) then it is still a RELATIVE TRUTH. I must suspect that either you are speaking truth to the honesty of your word/power, or you are lying. Plain and simple.

If you are not lying, it IS an absolute truth that most others simply have not seen or heard YET.

In other words, there ARE E.T.s or there ARE NOT. Whether I or anyone (including you) saw or heard them...PERIOD.


One statement is absolutely false or one statement is absolutely truth...NO GRAY AREA!!!

Even if you saw them OR not, either statement (I don't know however) IS TRUE.

The credibility of the messenger,
How a message is perceived,
How a message is received,
The context,
The tone of voice,
THe insinuations,
the perspective,
RELATIVE truths,

Preist Asukile says that we cannot know ABSOLUTE TRUTH, but I will still seek 99.99999% of it is possible.

We seek to dis-cover ABSOLUTE TRUTH
We hope to un-cover that which is hidden

For example; a "mirage" is false.

Now, technically, what you "see" is truth. You see heat waves (truth) which however give the "false" PERCEPTION that you see an oasis...YOU DO NOT SEE AN OASIS...PERIOD.

If 4 people see an accident, of course, as you said we have 4 versions (relative truths) , HOWEVER there is only one way that it "really" happened.

Rodney King had the snot beat out of him. The officers said they told him REPEATEDLY to lay down, they say he did not comply to repeated orders.

That may be TRUTH, but they still beat up a defenseless, non-aggressive, non-combative human.

The lawyers for the officers used the jury's "perception" aligned along their "perspective" of the "black" thug/animal/criminal inferiority and fear card...RELATIVE.

The lawyers took ABSOLUTE TRUTH, spinned it and made it look like King was the cause by exploiting RELATIVE TRUTHS (suspects for either truths or lies). THAT IS WHY RELATIVE TRUTHS ARE FAULTY!!!
That is why the pursuit and commitment to ABSOLUTES above RELATIVE is beneficial to ALL.

1. Officers told King repeatedly "lay down...put your hands behind your back"
2. Officers beat and beat and beat King

The trial was not about if either of those 2 occurences were TRUE or FALSE, the trial was about "excessive" or "justified" police force, which are RELATIVE. In the biased jury's eyes, it was justified. In my biased eyes AND in the eyes of most "PRUDENT" people, it was extremely excessive brutality. (also RELATIVE TRUTHS)

It never was a case about truth or lies, it was a case on perception.

Jesus told Absolute Truths...people's relative truths could not handle what and the way he presented his teachings...and the writers could not present ABSOLUTE TRUTH either, that is why Gospels are demographically/politically variable (and some texts ommitted altogether) (right Ras Heru?)

Most of us are NOT worshippers and/or seekers of ABSOLUTE TRUTH above EVERYTHING ELSE (including our own perceptions)

We have grown to trust our eyes instead of the sight. The eyes and mouth and nose are but only the vehicles of the CONNECTION of truth to our relative consciousness.

Again, Nature and Choice...
Look for truth and you see it (Nature). Appease your pride and comfort levels and confidence and you get only that (Choice). "You cannot worship two Gods"

I welcome any and all responses/corrections.

-always seeking

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