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Truth vs. fact

Ones have been reasoning about whether Cosby's words are truth or not.

I think that some of Cosby's words are fact and not TRUTH.

Facts are determined epistemogically, scientifically and statistically by conscious and intelligent observers.

So facts are based on perception.

TRUTH is not.

For example, it is fact (according to scientists) that UFO's dont exist...but is that the TRUTH (I myself have seen a UFO...so it is true for me but and is it true for all...?)?

Karibkween is correct when she states that ones are leaning on perception and not TRUTH.

Because the TRUTH is that we are Kings and Kweens....the original man and wombman.

The facts are that we have been suffering under racism and white supremacy which has altered InI perception/realization of this TRUTH, therefore, making us do things that are contrary to the TRUTH.

This can be determined by numbers and statistics.

In other words, facts are partial, TRUTH is not.

No messenger brings forward the TRUTH...only relative truths/facts....and many times, opinions.

Cosby is no different.


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