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Africa without Africans? Ahhhh...

Africa would be a great place
Were it not for those ugly
Black bastards

Think about it
The sun
The air
That vibrant green
Whose breath you feel
On every inch
Of your being
The sky so low
You can reach up
And scoop a handfull
of cloud

I tell you
Africa would be paradise
If it were'nt for those
Big lipped
Flat nosed
Ugly Black

Let us say a prayer
Like our father abraham
Let us sing a psalm
Like our father david
Let us beg our fire god
To burn away those living weeds
In our garden of eden

We have tried talking to them
But we cannot understand
a word they say
They nod and nod
when we speak
As if they know what we're saying
But when they open
those ugly mouths
You cannot see
a word they say
All you see
Is lips

Would'nt it be wonderful
If we were to wake up tommorrow
To find them all gone
Then we could be Africans
In the way Africans
Were meant to be

No more paganism
No more tribalism
Just one people
One mind
Under the star
Of our curly haired father

One beautiful race
Nosed like an eagle's beak
Deliciously skinned
Like coffee with lots of milk
and sugar

No more gibberish
Superstition and sacrifices
Just straight foward prayer
In holy languages spawned
from the loins of abraham

What a wonderful dream
Of a day when
We shall see Africa
Without Africans

Then we can exchange African stories
Without having to listen to gibberish
We can look to the future
Without any intrusive reminders
Of the ugly
Black, blue Black
Blacker blue

We're tired of listening
To you
singing the blues Bessie
You too black
And you remind us
Of what we'll like to leave behind

We want more Beyonce
Plenty bouncy Beyonce
Hair flowing like a river
From the highlands
Of our Ethiopia
Skin as delicious
As a cup of coffee
With lots of milk
And honey
Light honey that is
And if theres no light honey
I'll have sugar
White sugar that is
Got enough Black in me
As it is

What a day
Africa with
no Africans

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