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Oro ti mo so - The word I speak
Pelu Axe Oxa - By the Will (creative power) of Oxa
O ni xe ala yi xe - Becomes inevitable reality.

At the most basic level, the seen and the unseen, the known and the unknown, the knowable and the unknowable, all things and all non-things are connected. This means that when we talk of a virus, we are not just talking of what is causing an infestation in our area (or even a cluster of infestations around the world), we are speaking about oceans. There are oceans of every single viral species.

To overstand the mechanics better, we need to concieve a picture in our minds : we need to see the body of a virus that is operational in a specific area as being a pond. A stone is dropped into this pond and the ripples that spread from the point of entry communicate the occurence of a foreign object to all the homogeneous molecules that make up the pond.

A virus is able to mutate because the effects of man-made remedies usually occur just like a stone in a pond. While the stone may displace water at it's point of entry, it's presence, having being announced by the ripples that emanated from it's point of entry serve to inform the rest of the pond about the disturbance of the body's equilibrium. While the stone may displace some of the water in the pond, the frequency of the ripples will inform the rest of the pond of it's position, it's constitution and the required adjustments that will have to be made in order that the equilibrium of the pond is restored.

The purpose of all living beings is growth so, the virus, initially a spring, became a pond. In time, it will become a river and then, it will seek the ocean.

The basic form of all things is fluid. We are told by biologists that we are 70% water. In truth, we are 100% fluid and so, at the basic level we are an ocean. The Earth then is nothing more than layers of oceans, intermingling, and seemingly unaware of each other. Since we are inextricably linked, then all abuses or healings that are implemented at the genetic level will eventually affect all members of the human family. In fact, all abuses or healings on ALL things will eventually affect us all.

This hypotheses gives us another explanation for the evolution of human consciousness. If we examine the progression of the varying consensus that have dominated human livity, we can see how this essential link has worked. Evolution is the process by which an occurence affects one person at the genetic level and the reaction of this one person (i.e. rejection or acceptance) ripples through the gene ocean and produces an effect (acceptance or rejection).

Our memories are stored in every single cell of the body. Memory therefore affects the constitution of our genes.

When the so-called Adam and Eve ate from the Tree, the knowledge of Good and Evil was carried to every particle of the gene ocean they belonged to.

An implication here is that any one of us with a deep enough overstanding and commitment to the change we wish to bring about can, by changing our Self to embody that change, bring about the required adjustments in the constitution of our gene stream. If memory is stored in the cells of the body and if we accept the fact that all we do in our waking hours is handle memories ( i.e. the present is nothing more than a collection point of past events and the future is nothing more than speculation based on past events), then we can have no doubt that our minds and our bodies (which is made from cells) are one and the same.

This is not speculation but actuality. It has happenned before and it will happen again. What we who desire change need to study is the mechanics of bringing about consciously directed changes at the essential level of our species.

The existence of this rule was known to the ancients. And there are people in this day who are attempting to use this rule to foward their own primitive agenda. I called this agenda primitive because it is an old thing that has been tried before and it was proven back then to be a dead end. It goes so far, then it collapses in on itself. The knife was not invented as a nose-picking tool.

Yet, the ones who were created to embody failure keep trying. The acts of terrorism which the peoples of the Earth have experienced at the hands of vampires have been committed with the intention of imprinting a permenent state of fear/subservience into the victimised species at the most basic level. Genetic engineering and genetic modification is nothing new, neither is it a laboratory based science. From the times when the servants of futility decided on their varying flavours of fascism, genetic engineering through the manipulation of the societal environment has been going on.

Deliberate acts and imposed states of mind can be likened to a stone cast into a pond. While the ripples on a pond can be witnessed almost immediately, the ripples from these other types of impositions can take years (or generations) to diffuse through the entirity of the genetic ocean.

One who will counter the effect of a detrimental imposition must become like the stone whose ripples cancel out the effect of the injurious imposition.

Eta means Three, it also means Growth.
Okun means String, it also means Ocean. Osa means River, and Oxa is the highest manifestation of the mind.

Irin means Iron
DNA is a ladder made from conjoined strings of genetic material. Obatala, the one who moulded humanity, got to Earth by coming down an iron chain.
Okunrin means man, Okun Irin means iron chain.
Oko means Hoe, it also means Husband.
Obi means Parent, it also means Kolanut (a beginning of the explanation of the symbolism of this food item).
Obirin means Woman, however, if we break it down, we see another meaning of the word Okunrin, this meaning is based around an alternate meaning of the word Oko, and the Creative Power that is contained within the word-sound Rin.

Eso means seed, Oro means Word. 'So oro' means 'To talk'. Therefore, the words we speak are seeds that we plant.

One who becomes Oxa can direct this high Self into the gene ocean as a river (osa) directs itself into the ocean (okun) and so bring about a change in the constitution of the ocean.

This is the lesson behind the metaphorein of the first King of Kemet (Ausar) who it is said, brought civilization to the people. What is civilization? We have to look for the real meaning that has been hidden behind the veil of what presently masquerades as civilization. Civilization is not material wealth. Civilization is the perfection of a harmonious relationship between humanity and it's environment. This perfection is the natural state of affairs and, like all things (and non-things) the ocean of which we are a part of is relentless in it's pursuit of this equilibrium. This is why the vampires and their futile seekings will always be defeated. We seek Ra, as Discipleofthenile would say. We seek Ire (Good) and Ire seeks us because THAT is the natural state of affairs.

Do not fear the vampires, their destiny is to fail.

Wisdom and Strength.

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