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One mind or many?

Can there be any 'sects' within an African liberation movement? If we do not all have the same motivational icepts, can we have the same goal? Is African liberation one thing or is it many things?

It is good to reason but, should there be any icepts that are placed beyond argument? In other words, should there be stated goals derived from recieved knowledge that we cannot deviate from? Or would that be beginning of 'dictatorship'?

If we say that all things should be open to reasoning, then at what stage will it be best to make binding decisions on ways to proceed? The way I see it, it is good to keep an open mind and be prepared to accept (or drop) ideas/things as circumstances dictate. This is what is called 'flexibility' and as we know, the flexible will survive under conditions that will break the inflexible. But, excessive flexibility can also lead to one being CONSTANTLY open to outside influences (and we know that these are not always beneficial). How can we ensure that what is changed is changed ONLY for our benefit? In other words, how do we go about getting the right mix between flexibility and inflexibility? Is this something that is achievable by a collective consciousness?

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