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Recognise the Inferiority Bug

Africans as 'jews', Africans as 'christians', Africans as 'moslems'. All symptoms of the Inferiority Bug, also known as New World Tomism, techno-askari (when on the internet), or just plain old panty-washer.

Back in the 'good old days', it was easier for these subservient species to hold up thier head when in the presence of other Africans, after all, 'white' was right (with no dispute) and they were the closest to 'whites'.

House-n*****s, native deacons, warrant chiefs, they were all proud of thier closeness to the 'white'.

But times changed, as the saying goes, the breeze blew and we saw that the fine feathers at the back of the hen were only there to hide a sphincter. The 'white' was revealed to be nothing more than an oppertunistic vampire, full of long fine words but short on deeds. We discovered that the 'white' is morally weak and spiritually corrupt. In brief, the 'white' is not capable of delivering on it's promises.

This was when, those of us who were still in our right minds, those of us not so eaten up with pride that we could not admit to ourselves that "yes, he got me, he fooled me goood!", those of us who could admit to our past mistakes, those of us prepared to search for a credible alternative, those who once reality became apparent wrote off the years wasted following wolves dressed as lambs without hesitation and said, "even if I only have one year left to live, I will live in service of THE TRUTH. "

They wrote off the wasted years and moved on, only a fool throws good after bad, only a mad person does this with eagerness. Mad like the prideful New World Tom still searching for ways of justifying his allegiance to the enemy. So, they come with 'Africans are jews', 'Africans are the original christian/moslem'. What a load of shit.

And this is not just a weakness to be found in the diaspora. No, in fact, another thing that is keeping this particular lie alive is the care being given to it by creeps on the continent of Africa. The Ijebu 'historian' who claims to be a descendant of noah, the Igbo 'linguist' who claims to have 'indisputable proof' (based solely on one word) that the Igbo are another 'lost tribe' of israel. The 'jews' of central Africa, the 'hebrews' in Zimbabwe.

Subservient creeps. So cunning in thier cowardice, they even fool themselves.

Yes, I put a spoonful of milk into a cup of strong black coffee and from that, I can claim to be drinking a cup of cow juice. A cup of black coffee with a spoonful of milk is still a cup of coffee. The fact that some khazars/jews adopted customs from Africa does not make them the progenitors of those customs. What kind of mind would even try to prove that logic? Where on this earth do people have a custom whereby the parents take the names of thier children? How could this be done seeing as the child was not in existence when the parent first drew breath?

Which is why I called the ones still grubbing about in semitic scribblings mad. I was not being abusive, I was making a diagnosis.

End with another saying - "Ato Baba, ma peni kan ni Baba", which is a way of saying : from the time you are capable of being an Elder, you stop looking for an Elder. YOU TAKE YOUR PLACE.

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Recognise the Inferiority Bug
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liberation has nothing to do withe tolerance
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Heard that *NM*

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