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oromo and other peoples have been oppressed by successive ethiopian governments for over a century.rastas in shashamane are also given a rough treatment by ethiopian government.shashamane is in the oromo area which is administered by the local oromo government.the oromo and rastas are in turn governed by the head government of Meles Zenawi.Y NOT COME TOGETHER AND FIGHT THE COMMON OPPRESSOR IN THE TRUE NYABHINGHI!!!Oromos need to understand how the rastas view selassie and the rastas must acknowledge the brutal treatment the oromo and others have recieved in ethiopia.many,many ones do not have a true picture of life in ethiopia now and in the past.this is the reason behind the oromo postings on this rasta site.not to fight but to enlighten in the name of battling the oppressor.needless to say any support or acknowledgement of this has been small.this is really the truth and in time shall come to light.ONE LOVE.
it is a myth to think of ethiopia as united.ethiopian leader including selassie called on the british air force to brutally crush protests against the government policies. Ethiopia is a nation made up of many different ethnic groups, one of which is the Oromo. Ever since Emperor Menelik II used European weapons and tactics to conquer the Oromo in eastern and southern Ethiopia, a nearly continuous struggle has taken place. The Oromo Liberation Front is currently conducting a long guerrilla war against the Ethiopian government, and seems to be accepting aid from Eritrea and the Aideed faction in Somalia's ongoing civil wars. The OLF is also allied with the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) in Eastern Ethiopia. The modern Ethiopian empire state was created by the conquest of emperor Menelik II of the Shewa Amhara dynasty (1889-1913). Menelik was the only successful black African partner in the "scramble for Africa" designed by the European powers in the Berlin Conference of 1884-5. The three major colonial powers competed to use Menelik as a client to widen their spheres into the richer and historically impenetrable prize of the hinterland of northeast Africa. Menelik, aware of the inter-imperial rivalry, feigned special friendship with each one to acquire such massive modern European weaponry that by the mid 1 880's he had transformed his army into one of the largest and strongest in the region, so much so that by 1889, he felt confident enough to send out a circular to the Great Powers asking for his own booty of the Horn far beyond his Amhara enclave to include the Oromo, Somali, Afar, Sidama, Omotic, Nilotic and Southern areas, spreading well beyond the confines of modern Ethiopia. (See map next page)
4.2. At no time before the conquest by Menelik was the present day Ethiopia a single country. What existed were independent polities--kingdoms in Abyssinia to the north, various confederacies in Oromia and others under the Gada system, the southern kingdoms of Walayita, Kaficho, and Yem, and various communal systems in the Nilotic and Omotic regions. The official Ethiopian history that, echoed by some less critical scholars, presents Menelik's era as "the unification of Ethiopia" is a fabrication, pure and simple. As in the rest of colonial Africa, the Oromo and other southern peoples were subjugated, their peace, their cultural identities and human dignity deprived.
4.3. The conquest of the south took Menelik forty years. (See map, Menelik's Conquests). In the case of the Oromo, five entire gada-grades mounted unrelenting resistance. The critical role played by the European armament and technical assistance in the subjugation of the Oromo was recorded by Earl Lytton, a British diplomat then in Ethiopia, who wrote in his book The Stolen Desert-Firms:
"Without massive European help, the Galla (Oromo) would not have been conquered at all. Menelik seems to have operated with French technicians, French map makers, French advice on the management of a standing army, and more French advice as to holding captured province with permanent garrisons of conscripted colonial troops. The French also armed his troops with firearms and did much else to organize his campaigns. The Galla (Oromo) were thus conquered by Abyssinians for the first time in recorded history."
Millions of Oromos were exterminated by carnage of war, millions were taken away and sold into slavery, and hundreds of thousands perished by war-induced famine. By the end of it all, half of the Oromo population--estimated at about 10 million during the late 19th century--was exterminated. It was a genocide.
4.4. The Oromo and other peoples of the south who survived the genocide were subjected by Menelik to the most dehumanizing form of domination. Their land was confiscated and divided among Minelek's war- lords, the clergy, and "colonial troops" known as "naftenya". The warlords, "naftenyas" and the clergy were entitled to personal servitude of the subject people, and to collect dues often to the tune of 75% of the produce of the subjects who had absolutely no legal protection against the conquerors.
4.5. When Emperor Haile Selassie came to power, he tried to consolidate and perpetuate Amhara domination with Tigray as a junior partner. A highly repressive centralism was engineered to design and carry out a policy of Amharization under the mask of Ethiopianization. The subjugated peoples of the South were inflicted cultural genocide. European jurists were employed to draw up a legal system that defined and protected the rights of the oppressors. American legal experts assisted in formulating a highly centralized system of government designed to effectively exercise a repressive rule. Technical assistance poured in to bolster the emperor's policy of social engineering; strong military and security forces were built to suppress resistance to national domination.
4.6. Emperor Haile-Selassie's policy of repressive centralism did not successfully weld a nation state. It fostered more hatred, wrath and enmity. In the case of the Oromo who were more brutalized, not one decade passed without uprisings against their oppressors. Their effort was repeatedly frustrated largely through decisive willed or unwitting intervention by foreign powers.
4.7. It is a historical fact that, despite unquestioning military and economic support from the entire western alliance, emperor Haile Selassie's attempt to perpetuate Amhara domination under the guise of Ethiopianization failed disastrously. The emperor was overthrown by his own armed forces after some period of popular unrest.
in all of modern ethiopia's history there has never been a lasting peace to this day.this is due to the fact that the oromo and other ethnic groups are being brutally oppressed to this day.look beyond the amhara myths and you will see this to be true without a doubt.the conflicts will continue until peoples rights to self determination are respected.nyabhinghi is death to black and white downpressors.time fro rastafari to know the truth about ethiopian histyory and unite with oromo against the opprerssor ethiopia.would you tell the native american to stop fighting against the government and accept the situation in the name of national unity?this is what many on this board have repeatedly suggested to me as the proper mode of conduct for the oromo to take.DO YOU SEE THE ABSURDITY AND UNREALITY OF THIS IDEA?Start with fair treatment and respect of people and maybe a solution can be found.all the way through from before the days of menilik the ethiopian governments have refused to do this and the fighting continues.on and on they just keep on fighting and they smile when they feel like crying on and on on and on.yee haa

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