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Light Skin vs Dark Skin???

I read some of the articles on the site about colorism, and the ideology of Dark Skin Africans being separate from Light Skin Africans as far as leadership is concerned. This disturbs me, it disturbs me because it shows that we are still fighting each other over trivial disputes within the African American Community when there are black babies dying in Africa daily. Nah forget Africa for a moment, there are African American babies dying daily in AMERICA ! I myself am a light brown African American...so I don't know where I fall in your foolish caste system. I read somewhere on this board that the blacks who are going to jail and can't get jobs are dark skinned Africans...this doesn't sound realistic to me. Its obvious from some of the messages that the people who post about this issue haven't struggled in the first place. I'm from the hood aka the ghetto aka the slums, and I still live in the hood, I have friends who I grew up with that are ex-cons that have children and can't get jobs, so they are on the corner hustlin' doing what they have to do to make ends meet. I also have close friends(and family) who are in jail...I'm in the thick of the struggle, I see what's going on everyday, have been witnessing it all of my life. And I can tell you first hand that yellow, light brown, brown, dark brown and dark skin blacks are suffering. There are light skin and dark skin brothers on the corner every night. There are both light and dark skinned brother incarcerated in this country as we speak, and most of them are in jail for just trying to live. Its obvious from the comments that most of you haven't come from this type of environment, the frontline's, the real struggle, you want life from a blacker perspective, it don't get no blacker than this. A little personal info on myself...I'm light brown and have always struggled with getting jobs, all the jobs I have had have been dead end jobs, I haven't had a steady job to date and I am 22. I dropped out of high school like most of my peers(both light and dark if that matters any) and later attended night school. I have been looking for work for the past 4 months and haven't found anything...I have a child on the way and am currently unemployed. I know some of you are thinking"Why is he putting his personal business out there like that" to let you know that the struggle is real, both light and dark. Most of you up here talking and chatting are doing just that, just talking and chatting behind your keyboards...your not on the front lines, your just on the outside looking in and have no idea what you are speaking on. So instead of all this talking and dividing, someone come and help me get a job so I can feed my girl and my kid. Help us out here who gotta hustle and risk prison just to eat...Enough talkin' please !!

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