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Ninja Ras Post

i am reposting this post by Ninja Ras for consideration.

Ninja Ras:

Greetings Idren and Sisthrens

Haile I Selassie I the first, Emperor of Ethiopia

I man was here on this board a long iver and see many come and many go for different reasons.

As I remember. Some use to say they fed up with the negative vibes posted here daily against Ras Tafari our Imperial Majesty, Emperor of Ethiopia.(I used to be one who was so vex for that too).

Some use to be vexed with all this oromo vibes against the Highly King Alpha.(I was one of those again). Sometime is obeah talk, battybwoy business?. Sometimes, all different Black against black infights.Next time is the White Rasta wannabees talk.

The next time is all kinds of this and that reasoning that make no sense, and who looks make them Rasta, or who have the Red gold and green flag flying the wrong way.

Then the big talk was about who Rasta house is better or more righteous, Orthodox house against, Niyabinghi house, different to Bobo Dread house, or the Twelve Tribes house, especially in their own vibes was a big fight,eventhough many knows is only Jah house that shall stand. He said in my father's House there are many Mansions.

And again nuff ones were against the Ethiopian World Federation Inc, about who own the Shashamane Land Grant, and nuff differences about repartriation, Reparation and so on. Even nuuf talk about which religion is the right one.

There was always directly nuff racial vibes disseminated here also. I could go on and on about the many issues that came to the site. I and I used to once avoid all distractors to get the message out positively, it did not seem to work for the negatives came more and more.

That is how it used to be once. Then after I good idren Ras (Forever) Akel went on his iritual transition, I Man just relaxed and decided I will never leave this site unless the moderators stop I. For this is a great way to talk to people from all over the earth. This is a great opportunity for I man.

Anyway I am going to say this as a healing. There is always two sides to any story, and some one is there to tell one side the best and they can forget the other side and fool many people. I will never do that ire

What I am saying is this. The people who take over this site after Ras Forever leave, are right in what they are saying about mananging the site properly.I can confess that I used to vibes they were against many of the posters who leave yes, and when I looked deeper into iself, I see where they are coming from. good management is a must in any instance.

For instance: I will say this. Some people do not know when they have a good thing until they loose it. Which one of us posters here will love to get up one day and try to get in to Rastafari Speak and something come up on the screen and say this site is here no more??? gone forever. Why ? I pray this never happen ire

So that alone means there must be some terms of use, which they did give to I and I. Then again, people can come on here with all kind of dirty cussing and say this is Rasta discipline. NO way ire. They have a right to manage this site properly. And to Raspect Ras( Forever) Akel I will approve this also. I dont know no moderator personally so i have no vendetta against none of them at any iver.

I love all Jah people regardless of looks, and since I cant see through the computer screen, then I can never tell who is who here, so nuff nuff BIGGG UPPPS to all the positive ones here.

Now the other side of the story that is there, is that Ras Adams is one of the so- called White Rastas who for a long iver is showing nuff vibes towards this Ethiopian livity, and I Raspect the idren nuff even though I personally never meeet him before.

And So I am saying to Him. Ras Adams de I do not have to be so defensive all the ivers to proove nothing to no one here, for Jah is De only judge to say who and who, is who and who, leave that judgemant to HIM alone. De I can move on with the positive reasonings and leave the fussing and fightings to others.

I always say on this site. If I and I get up and quarrel every day, I and I still be saying praises to the devil I say, Why not help one another on the way, and make life more easier. Say I and I cant live that negative way, make way for for the positive day, for it is a new day, a new sign, and is a new Zion, Oh what a new day. Do We see that new day on here yet?? Love is better than hate ire, No True? Rasta?

I am not saying I am more righteous and someone is not to defend themselves against a poster's wrong reasoning. My point is always to move on to the more important matters.

I used to do the Ninja Quizs, and many people had love it to happen always, yet the majority here used to act like it was nothing, and so I slowed down. I decided to do it lately and I received an E- mail from the moderators of the site, and according to what they told I, I cooled out again to avoid any problems. That is the raspect i have to do the right thing and not be too ignorant.

People should do things right, and if ones going to come to make the site look bad with dirty cussing, indecent languages, and all kinds of uneccesssary arguments, then let the moderators stop that in it's tracks. I support that any day.

Ras Adams just be irie and cool I Idren. Don' t let no one get De I off the site, whether by leaving on De I own or been knocked off by avoiding the requirements(Terms of use) to be here), for I am missing the pioneers posters already. This Rastafari Speak is a magnificent site and I pray it is here as long as computer business is alive.

I always heared my Father say that people are hard to inite as one to do good, and they will come by the millions to do bad. I know one of the bad things will be for them to try to force down this site all because it is callled Rastafari Speak.

I and I have a great mystic medium here, and I vow unless the moderators dont ever stop I for whatever reason I don't know. Then I will joyously use my own computer to exercise my honorable rights to come here and give an honest opinion such as I am doing now.

I and I do not have to chase no more posters away. look how many posts for the last few days are telling I and I about what is going on in the Sudan. This is international genocide right infront of I and I face and how are we going to help those innocent Africans(Nubians).

Check how much people here going to continue arguing with a bunch of uneccessary nonsense and will never reply once to these important posts. That is one of the reasons some people are leaving too, for they are sending out messages to get high reasonings happening, and sometimes their post just go away without even two good responses. No true ire??

I feel I and I can do a healing here and try not to make too much cyberenemies with each other, and move on to find a way to help Africa develop again.

What about Shashamane?? When last a poster here support the EWFInc with a donation, or to send something to help those suffering Africans in places all over the continent?? What are I and I doing to help build up the Model City in that Land Grant that our Majesty told I and I to do. Where is the Collective support to the Organization he put here to do that duty.

When I hear all this talk and talk for all these rolling years and see I and I condition getting worse each single day, I have to see why people will leave this site when is too much negative vibes against the positives, for this is only computer business, and can be a waste of time and energy, and can also be a great blessing to meet and communicate people all over the earth. It is always a blessing to hear the utterance of Ras Tafari. Haile I.

Imaging I and I sometimes do not even know the people who I and I are cussing with, and this going on from day one. Dont do it no more I Idrens and Sisthrens. let I and I keep this site alive and well for the good of Ras Tafari peoples all over this earth. People used to write from as far as Japan to ask about Rasta, and now they are gone. I and I can do better here ire. People is seeking for the light of Jah everyday.

I will not say, or will say, to not get mad at no one,I will say for sure, let I and I raspect one another's ideas and opinions, for after I and I leave the net, I and I still have to face the everyday Babywrong Shitstem, and they seems to be in full control all because I and I still divided against each other. When will Ras Tafari people inite as one??

I for sure made a pledge that I will come to the site while I have access to a computer and my final say is this. I pray that for no reason that I will one day wake to see there is no more Rastafari Speak on the internet, because this is Jah works to have such a good site going to educate the many people that is coming here for whatever reason.

There are secret observers to this site also, people who will not love to see the site continue much longer, for there is always satan there trying to block African progress.

I and I dont want to be like those carless people who did not know they have a good thing until they loose out when it is gone. Let us raspect each other's opinions and move on, Irie. The EWFInc is looking for a FEW good workers to go to Shashamane(Architects, Carpenters, Masons,Steel tiers, Farmers, Doctors, Nurses, Architects, Engineers, Teachers,Scientists,Plumbers, Electricians,Computer progammers,Machanics, Painters, Cooks, and most of all Field Marshall Soldiers to protect I and I nation's interest. Anyone here ready. This a Repatriation iver

BIGGG UPPP Africa people. (Harambe)

Haile I Selassie I, Jah Ras Tafari, Nyabinghi I.

Ninja Ras I(never went away, just free to come as a mystic when I see fit, to do the works for I and I people) Love is greater than hate always. Stop dese fusssing and fightings Brothers and Sisters, for Jah Ras Tafari do not approve of that. No way ire.

Inity is better than division, And love is better than hate any second of the day. No earthly Man is perfect, save Jah Himself.

Forgive any mispellings, and remember this is I own opinions and ideas, and is not directed to any single person,irie.

Ninja Ras I-- with nuff BIGGG UPPPs to all the positive posters here

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