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Re: Race and Gender, the big picture

Your words caused much me much thought.

I see the past and future as being bound together, in the way that it has been said that "rasta is the fuuture", but it is a future shaped from the past. Shaped from creation, from Africa, from Solomon and Sheba, and from His Majesty - earth's rightful ruler.

It is not only our past that makes us who we are but the direction we chose to move in. When I first sighted Rasta I had the distinct feeling that I hadn't 'found Rasta', Rasta had found me-or had always been me. But was it race or class that shaped me? You can't not focus on JAH because JAH is within all of us, maybe it is wether we accept it. How much does geneology shape us?

I believe that true Inity will exist when "The colour of a man's skin is of no more significance than the colour of his eyes" But I believe that until the Babylonian culture has fallen it would be wrong to forget the oppression that has occured of race, class and gender.

Perhaps the only way to move forward is through aknowledgement of the past and those can see the wrongdoing's of Babylon can then truly search for rightousness.

I would appreciate other's wisdom on this.
Jah Guide.

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Re: Race and Gender, the big picture

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