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Happy Birthday and Love to you Marcus.

Subject: Marcus Lives

Marcus Lives Because his Children will not allow his philosophies and
opinions to be forgotten.
Marcus Lives because his children will continue the struggle from generation
to generation until his objectives for African Redemption and African Unity
for all African People through out the world is accomplished.
Marcus lives because his philosophies and opinions are not yet common
knowledge to his People.
Marcus lives for his words to become the life of his People.
Marcus lives for the day when the mass will necessary to implement his
philosophies and opinions becomes a living reality.
Marcus lives because Marcus brought light to Africans darkness when they
were lost in a sea of caucasian dehumanization and ignorance.
Marcus lives because caucausian ignorance still controls the minds of the
majority of his People.
Marcus lives, because the day has not yet come when Africans take their
rightful place in global dynamics and human relations.
Marcus lives, because no matter how hard the enemy tries he reincarnates in
his children to continue the struggle for African redemption.
Marcus Lives because his Spirit refuses to leave this world until Africa and
Africans collectively, no matter were they are regain their rightful place
in the human family.
Marcus lives because the realigning of the vibrations of the planet Earth is
Marcus lives because the realignment must reflect global harmony and
understanding of interaction between spiritual and material dynamics.
Marcus lives because only African minds have locked within their ancestral
memories the scientific knowledge necessary to recreate the high
civilisations that ancient Peoples created in times now lost and classified
as antiquity.
Marcus Lives because he will not die. Africans will recreate those high
civilisations once again and lead the children of Africa out of the
caucasian darkness back into the Creators light.
Marcus lives because the veil must be lifted from the eyes of his children
so that they may see through the illusion of caucasian misconceptions.
Marcus lives because he will not die so long as those usurpers that
presently control and implement cold and inhuman systems remain unforgiving
and unpunished for the crimes that they continue to commit against the
People and the Planet that gives us all life.
Marcus Lives because he came to give life and life perpetuates life.
These are solely the thoughts and ideas of the Montserrat Nationalist. One
of Marcus's Many Children.
mwongozi cudjoe cheddy browne

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Happy Birthday and Love to you Marcus.
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