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Re: Rastafari Admin is that you?

Love Sistren and Brethren

It has been displayed many times on this board, over and over again, what RastafarI is. Within I early trod I ask many ones; When you became a Rasta....., and they would correct I, and say to I, I-MAN/I-WOMAN NEVER BECAME A RASTA, I WAS BORN A RASTA. And I had to search I self, with time and patients, saw it was true. It has been here all the time, I also, am a born Rasta. No one can say that for you, you have to know for the I self. When I was a christian, they had a saying; no one can convert anyone, you have to want it for yourself, if that's what you really want, it shall be reveal. This board Admin. stopping the rudeness, bad manners, and insults, to one anothers is not going to stop anyone from truly searching Rastafari and finding the King H.I.M. The Truth is, what true for you. InI know that RastafarII is the truth for InI.

Remember DIVIDE AND CONQUER is the name of Babylonian game. InI have much work to do, there is no time for gender wars, I have been told, I am a strong Rasta Dawta, for I having sat among many Lions to forfill the works. They can get ruff, but so can I am a Lioness, when it come to Jah's work. The Queen knows InI's roles. I can be nothing less then a Queen crown with the King. The King with I and I with him. InI have to move forward to the upliftment of the Nation. I see many post on this board of works that are being done, and need to be done. Keep the firer burnin.

I Brethrens are I Brethrens, and I Sistrens are I Sistrens, Hold fast and never let go. THE PROPHECIES OF MARCUS GARVEY COMING TRUE posted by Ras Jahaziel says it well. InI have no time for stubbing Blocks. So I Send Peace and Love. And looking forward to some good works InI can do together. One Love Jah RastafarI, H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie II.

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Re: Rastafari Admin is that you?
Re: Rastafari Admin is that you?

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