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What's going on this Board, Rasta

Dearly Beloved,
Is there something I am supposed to be accomplishing in this group on the board? I am appalled by the rudeness and intolerance these people vent upon each other and loathe watching the character assasination that they present as reasoning. If I stay here much longer, I, too, shall abandon Rastafari as a lost cause, choosing to not be tarred with this same bigoted brush. Women's issues can be addressed in an atmosphere of bilateral sexism about as effectively as Racism can be discussed between miltant blacks and cracker whites--that is to say, with little, if any, success. until this separatism is overcome and we become functional human beings FIRST, no progress can be made. I would post this, dearly beloved, but those who HAVE ears have heard and know, while those who are confounded prefer to revel in their lack of understanding, JAH know. is there a solution ?
blessed love to the I,

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What's going on this Board, Rasta

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