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World War 3 is inevitable

Subject World War 3
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INEVITABLE, whether you realise or not.

You ought to know that one way or another you are being prepared for war.
If you are over 18 at a certain date then you're gonna be forced to go and
Even females are gonna fight in this one, faggots too.
The reason is that this war is gonna be a nasty war with so so many people
It will involve Europe and also the U.S. and their (not mine) allies.
They'll be fighting against the Islamic peoples of the Middle East and their
It's gonna be a huge war with many many casualties. The war is for world

If you listen to the news in the times ahead they'll blame it on Sadaam or
Russia or China … They'll think of some story to give you, they have in the

I think it's only right that you know why you'll be fighting. So you know
what you're dying for …

The One World Religion, it's gonna be the Satanic church headed by the Pope
(a black one(?)) and Saviour Nas. The aim is that the whole planet should
bow down.
… Somehow I can't see the Muslims bowing down and that's where the main
problem begins. With so many Muslims in the world (55%?) that's a huge war
and that's why everybody's* gonna be called.

Some black people might think, "I'm not fighting no war for no white man." …
That's where Nas comes in. He'll lead you ASTRAY …

Some people think they're studying for a degree today … They're wrong if
they think they won't be called. [Hey, I bet there's plenty of degrees in
hell (not funny).]

WORLD WAR 3 - Coming Soon

8th September 1977 publishing

*The only people left behind will be children and older people.

P.S. You might think it's 2001 but the year is actually 1993. In 2001 of
the real calendar you can expect the real Jesus to return. September 2001
is the start of 1994, 7 years left …

In Revelations 13: 18 It says: Here is wisdom. Let him who has
understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a
man: His number is 666.

Nas' name adds up to it. Here's how you calculate….

A=6 I=54 Q=102

B=12 J=60 R=108
C=18 K=66 S=114
D=24 L=72 T=120
E=30 M=78 U=126
F=36 N=84 V=132
G=42 O=90 W=138
H=48 P=96 X= 144

It's the six times table (surprise surprise) up to 26 since there are 26
letters in the alphabet.
Using this system you will see that

N+E+W+Y+O+R+K = 666 [Babylon]
C+O+M+P+U+T+E+R = 666
S+U+N+M+O+O+N = 666

N+A+S+I+R = 366
O+L+U = 288
B+I+N = 150
D+A+R+A = 144
J+O+N+E+S = 378

[Nas' full name]

O+L+U+J+O+N+E+S = 288 + 378 = 666

Now I understand the context of his album title "It Was Written".
Now I understand the context of his song "Nas Is coming".
Now I understand the context of his song "If I Ruled The World (imagine
Now I know why he's got GOD's son tattooed on his belly.
Now I know why he's advertising the New World Order in his song "New World".
"A provacative plan could bring an eye to my hand as the pyramids stand on
the top of the sand." - NaS
See the one dollar bill. The eye represents Satan's destructive powers and
control of the world.

Now I understand the whole boy 2 man 2 king 2 prophet story on his album
covers, and why his next album is called "Death Of Escobar" and will be
followed by a revolution album (back to boy), "Stillmatic".

The rapper Nas is the anti-christ. He hasn't fulfilled the whole prophecy
yet but he will. It was written. He's the man that will make you bow down
to the Satanic church and give you a chip in your right hand and forhead.
He's the beast from the earth described in the Holy Bible, Revelations
chapter 13.

Holla at Worldwide187@hotmail.com to request more info. Make subject "GIMME
SOME MORE" and expect a reply called 'The Untold Story'.

+ Although I'm worldwide baby i ain't hard to find. +

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