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South Hill



July 30, 2001

Government House
Old Ta

FAO, H. E. the Governor Peter Johnstone

Dear Sir:

We the members of the Anguilla Independence Movement hereby voice our
concern with respect to the current relationship between Britain and its
Overseas Territories (OT’s) in general and Anguilla in particular.

In recent weeks the Government of Anguilla and the HM Government has agreed
to undertake a review of the Constitution of Anguilla. In light of this, our
organization has raised a number of issues with regard to the purpose and
the process of the review. In his general overview, the Chairman of the
Constitutional Reform Committee, stated that the following areas of the
Constitution will be reviewed, namely:

- Fundamental Rights and Freedoms
- Composition and form of Legislature
- Composition and form of the Executive
- Belonger status and citizenship
- Civil service and Ombudsman
- The electoral process and the attendant legislation, and
- The appellate court system

The above areas of the constitution to be reformed were selected by the
Chairman prior to the establishment of the committee. We are not satisfied
with the present composition of the committee as it is not representative of
the full political opinion of Anguilla. We feel compelled to raise this
issue because Anguilla is presently at a crossroad in terms of its
development. Despite numerous objections and pleas to the Chairman, there
has been no change to the composition of the committee. For example, HM
loyal Opposition is not represented on the Committee and to the best of our
knowledge has not been consulted on the process.

Secondly, Anguillians are very concerned over the British Overseas
Territories bill 2001. We have not had the opportunity to learn about the
implications and ramifications of the said bill as it relates to among other
things, non-reciprocity, the inalienable right to seek full independence, UK
and EU taxes and legislation etc.

In a letter appearing in the May 4th 2001 issue of St. Helena News sent to
Bishop John Salt of the citizenship commission of St. Helena, from Prime
Minister Tony Blair, it is stated that, “the principles on which the British
Overseas Territories bill will be based, has been settled” and that it “ is
a mater for the lawyers and officials rather than elected members” of the
OT’s. We consider this is a serious breach of the democratic process and an
insult to the elected members and peoples of all the OTC’s, particularly in
light of the British Government’s White Paper, namely, Partnership for
Progress and Prosperity which stresses the need for transparency,
accountability and good governance based on the accepted tenets of

We hereby appeal to you to use your good offices to address the issues
raised. We look forward to your speedy response.

Yours respectfully,

cc: The Honourable Chief Minister

The Honourable Minister of Finance

The Honourable Minister of Social Services

The Honourable Minister of Infrastructure

Chairman of the Constitutional Reform Committee

HM Loyal Opposition

Foreign and Commonwealth Office

UN General Assembly

UN Non-Governmental Organizations Section

UN Special Political and Decolonization

UN Division for ECOSOC Support and Coordination

UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs

The Chairman of Caricom

The Chairman of OECS

The Anguilla Bar association

The Press

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