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Re: Aisha about white priviledge post
In Response To: Sorry Adaman & Aisha ()

Aisha... remember the 'White Priviledge' post you posted a while back and everyone, including myself thought it was such a great testimony, etc. And then you replied saying something like it's still pathetic because it shouldn't take some white person to make this statement before whites actually listened and understood and changed. And how blacks have been saying this all along and still... but then a big deal is made out of it when this white Diana lady comes out with these realizations (I think her name was Diana)(something to that effect). Anyhow, I agreed with you then, but now through experience I truly understand so much more. I have posted some of those posts on another board and someone responded saying: 'You are a good person for posting such essays here' (referring to me). And it really struck me more than before what you said... because I think if I were not white the responses would've been less paid attention to and/or the responses different. I'll definitly not take 'credit' for it and point this out.

It's sad that it often takes whites teaching whites to get things across when they should just KNOW allready.

Sorry once again, Heather

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Sorry Adaman & Aisha
Re: Aisha about white priviledge post

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