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You guys are all under the same banner:
christians..jews,,muslims..hindus...krishnas..all who study the bible are all excepting deformed versions of kemetic teachings. THis is fact. for exapmle your jesus resurects..well heru reserected thousand years before jesus.same name.

Do you know that even the white house is built with kemetic wisdom. When you even enter your room you turn ON the light and On was a place in kemet where they worshipped the light. Arent you guys children of light.even Haile sellassie is the light of this world. Where do you think the worship of light came from. The sun who is jesus the son. same things just power word play. Everything in this earth formulates around kemet. So now the whites stole the wisdom enslaved the black man but guess what.. Now its only kemetic wisdom for kharma to come into effect for blacks to enslave the white man. You see i dont agree with any lust full power hungry people whether black or white but we must not let theses pharoahs and preachers..or better yet presidents put us back into a cycle of kharma. Kemet fell for a reason...rome fell....babylon fell....so the usa will fall too. we must return to simplicity. going back to kemet wisdom will only end us up here again. Inslaving blacks will only take us back there. So look around...return to earth the simplicities of creation. You are telling me that man is born without most high attributes. Do you think i need some pharoah..priest or any religion to tell i the truth that is born in me......burn kemet...burn rome...birn jerusalem...burn usa...burn boundaries and return to the mother earth before she returns to us with a vengance...you do not need a religion ..you are born with godly wisdom to know good from bad,,,,,,,its called conscious ness be aware

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