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"Disya Version a nuh King James Version"

Respek Juda B.
Continuing from our discussion a while back... I know you is a big fan of Queen James an you say is not shim who was involve in the slave trade, only James II and Henry VIII etc. Well, a waan you check out this ting a find pon shim. (I know you say shim was not a shim, whateva, don' matta).

"King James I... granted to an active entrepeneur and friend of the Court, Robert Rich (shortly to be Earl of Warwick) and to 36 others, control over British African trade, through the formation of a Company of Adventurers [doncha love those euphemisms]to "Gynny and Bynny" (Guinea and Benin). This was the first incorporated English company to concern itself with Africa. Rich already owned a tobacco plantation in Virginia, and was probably hoping to secure black slaves to work it."- "THE SLAVE TRADE: The Story of the Atlantic Slave Trade" by Hugh Thomas (sounds like a Welshman), Simon & Schuster, 1997. (p.174 of the paperback).

Also, you talk on your website (assuming it's the same as when I last checked) about how Jimmy-boy set up "missions" to America (Turtle Island) to "spread the light of Christianity to the heathen savages." (I'm paraphrasing.)Lemme ask you this... was it "the light of Christianity" them was spreading, or was it SMALLPOX-INFESTED BLANKETS?

What more yu want? So go to your library, read it for yourself (I'm sure that's not the only reference either)and then do the right thing and TAKE OFF THAT S*** about what a great gay, sorry guy, King/Queen James was, offa your website!!!

Otherwise is JAH judgement on your head.

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"Disya Version a nuh King James Version"

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