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Re: Jews and Palestinians

Hail the I's in the name of The Black King Of Judah, Haile Selassie I the first,

the real genetics lies in the Canaanites who are the true people of the land. the true Israelites all of dem a Black nation. the whole region was black. Nimrod ruled babylon as a Black man. So we know when we see the map, that Ur land of Abraham is jus there not far from Babylon, all of dem black men. Canaan land is the Black man's land. The palestinians origianally mirgrate or mix with the original black man down dere. those sodomite
fassyole israelies are lying nazis. No white battyman genectics can prove any of dem are the original people of the holy land. Its all black. Check it Noah 3 sons all by one woman? dem all black Ham Shem and Japeht. No one talk about di mother of the three...Show I scripture one mother and Noah Black as night. there is no real controversy. as Muta say the Israeli and Palestinians two foreign brothers fighting inna foriegn land.

But I do give the big ups to dem hard palestinians warriors who fight the white battyman leaches and parasites outta di land, make room for di real exodus of Jah People.
Blazin fire

raz marcus

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Re: Jews and Palestinians

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