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Times Of The End: Ch. 16 KILLUMINATI update


16. Against All Odds & The Seven Day Theory [ MAKAVELI the don ]

The death of Tupac Shakur was the death of Elijah sent from JEHOVAH. In the
book of Malachi it says that the death of Elijah will lead to plagues across
the land. Elijah is someone special to the Most High, Elijah prepares the
way for Jesus. When Tupac was around he had many enemies, so many people
were against him for speaking the truth. In the end people he thought were
friends turned on him also. The media's coverage of Tupac's Life made Tupac
look like he deserved what he got, that he was a victim of his own lyrics
and Lifestyle. However, time will soon reveal who Tupac's enemies were, who
they are connected with and why he was enemies with them will be perfectly

To blame Tupac for the East - West rivalry in music would be na´ve on the
part of the believer and deceitful from the mouth of the accuser. When a
righteous person comes to do what is right and is amongst wicked people,
there is bound to be conflict. Righteous people spoil the plans of the
wicked and wicked people delay the plans of the righteous. If you understand
that idea then understand that trouble was inevitable. While you're on that
train of thought remember Jesus. When Jesus was around he was spoiling the
plans of Satan, he succeeded in turning people away from the wicked people
in high places. Jesus was an OUTLAW, he was against the way things were
being run in Jerusalem at the time. Up to this very day Jesus is hated for
spoiling plans that Satan made all those years ago. - Think about it. When a
good man comes to change what is evil there's always trouble.

On the song, "Against All Odds" Tupac makes it perfectly clear who his
enemies are. Across the whole "Seven Day Theory" album the names of Tupac's
enemies are mentioned. Since 1996 when Tupac was murdered nothing has
changed. Tupac's enemies in 1996 are STILL Tupac's enemies in "2001".
Because of some politics certain enemies of Tupac have disguised/ covered up
their hate while others have kept their hate blatant. I'm giving this
message to all of Tupac's enemies, those on the east coast and those on the
west, those that set up Tupac in New York and those that assisted in the
murder of Tupac in California. I'm even including the punks that dare to use
his name in their records to mock him [ YES, YOU B%TCH ]. All your times are
about to be up. Seven years was your time limit, by the time of seven years
from the death of Tupac all his enemies will have experienced death. You all
thought you would gang up on one man but now that one man is your biggest
problem. He done told you, he's TROUBLESOME.

" BOMB FIRST!!! ... BOMB FIRST!!! ... ... BOMB FIRST!!!" - MAKAVELI the don

" ... I told you Punks that I was after Biggie, you got involved, now we
'bout to bust on all y'all ... ... And it's called KILLUMINATI. " - MAKAVELI
the don

" Woe to the useless shepherd who deserts the flock!! May the sword strike
his arm and his right eye!! May his arm be totally withered, his right eye
totally blinded. " - Zechariah 11:17


"When We Ride" - 2Pac [ All Eyez On Me ]

8th September 1977 publishing/ Joshua's Dream publishing

+ Although I'm worldwide baby i ain't hard to find. +

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Times Of The End: Ch. 16 KILLUMINATI update
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