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Yeah man, yunno my mother is a Christian, goes to church, etc., my dad is an atheist more or less, both a dem teach I plenty good lessons on how to be a man, seen? Me mudda is Rasta really even though she have her lil prestigious (but still low-paid) job with Guyana gov't, even though she don't praise Selassie, even though she go to church and don't smoke herb... yunno her heart is Rasta, is she introduce me to Bob Marley and Steve Biko (who me brudda is named after) and Miriam Makeba and all these people...is she teach me about Rasta without even saying that word, ya dig... She never preach to me about no Bible during the time I was a more-or-less atheist, so therefore when I find the Bible and the truth there is in it now, I don't have no resistance to it cos it wasn't force-fed to me.
Bloody 'ell mate I gotta stop procrastinating on the internet and get to work on this paper...

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