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Re: RASTA and Bob Marley: 21 Years on

Wassup dawg!
I still don't know what ya meant by the "dog" comment, Heather, but just in case you DID intend it for Aisha and/or myself, this thought just occurred to me... I am referred to as a "dawg" quite often by my yankee homies, and I take no offense at all... As a matter of fact I would be quite proud of the title, as the dog is an admirable animal... loyal, intelligent, full of love for its friends and ready to defend against enemies at all times. Also, I was born in 1972, the year of the rat according to the Chinese calendar, and I would not object to being called a "rat" either. The rat is one of the toughest of God's creatures, able to survive and prosper where other mammals aren't.

Yeah, that's why I try not to call police "pigs"... cos the pig never do no harm to no one, other than those who eat it, then it gets its posthumous revenge by making they belly hurt and givin em cancer and trichnosis. Whereas the police hurt I when I never do nothing to them, so now they make me want to do something to them... you know I think that's why they hate and fear we so much, cos they know damn well what THEY would do if someone were to treat THEM the way (the vast majority of) them does treat us....
Not until the right time though... be wise and prepare...

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Re: RASTA and Bob Marley: 21 Years on
Re: RASTA and Bob Marley: 21 Years on
Good 4 U then *NM*

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