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Riders and Punks!! [OMEGA]

Riders and Punks! (Makavelian); Rider = Saint (born again) : OMEGA
Edited: Tuesday, 5th February 2002

I have composed this for the Outlaw that exists in all of us. I know that the times we are about to enter have been feared from a long long time ago. The truth is that only You can save yourself, in the end you have to be your own person, you have to be That man or That woman, so be stronger and wiser for yourself.

The term 'Riders and Punks' was first used by Tupac on the intro of his album, "the 7 day theory", Makaveli. He was explaining that things look differently to what they are ...

What is a Rider? [A person that is ready to be born again. Because unless you are born again you will never enter the Kingdom of God. Being born again is more than a mind's change of state, it is the change that comes from overcoming/ hating the world that leads to death and the wearing of the clean white robes of the Saints. Being born again involves death, a man cannot be born again without dying first. And so the talk about a rapture where people will disappear from Earth to Heaven is a false claim, because without being born-again no-one enters the Kingdom of Heaven. The first stage to becoming born-again is to overcome/ hate the world, then you will find a righteous cause to die for and afterwards you will be born again. A Rider will make his/ her way to being born again.]

A Rider is another word for Saint, it is one of JEHOVAH's soldiers that stands up for what he believes in and is willing to fight and die for what he believes in, Jesus Christ. A rider dies righteously, speaking the truth about the times, about JEHOVAH and about Jesus Christ, his One begotten Son. A 'Rider' will not deny knowing Jesus Christ or God to choose the Eternal Fire, it is not within his/ her heart to do so. 'Riders' will become Priests and Kings alongside Jesus Christ when his Kingdom is established on Earth after the tribulation, in seven years.

Riders are Jesus Christ's soldiers, and are present all over Earth as True Christians and not new Judas'. The difference between persecution and war is the fighting-back aspect. Whether persecuted or fighting back Faith and Patience are the Saint factors.

"He that leads into captivity will go into captivity: He that kills with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the Patience and Faith of the Saints." - Revelation 13:10 [Some Riders will go to jail and some Riders will be killed with the sword (gun). All are soldiers of Jesus Christ.]

In the book of revelations, chapter 20, verses 11-21 it talks about JEHOVAH's army coming from Heaven with Jesus, all riding horses, all dressed in white, coming to do battle on Earth. After being successful in battle they will govern the whole Earth with Jesus for a thousand years. These are the same 'Riders' that I am defining now are the same 'Rider' that Tupac was himself. In the end whoever opposes the Riders (Saints) will be going to a place where the weeping never ends, take my words very seriously because you should always have feared God; wicked people have all the talk now but wait until they see what awaits them.

My understanding of these times is that people are scared of what is ahead. The fear that they have leads to a few avenues ...

Some people go to groups like the Holy Tabernacle Ministries and the Nation of Islam groups.
These groups have been deliberately set up for these times, knowing that people will be in despair when they are programmed to realise certain things.
Once people have joined these groups the fear that they have is played with and is used to keep them in these groups, they promise solution to their fears and because of fear lies become comforting, so comforting that they stop questioning and keep on believing, stupidly.
The game of these groups is to mix truth with lies to CONvince their followers that what they speak of is the truth, however in reality these groups have been set up by people in higher places having more exclusive knowledge to play with. The heads of these groups pose as leaders but are snakes exploiting people's fears and breeding fools out of them. Their followers don't realise that the lies that they are told are part of a strategic program, it's to keep you fearing and to keep you paying. This is the game of cults.

In the end these 'leaders' will lead their followers to what they first feared, after fooling them that what they feared wasn't so bad after all. Their job is to use their power as knowledgeable people to mislead others with less knowledge.

Today there are people going around thinking that some time between 2003 and 2015, that they will be picked up by extra-terrestrials and taken somewhere.
I've heard other people say that they will be going to live on Mars.
I say that you are all crazy, nobody is going anywhere, some may try but all will fail to leave this planet. Anybody that thinks the contrary has been heavily deluded.
There will be no 2015 for this age/ generation. They want you to accept the mark of the beast in advance of these false prophecies that they make. I suggest reading the Bible for yourself in a straight forward fashion because everything that's written in the books takes place on Earth. Making you think that you'll be leaving is like a pat on the back to say don't worry, after you accept this mark you'll be rescued.
Once you've received the mark the masks of all these leaders comes off. They cannot prevent a prophecy from JEHOVAH, all they can do is fool people through their fears.
These mis-leaders take advantage of the majority's lack of knowledge, it's not difficult to do. Their real aim is to use their followers fear to turn them away from JEHOVAH, the Most High. In time all these groups will lead their followers to the anti-christ Nas.

Their biggest trick is the blackman [good] versus the whiteman [evil] bullsh*t. When the revolution takes place the members of these groups supposed to think that the blacks in power are good and that they can take revenge on the evil whiteman, they use history to mislead their followers.

[ Comments: In Isaiah 47 it explains that we (The Israelites) are being punished and that it is the reason why we are suffering in a white man's world today. We are being punished because our forefathers didn't appreciate what JEHOVAH was doing for us, they still turned to idol gods. Our punishment was so that we would remember JEHOVAH and to get close to him again, it was to be a refining process that at the end of we appreciate. Satan aims to use JEHOVAH's plan against him before it is completed.

When Satan saw that we were being punished he inspired our oppressors to be even harder on us and to make groups like the KKK, he wanted us to be even angrier so that at the height of our anger we would listen to him, so that he could turn us away from JEHOVAH. He crept in as subtly as a snake would.
"Misplaced hate makes disgrace to races" - Tupac ... It's Satan we should all be against, he stitched us all up and had us hating each other for his benefit.

Because he has an eternal punishment that he cannot escape he has nothing to lose. He will end up in a prison from which there will be no escape. He was supposed to go there alone but by deceiving people into following him he will not be alone. All those that sold their rights to be in Heaven will join him also. Many of the people that we know as stars today sold their rights to Satan and they help him by misleading those that still have the right.
I think of Satan as a man that is on the edge of a cliff and knows that he will fall to death, he calls out to others for help but only to drag them down with him. He has nothing to lose and not a care for anyone but himself.
With the end being so much closer it can be expected that he will show the world that he has absolutely no shame and will stoop to the lowest levels to get the world to follow him. My advice is do not believe him, he is a liar and there is no ice in the eternal fire, everyone that goes that way will be sorry. Recognise that Satan cannot even save himself, therefore he cannot save you. ]

Who follows these groups and chooses to believe them? ... ... ... The punks.

The punk is looking for the easy way out and it is easy to figure out why. The punk is scared to face reality so instead they seek comforting fabrication of the truth, lies. Some even change religion.
Will their belief of mis-leaders save them? No. Will they escape their initial fears? No. Therefore they've only played themselves.

What happens to these punks?

They end up on Satan's side as his soldiers, not because they wanted to go against JEHOVAH but because they were too scared to deal with the truth. They end up exactly where they didn't want to be. To me, this is the true meaning of the word "punk". How can you fight against what you believe in?

These punks are taught to think backwards. They have been FOOLED into thinking that pulling the trigger makes you the big man and that it deserves praise. Whereas the people that they kill are people that didn't fear what they did, the people they kill kept their faith in God where they were scared to.
In the times ahead they (punks) will be rampant on the streets of every city murdering and murdering. They will even go to churches where people are worshipping and murder them too. Their leader is the greatest punk of all, Satan.

In my mind, the people that stand up for what they truly believe in regardless of what the world threatens, are the True Riders. The people that are willing to die for what is right and true. It's a shame that some of the people that believe in God will end up fighting against God because of fear ... Those are PUNKS.

In The End it will be an army of Riders against an army of punks, the battle takes place at a place known in Hebrew as Armageddon, the result of the battle is written in the book of Revelations... An army of punks, robots and reptiles will not do against an army of Almighty Outlaw Immortals.
This will be the final battle of the times and new chapters of the Holy scriptures will be written from testimonies of this battle. I am sure it will be a Glorious Victory followed by Glorious Celebrations.

A lot of things have been distorted to fool the majority of people so that they wouldn't know the truth, however in this time everything will be revealed.
Tupac wasn't killed as an East and West rap-war casualty as it was made to seem. He knew the real deal about Nas and his future plans, the misleading of black people for his benefit and the talk of a Black President. He went against the odds and was murdered, they covered it up with a rivalry of another rapper and record companies.
On the intro of his album 'Makaveli the Don Killuminati, The Seven Day Theory' he said the following ...
"It's not about East and West, it's about Niggaz and Bitches, Power and Money, Riders and Punks ... Which side are You on?" This statement still stands to this day .... Are you a Rider or a punk?

....I believe also that certain people thought that Tupac was the Messiah, and that the talk about him faking his death and the seven days for his death were all set up just so that if he really was the Messiah that we would all have been fooled and not known what to think. It goes to show the extent to which efforts will be made to keep the masses deceived.

In the end only you can save yourself from what is ahead. All these mass numbers of groups are on the wrong road, they are being misled, they will all be led to Nas. It should be understood that just because 1 million people are on a certain path it doesn't make it the correct path. If the path is wrong then everybody that walks the path will be wrong when they get to the end of the path.
Racism and the hating of races is a disguise, a trick that Satan uses to make hate exist, to turn us from our Creator. He does it because he has nothing to lose.
Satan is supposed to suffer on his own as his punishment but because he has deceived many people into following him, he will have company. The stars that we recognise today are just some of the people that work for him. Their objectives are to get you that has a soul to follow them that sold theirs, don't do it.
Armageddon is the battle that takes place at the end of time. It will be God's armies against Satan's armies... Satan loses and his followers are sentenced to eternity in a flame that never cools. Satan will join them at the end of the next 1000 years. [The book of Revelations states the true story, read it for more insight.]

For all the True Riders, this is for you. Everything I've spoken about is the truth and that's whether you see it today or tomorrow. Your role is to spread this word and to go against all odds. The revolution that takes place is not for your benefit, it is only made to look so. Nas is a part of the Freemasons and Illuminati and that is why he will be where he's going. He is their "saviour" but he doesn't save, instead he helps deliver more souls to Hell for Satan, they have been waiting for him to come for a long time. He will continue from where they leave off, the difference being that his reign will be a lot worse. His plans are to make Earth's people his personal computer game. He will try to rule the whole world but he will be unsuccessful.

"My Mama used to tell me, if you can't find something to Live for then you'd better find something to die for." - 2Pac

"Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from here on, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them." - Revelation 14:13

"Blessed and Holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection: on such the second death hath no power, they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with him for a thousand years." - Revelation 20:6

All salvation belongs to JEHOVAH and his begotten Son, Jesus Christ. A Rider respects and honours God and will be glad for doing so. A punk was always suspect (questionable), he/ she was always on a course to their destruction, and so will not be missed.

All Riders have the salute of Jesus Christ their King, and the punks will learn the hard way, as they will have chosen it. Time will reveal why 'punks' do not deserve to breath.

Yours faithfully,

David also known as 'Young' Selassie [OUTLAW!!!]

8th September 1977 publishing

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Psalm 23
One Love - Bob Marley

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