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Neter A,aferti Atum-Re (Dr Malachi z york) PROOF!

"Ques: Do You Have Proof Of This?

Ans: The proof appears in my writings. The facts and names of people that have never been known in historical calculation, In
calendar , times and places that are so detailed that it could not have been fabricated . I feel sorry for the people who sit around
and think I have the power to fabricate all of these things. If I did I would probably spend my time writing movies as opposed
to trying to raise the lost souls.

I donít sit around and make these things up. These are distinct personalities of people or beings, Who have lived in the past or
in other galaxies inter-dimensional at this time called "NOW" who incarnated into me and they relay their messages through me
to you. That is what makes me different from most people. I Am Not A Religious Man. I Am Just A Teacher. I have been
saying this for many years. I am not saying that I am anything special as an individual. I am saying that these power comes
through me and they are distinct beings.

I possessed a number of eight distinctive personalities, There are others. Each one of them represents a certain amount of
information that must be conveyed in these last days and times. Some of their jobs are finished, I donít hear them anymore.
Some of them represents spirituality, Some of them are healers, historians, Great men and some of them accompanied great
men or are Extra-Terrestrial beings. Often times people have misinterpreted my characters by this and have made up their own
interpretations of who they thought I was."

There is WAY more that can be said than this but as I said he is beyond any web page.

For those who choose to slander and call us names I simply say...



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Neter A,aferti Atum-Re (Dr Malachi z york) PROOF!
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