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Roots Daughters-Rastafari Film

Roots Daughters, the story of the distaff side of the movement.This touching, moving hour long Rastawoman's experience as expressed by acclaimed reggae singer Judy Mowatt, women from Guyana, Jamaica and Canada.

Beautifully shot on location by the award winning cinematographer Derek Rogers. Bianca Nyavingi Brynda written, produced, directed & narrated this film. The labor of love for Bianca, five years in the making Roots Daughters has been screened at 7 International Film Festivals around the world. It was nominated for the Best film Award at the Black International Film Festival in South Bend Indiana. It was produced by Fari Int. Productions Inc., in association
with Vision TV.

Roots Daughters introduces Rastawomen in their social, political and economic context and shows Nyahbinghi, Rastafari's central ritual of drumming, chanting and reasoning.It also traces the origins of Rastafari in Africa, with photographs, illustrations, maps and charts, including stock footage of H.I.M Haile Sellasie, the Ethiopian emperor and spiritual leader of Rastafari, in Geneva at the League of Nations. In addition, the film profiles Jamaican freedom
fighter Marcus Garvey and reggae superstar Bob Marley, who helped spread the Rasta resistance movement around the world.

Judy Mowatt's haunting rendition of Great Black Warrior Queens, tells of the legendary African warrior women who held colonial invaders at bay for years.It depicts women as heroines, strong and skillful, nurturing and caring. Rastawomen support such principles as justice, equality, peace and love.

To order a VHS copy please sent $26.98 US Cash, Certified Check or International Money Order to:

Fari Int. Productions Inc.
147 Vaughan Rd. Suite 7
Toronto M6C-2L9
Ontario, Canada

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