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Re: Gog and Magog ????
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Thank You David ,
I was real hard headed when the Holy Spirit was telling Me about God and it took a long time for the info. to sink in , Ha!

Patients is My middle mane now , Ha ! again .

When the light came on , I quit hating God for all the bad stuff that happened.
I asked , Why do You let this garbage go on for so long ? He said ,,,,Well I turned that over to My Son and , HE turned it over to YOU , You are supposed to fix it !
saviors , Obadiah 21 ,,,, Neh.9-27 Yasha !
The whole renewing the mind thing , Killed Me , and made room for some good thinking.
I discovered that what the world church was teaching ,,,,was not in the book. They count on people being lazy and not checking up on them.

You see if We follow a man ,,,,We can blame Him if things go wrong..

If We hear God for ourselves , The buck stops at our discernment !

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Gog and Magog ????
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