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Turn or Burn ?

Well the real story is Turn and Burn !
When God draws anyone and they turn to God , He will then burn out the old nature and put on the New Creation ! He has Us do it to learn to be like Him ! 2 Cor. 7-1 .
Eph. 4 tells the story , putting off the old nature and maturing to the Fullness of the Stature of Christ !
Maturing is what most refuse to go on with !
DUH ! The instruction book has always contained this information !
When most people say they have read the bible several times ,,,,what they really meant to say was ,,,,They have read their favorite several verses , several times .
Most bible beeters don't know God at all , they just make the whole God thing look like shit and We see and say If that's God I don't want none !
Well boys and girls , what We have seen from the religous crowd was never God !
They turn their converts into twice the sons of the devil that they are !

Seek our Father for Yourself, a persomal relationship . Our Father is speaking to everyone and everyone hears what HE said , some just don't credit God for those thoughts !

It's really Spirit to Spirit communication and it's easier to discribe by saying ,,,,It's like thinking a conversation back and forth !

Born again to " SEE " John 3-3

Must be obedient to the REMA , God speaking instructions to YOU ,,,,, To " Enter " John 3-5
born of water here is , washed by the water of the Word ! Setting asside our agenda and do things God's way ! See Joshua 6 for example of SEE and ENTER !

Read , Counceled By God , By Mark Virkler and see if You haven't already experienced all of the ways discribed in this book to communicate with God persomally ! Hmmmmmmmmmm?
just me B S

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