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Right or Left Handed ????

Right or Left handed ?
What about the "right side" of the boat?
In Greek, the right hand is "dexter," and the left hand is "sinister."

Dexterity, dextrous, ambidextrious = skilled. Actually, in Eastern culture, the right hand is the place of power, respect, and authority.

Sinister = evil, hidden - in Western culture.

Is there some significance here? Read on!

In Eastern culture, the right hand is the place of power and authority. At a feast or party, the seat to the host's right was the place of the "honored guest." But the seat immediately to the host's left is the place of the "beloved friend."

I see a multi-layered message in which side of the boat Jesus asked them to cast their net on.

In one sense, the Divine Nature forces us to admit that things done in our individual strength are destined to yield little or no result. So the first challenge is to release control to Christ-in-us, the inner leadership of the Holy Spirit, and throw out our net on the "right" side of the boat - the side opposite of our best training and tradition!

Consider again the encounter: the first words of Jesus are "Children/friends! Have you caught anything?" Children are loved, but they have no power. Move now to the RIGHT hand! Friends sit on the left. Move now to the RIGHT hand!

What is my point? The time has come to move to the right side. In other words, move to the place where we operate out of Divine command, with the honor and power that has come to us as Christ in the earth?

This move has been tried before, to no success, because the Divine invitation was not there. But I believe it is here now.

In the past, when we were children, we related to the Father on the basis of love, compassion, tenderness - all of which are absolutely necessary, and can't be avoided. We can't come to power except out of love. That is how Dad purges us of the tendency to abuse power - by teaching us about love at the deepest level. And then, when we "cast on the right side," we find that the power is love. We do not abandon love, tenderness, compassion, worship, or any of the things by which we express love.

But I tell you this: the greatest way to express God's unconditional love is to expand the Kindom of his Presence everywhere possible.

And we NOW here the invitation of the Father to come over to the realm of power - to grow up in all respects into Him who is the Head of the Body, to STOP being tossed about by every bit of news or wind of doctrine. Not to leave love, but to BRING LOVE TO ITS NATURAL FULFILLMENT!

The Kingdom of God!

I submit this in loving power, for your blessing.

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Right or Left Handed ????
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