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Recieve Inheritance this side Jordon

Recieve Your Inheritance This side Jordon !
In a type , in Joshua 1 , the Gadites , the Rubenites and the 1/2 tribe of Joseph , Manaseah , received their inheritance on this side of the Jordon , their Familes , cattle , houses on the land ,,,etc.

The end time version of this is pictured as Dan and Ephrim , the two tribes missing from Rev. 7 ! The two most wicked tribes in Israel,,,those who have been forgiven much,,,,love much ! The religous crowd ,that turned their converts into twice the sons of the devil that they were is one end of the spectrum and the stone killers on the other end , most wicked in this time !

Dan flies the banner of the EAGLE , the Holy Spirit , also the banner of LOVE ! Ephrim , the banner of the OX !
This OX ( servant beast ) through the instruction of the Holy Spirit , can walk into the Fullness of the Godhead Bodily within the FULLNESS of the GODHEAD !

Step by step councel of the Holy Spirit !

Picture in Joshua 6 !
Shown the vision of the victory / The End from the Beginning , then taken back to where He was standing and given instructions to walk out over the next 7 days to walk ,,,Right into the Victory " SEEN " in the Spirit and blessed is He who believes without seeing it in the natural First !
As in John 3-3 , born-again " To SEE " the Kingdom !
To " ENTER " We need to walk out some instructions !
John 3-5 " ENTER " born of Water and Spirit !
A water / soul relm situation along with the Spiritual rebirth ,,,,We get " Washed by the Water of the WORD !
A renewing of the mind from our way of thinking to God's WAY of Thinking / The Mind of Christ installed , line by line , precept by precept by the Holy Spirit as the Councel of God proceeds and YOU are Shod with the Preparation of the Gospel of Peace !
The renewing of the mind by ,,,,Pulling down ,,,,Casting down ,,,,taking Captive ,,,,2Cor.10-3-5 !
Get rid of our ideas and go with God's IDEAS on the plan of Redemption ,,,,renew the mind ,,,washed by the water of the Word ! " Enter " the vision " SEEN " at Conception of this Revalation ! Walk out the instructions of the Holy Spirit in every step being Guided by the Holy Spirit personally ! 1 John 2-27,,,, Ps. 32-8 !
Through being this servant We can walk into the Fullness of the Godhead Bodily within the FULLNESS of the GODHEAD ! Ez. 10-14 the servant beast turnes into the Cheribim ,,,goes with John 15-14-15 ,,,No longer Servants but FRIENDS !
This Cheribim / ZOE life form , a being in which dwells the Fullness of LIFE ! A Mature Co-Heir , SON !

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