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Revealing the Son in You !

I was talking to some guys in a band one day and reading some lyrics of new songs. I could tell that God had been talking to these young men. The words to their "new " songs were straight out of the scripture, so I quoted them chapter and vs. They looked and agreed the message was the same . The text to their new songs were written long before they were born.

I have been writting a man on this board and He states that Jesus is satan !

Well He is hearing pretty good !
Satan has used Jesus' name for a lot of crimes against man.
Yahshua / Jesus stated Himself that the religous crowd would turn their converts into TWICE the sons of the devil that they are !

Yahshua said many things like this to the churchy crowd / religeous bastards ( Heb. 12-8)

I can reveal the Son of God in the man that sees Jesus as satan,,,, Not that Jesus is satan but satan has told so many for so long that he, the god of this world ,was jesus and was running the church. Satans seat in Revelation is spotted in Isa. 14. The sides of the north of the Mt. of the congregation ! The devil runs the pagan world church as the "angel of light" trying to appear as the Holy Spirit to the religous crowd and doing a fine job at deception and has many turkeys following him .

Awake Awake Recieve the Holy Spirit !
There is in Isa. 51 & 52 , three sets of awake awakes , this is a Spirit , Soul and Body revelation if You can recieve it !

There was mention of decoding the parables,,,,

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ????
I decoded messages in the service , Hmmmmmmm?
Our Father has shown Me how to put all of the parables in order and how and shown Me that there is no way to get off track when We decode these!


Build the temple according to pattern !

Holy of Holies Spirit Mt. Zion Son Father

Inner Ct. Soul Jerusalem Bride Son

Outer Ct. Body Juda Body H.S.

Jerusalem parallels the soul .
In Acts the instructions are ,,,,tarry in Jerusalem waiting on the promise of the Father.

Decoded,,,,tarry on our soul , renewing the mind , waiting on the promise of the Father !

The body studies , the bride gets pregnant with the word and births the manchild , the Christ in You comes to the outside in our actions !

Bride and Son is not a gender issue but a maturity issue !

In the progression of Father Son and Holy Spirit notice the Son is in parallel with the soul ,,,,this is mind of Christ stuff , new creation ,,,,Yahshua in the subjective position ,,,,say nothing but what Yoou hear the Father say ,,,,

Where Son is in the parallel with the Spirit we see the Spirit as masculine and the soul as feminine or subjective to the Spirit.

In our struggle or battle to renew the mind We see the New Spirit burn out all of the stinking thinking and bring the flesh into the subjection of the Spirit.

Another way of saying "walking in the Spirit " is those who dwell in Zion !
Overcoming is only used several times in the bible ,,,,The picture of dwelling in Zion is in thousands of scriptures. Assending the Mt.

In this progression of parallels of threes , there is a bridge to sevens through the three maim feasts of the Lord that are seven in three parts .

1 Cor . 5-8 keep the feasts, the new way !

Passover - Born again Gal.4-1

unlevened bread - the old spirit is dead

first fruits - the new creation at infant stage

Pentecost - baptised in the Holy Spirit

Rosha ha Shanah - Renew the mind

Yom Kippor - Reconciled to God

Tebernacles - The Christ in You the Hope of Glory , comes to the outside of Us ! Heb. 10-36

There is a lot more in this and it's hard to put on a board like this but I have made anattempt to communicate it !

just me B S

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