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Re: To Leftist militant......a question

I send this message to Leftist militant. Hope it can be interesting for You.
One Love! Let JAH will help children to not charge each other, but to receive the inspired decision. I have come on this forum to receive the answers, but now I have more questions, than earlier.
Question: Is Rastafari International?
Why the people on this forum so frequently speak: I black, I white? Why there is a necessity to speak it? Children can not overcome a racial barrier? HIM Teaching clearly speaks about a ratio to national and racial intolerance.
Question: Is Rastafarians ONE LOVE? Can I - dren to overcome disuniti? Where a basis? What perspectives? But I see as many attempts to find a path to integrating reach a deadlock. Why? HIM Teaching clearly speaks about a ratio to religious intolerance.
Question: the movement is One Love, One Purpose, One Destiny. But if there is no one purpose, how it is possible to speak about one destiny? Where the purpose for children JAH?

Help to answer these questions, please.

About socialism.
The term of "socialism" and the ideas of socialism frequently became with entity of political gamble. " Freedom, Equality, the Brotherhood " is poorly? The destruction of racial barriers and principle of International is poorly? The scrambling with an imperialism and colonialism is poorly? Do not forget, that the majority of the African states struggled with a colonialism under a banner of socialist ideas with a national nuance. The process of release in many respects was explained in the theory K. Marx.
The man and his delicacies, greed, envy became the cause of regeneration of socialism in a totalitarianism.
H. Marcuse, Fromm, Hiedegger could give analysis of crisis of western civilization, but could not specify a path to overcoming this crisis.

I&I faithfully and hope for dialogue.

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To Leftist militant......a question
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Re: To Leftist militant......a question

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