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Wha does Rastafari seh?

Greetings to All pon de board
I woman haf been wondering wha ones would reason pon dis yah topic..Salvation..how is ones assured dat deh will pon armageddeon an de end of dis yah system of tings, how will ones KNOW dat dem will enter Jahovia gates? I overstan how ones feel dat whan de end of dis system come, dem will repatriate to Afrika an ting, or some feel dat de whole earth will be fe all a we..an some yet feel dem will go to heaven to be wit de Fadda. But I point is nah how yah interpret heaven but rather how yah can be assured dat yah will not be seperated from God at de end of yah life? Specifically Rasta, how do you know, what is it dat mek yah KNOW yah will haf Iternal life wit de Fadda?? Me tink seh, most will agree dat Mankind is sinners, and dat God is Holy an Just...so how will man get access to de Fadda?
Nuff Raspeck..we can agree to disagree, an dis jus a reasonin still!
Blessed Love Idren!
kaya I

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Wha does Rastafari seh?
Re: Wha does Rastafari seh?

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