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I'm a African

Peace yall, I just wanted to share these lyrics from my boys dead prez. It's on the album "Let's Get Free".

N**** the red is for the blood in my arm
The black is for the gun in my palm
And the green is for the trom
That grows natural, like locks on Africans
Holdin the smoke from the herb in my abdomen
Camouflage fatigues and daishikis
Somewhere in between N.W.A. and P.E.
I'm Black like Steve Biko
Raised in the ghetto by the people
F*** the police, you know how we do
Ay yo my life is like roots, it's a true story
It's too gory for them televised fables on cable
I'm a runaway slave watchin the north star
Shackles on my forearms, runnin with a gun in my palm
I'm a African, never was an African-American
Blacker than black, I take it back to my origin
Same skin hated by the klansmen
Thick nose and lips, big hips and butts dancin
It's plain to see, you can't change me, cos I'm people's army for life
Yo where you from fool?
No I wasn't born in Ghana, but Africa's my mama
And I did not end up here from bad karma
Or for b-ball, sellin mad crack or rappin
Peter Tosh tried to tell us what happened
He was sayin if you Black then you African, so they had to kill him
And make him a villain, cos he was teachin the children
I feel him
Dun was tryina drop us a real gem
That's why we buckin holes in the ceiling when we hearin him
A-F-R, I-C-A
Puerto Rico, Haiti and JA
New York and Cali and LA
Naw it ain't bout where you stay, it's bout the motherland
Yo it's that tank-top flip-flop
Knotty dreadlock
F*** a cop hip-hop
Make ya head bop
Bounce to this
Socialist movement
My environment made me the n**** I am
Uncle Sam came and got me and arrested my fam
Tried to infiltrate and murder off the best of my clan
I'm not American, punk, democrat or republican
Remember that,
Most of the cats I know be hustlin
My momma worked all her life and still strugglin
I blame it on the government
And say it on the radio
And if ya don't already know
All these uncle tom a**-kissing n****z gots to go
(Gunshot and fade out)

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